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A Humble Approach To Astrology

Author: Nitin Datta | Last Updated: Thu 11 Jul 2013 6:03:24 PM


By Nitin Datta

Relationship Of Various Astrology Systems

There is no one system of Astrology that is superior to others and vice-versa. Each Astrologer is born with/ or inculcates a genius of making predictions using a specific system of Astrology.

Some Astrologers deliver brilliant predictions using Jaimini Dasha. Jaimini is a standalone system of Astrology that interprets a particular event using Dasha (period) only. It does not require any other tool to validate predictions. Interestingly, out of total 20,000 Sutras in Jaimini, only 900 have been known till date. The rest appear to have been lost somewhere. It is very interesting to know that only out of a universe of 900 Sutras known to us, we can make brilliant predictions. Imagine the level of correctness of prediction if all the Sutras were known to us.

Now, to trash away the respected Jaimini system saying that due to lack of proper literature and knowledge about Sutras, we should move to a ‘better system of Astrology’ would be a total disgrace to Astrology. Rather the approach should be to link these various systems of Astrology than to prove the superiority of one system over the other.

Some practicing Astrologers employ a mix of two or more systems to make predictions. This far better system to make predictions and pay respect to the system of Astrology. A mix of Parashari system and Jaimini delivers wonderful predictions. A mix of Vimshottari Mahadasha with Jaimini and Yogini Dasha again validates a prediction beautifully. Repetition of a promise for happening of an event using different systems improves the level of correctness for a prediction.

No system of Astrology is weak, it is our intellectual capability that need to be sharpened and widened. Parashari system by Maharishi Parashara, Jaimini system by Maharishi Jaimini, work of Rishi Prithuyasas on Prashna Astrology, Ashtakvarga by Maharishi Parashara, and in the modern era the brilliant works on Kota Chakra, KP System propounded by Professor K.S. Krishnamurti and many more are all brilliant systems of Astrology. Believe it or not, every system draws some finer points from other systems of Astrology. There has to be an existing foundation, against which one can create a wall. The existence of some base is very important to proceed in your calculations.

Lastly, our approach to Astrology should be humble and we should pay homage to the brilliant works delivered by our great sages and saints.

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