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Akshaya Tritiya on April 28, 2017 : Importance and Legend

Author: Punit Pandey | Last Updated: Thu 9 Feb 2017 2:54:11 PM

Prasoon Tiwari

Akshaya Tritiya is considered as an important day in Hinduism. It is said that, Veda Vyasa started to scribe the epic of Mahabharata. In 2017, it will be observed on 28th of April. It is the very third day of Hindu month Vaishakha. This day is observed as the beginning of Sat Yuga and Treta Yuga. It’s a belief that beginning a new venture on this day is always successful. To know more, stay reading…

All auspicious initiatives which are taken today prove to be very productive in future. All auspicious and religious ventures could be started today. The day has great significance for taking holy dip in the Ganga river. The holy dip makes a person free from all sins and troubles. One should donate watch, kalash, hand-fan, umbrella, rice, lentils, salt, ghee, sugar, clothes, vegetables, tamarind, fruits, sattu, cucumber, watermelon and alms to Brahmins.

The day is also marked with the opening of doors of Badrinarayan. The devotees should set the picture of Badrinarayan on Singhasan and offering of mishri and wet gram pulses should also be made as bhog. Badrinarayan should be worshiped with Tulasidala on this day.

On Akshaya Tritiya, one should donate water with til and kush to forefathers. One should also install free drinking water or sharbat centers (pyau) on this day. This festival is charity-oriented. One should also donate sattu with sugar or gur to Brahmins on the mesh sankranti that falls around Akshaya Tritiya. One must consume sattu on Akshaya Tritiya.

Lord Parashurama was born on this day so the day is also called Parashuram Teej. Nar-narayan also took birth on Akshaya Tritiya. Gaur mata is also worshiped for the closing of fast of Gauri Vrat. The view of feet of Sri Banke Bihari Ji in Vrindavan could also be witnessed on Akshaya Tritiya otherwise he is thoroughly covered throughout the year.

The legend behind Akshaya Tritiya

One day King Yudhisthira asked Lord Krishna- Oh dear God! I am very eager to know about Akshaya Tritiya. So please explain me the significance of Akshaya Tritiya. Lord Krishna replied- Dear King! Akshaya Tritiya is a very sacred date. One who observes the bathe before afternoon, jap, tap, havan, swadhyaya, pitra-tarpan and charity on this day got imperishable virtues.

Oh Yudhisthira! There was a Vaishya named Mahadev who was very poor, theist, virtuous and worshiper of cow, dev and brahmins. He was so worried due to his big family. He came to know the importance of Akshaya Tritiya from a pundit.
Mahadev follow the procedure of the fast. He took holy dip in the Ganga followed by offering to forefathers and deities. He also donated laddus of coconut, wheat, barley, kalash, hand-fan, umbrella, rice, lentils, salt, Ghee, sugar, clothes, vegetables, tamarind, fruits, sattu, cucumber, watermelon and alms.

Mahadev was denied by his wife and relatives. He was also suffering from diseases due to his old age. But he was not deterred from his dharma and charity. And due to the impact of his fast he became the King of Kushavati Nagari.

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