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Virgo Horoscope for 2018

Author: Hanumman Mishra | Last Updated: Wed 16 Aug 2017 4:18:34 PM

Virgo horoscope 2018

According to the Horoscope 2018, the year would be a little less favourable for the natives of the Virgo zodiac sign. You might have to face health related ailments. Students will have to work harder in their academics; to get good results, you’ll have to strive a little more than usual. However, the year promises to give you favourable results in financial matters. Know in detail about how the year will pan out for the Virgo’s in 2018

Health of the Virgo in 2018

The year 2018 might create an imbalance in your life. Your energies will be all over the place and you’ll have a hard time in balancing it. In this case, it is advisable that you act with proper modesty and caution in your dealings. This year, Saturn will be aspecting your 1st house by being situated in the 4th house. Due to this, you might have to face some issues in both physical and mental health. You might have to take care of your well being in this duration. However, the lord of the fourth house Jupiter will transit in the 2nd house till September. In such a situation, you might get mentally agonized, but with continuous efforts you will be able to squeeze in some happiness here and there. You’ll be highly aware of your stature and your body requirements, and will be working hard in order to get them fulfilled. Saturn will be in the 4th house from your moon sign; you might face some health issues related to chest or heart palpitations. However, Jupiter in the 2nd house advises you to maintain constraints in your dietary habits.

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Education Horoscope 2018 For Virgo

The natives of the Virgo zodiac sign will have to work their hardest this year. You’ll have to strive harder in terms of your academics. The lord of the 5th house Saturn, will be in the 4th house, which would create obstacles in your concentration. Focus would be hard to achieve. However, Saturn would give brighter results for those who stay away from home or are studying abroad. This situation would also give great results to those who are trying to go overseas for their academics. The period post September will yield you brilliant results. Overall, although you’ll have to work hard but with continuous efforts, you will get the results you desire.

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Finance Horoscope 2018 For Aries

You will be getting favorable results in this year's financial affairs, as predicted by the Finance Horoscope 2018. Till September 2018, the direct connection of the Jupiter is being created with money, that is, the planet is located in your wealth house, which is indicating an extremely blessed economic condition. You’ll enjoy the fruits of your hard work and toils. Jupiter will aspect your karmic place, so the business will work well, it is natural to get the benefits as a result. Because by September, the planet Jupiter will stay situated at the house which indicates money. This indicates great savings. You’ll be able to incur great benefits in your business. Jupiter is also the lord of your fourth house, that indicates that you will have to be subtle in your savings. In case you want ti invest your money in a scheme in this period, the time is perfect. Therefore, if you want to make any financial investment you will get favorable results. After September, the planet Jupiter will be aspecting the house of benefits. It is also a good condition. That is, overall, this year is going to be good for economic matters.

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Love Horoscope 2018 For Virgo

In the case of love and marriage this year appears to be giving you an average compatibility. The lord of love, Saturn is situated in the fourth house from your moon sign, which is not considered a good condition. That is, in the case of love, negligence can lead to weakness in the relationship. You might grow aversive towards your love partner. Occasionally, there can be feelings of numbness in mind. You might want to be quiet for most of the time. After September, the transit of Jupiter in your third house from the moon sign, and from third house, he will be aspecting your seventh house, which will strive to bring sweetness in your married life. If the age has come for tying the nuptial knot, then the initiative taken after September will bring color. By the year end there are high chances of getting married or engaged to the love of your life!

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Career Horoscope 2018 For Virgo

Year 2018 can be slow to some extent for the business of Virgos. The main reason for this is the aspect of Saturn at the karmic house. Saturn's vision at the place of karma can cause any work to be done in more time than deduced. That means you will have to take more time for each job. However, due to the aspect of Jupiter at the karmic place, your work will be fulfilled and you will also get good results, but as mentioned earlier, you might take way too much time than you’ve anticipated. Due to the aspect of Saturn and Jupiter both at the karmic place, you will work on new schemes and will be successful. There are steep chances of you getting a promotion at work.

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Fortune Star for Virgo in the Year 2018

As per our predictions for 2018, the Fortune Star rating for Virgo in 2018 is 2.5/5

Remedies For Virgo in Year 2018

As a remedy, proffer water to Lord Sun early in the morning. Help the needy and the poor, and bring charitability in your nature. With this, pay homage to Lord Ganesha.

AstroCAMP wishes you a great 2018! May you find your solace in your safe haven this year!

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