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Aquarius Horoscope 2017 Forecast

Last Updated: 12/7/2016 6:03:52 PM

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January 21st to February 19th

Uranus inspired Aquarius is characterised by Airy, Masculine and Fixed features and is represented by the symbol of the water-bearer. This sign is eleventh in line in the Zodiac wheel. Thinking ahead of their time and age, Aquarius borns are inspired by an utopian zeal to establish an egalitarian society without any strictures or structures. With revolutionary goals, uncommon creativity, humanitarian vision and ultra-modern concepts, Aquarius borns plunge into the future emerging with flashes of intuition and genius claiming I KNOW.

Exhibiting contrary and contradictory nature, Aquarians follow a method in their madness, as per Western Zodiac. They are also unpredictable and strange, non-conformist to the core, and hold friendship above everything else. In 2017, Aquarius is in a 2-12 relationship with Neptune in Pisces and in 3-11 Sextile with Uranus in Aries. Jupiter in Libra is forming 5-9 Trine, Saturn in Sagittarius is forming a 3-11 Sextile while Pluto in Capricorn is in a 2-12 relationship with Aquarius. Towards the end of the year, Jupiter in Scorpio is forming a 4-10 Square and Saturn moving into Capricorn is in a 2-12 vibrational pattern with Aquarius.

Aquarius Horoscope 2017 for January

The Aquarius Sun Signs start the year with their lord Uranus in 3rd Aries. Third house pertains to communication of all types and sorts, and mostly Aquarians will engage in exchange of ideas related to material resources and philanthropic disposition. Venus in Aquarius, sextile Uranus in Aries and trine Jupiter in Libra, relates to social interaction and engagement with large groups. The presence of Pluto, Sun and Mercury in 12th house Capricorn indicates unresolved issues pertaining to professional relationships that require urgent attention. Neptune and Mars in Pisces, and later along with Venus, sextile Pluto will enable quick resolution of financial issues affecting business transaction. Aquarians in service sector may need to be on constant guard as issues with colleagues and seniors might lead to a tense job situation. Some Aquarius borns might explore overseas professional options due to unsatisfactory growth. Saturn in 11th Sagittarius is facilitating widening of social network for personal benefits.

Aquarius Horoscope 2017 for February

This month predicts favourable results for people associated with family business. Aquarians are superlative in the resolution of any crises that crop up unexpectedly and unpredictably in their profession. Students connected to advanced courses in Science and Technology will come out on top exuding confidence. Aquarius borns in business will have an upper hand in their partnerships, with courageous planning and bold steps taken towards growth. In personal and intimate relationships, Aquarius will be very warm and generous. They may have to watch out for sudden impulses of anger which might create tension in an otherwise congenial atmosphere. Uranus conjunct Mars and Venus in Aries enthuses high level of creative communication. Visualizers, Orators, Designers and Media personalities give enhanced performance and earn appreciation and credit. This is month for professional enrichment, financial enhancement and job satisfaction.

Aquarius Horoscope 2017 for March

A highly favourable time for Aquarians in family business, assures Aquarius Horoscope for the year 2017. Their innovative approach and go-getter attitude fetches excellent returns as profits pour in continuously. Using persuasive skills, imagination and accurate assessment about existing trends, Aquarius borns conduct excellent business administration. A few of them will also assume the mantle of their family enterprise, due to their acumen and unorthodox approach. The conjunction of Uranus, Venus and Mercury in Aries in a beneficial opposition with Jupiter indicates good time for Art Critics, Art Curators, Art Instructors and Art Experts. The period is encouraging for amateur and emerging artists as they find enthusiastic patrons. Art investment and art collection also gather momentum. Some Aquarians artists will be busy organising charity exhibitions for collecting funds for the humanitarian causes they support. This is a favourable month for bonding with friends, a favourite activity with Aquarius borns.

Aquarius Horoscope 2017 for April

Some Aquarians, this month, will be engaged in learning different styles of communication such as the Sign Language, used extensively by speech and hearing impaired or Braille, followed by the visually challenged. A few Aquarians may enroll themselves for learning a foreign language or two. Some will be busy playing games involving extensive usage of mind such as Chess, Snooker and Billiards with their friends and family, while others will have fun playing guessing games with their romantic partners. A few Aquarians will spend quality time with their animal and bird friends absorbing and sending forth intuitive vibrations in unspoken language of affection. Mars in a trinal relationship with Pluto gets a sense of direction and purpose in professional activity, while Pluto absorbs Martial sustained energy for forge ahead. Saturn as lord of 12th in 11th Sagittarius, carrying Plutos influence from Capricorn, in a sextile with Jupiter and trine with Uranus enables Therapies such as Past Life Regression acceptable and become popular.

Aquarius Horoscope 2017 for May

Uranus, Venus and Mercury combination in Aries sextile Mars in Gemini fires the imagination and offers constant fuel to creative expression. This is a beneficial time for Journalists, Script Writers, Playwrights, Editors and Authors. Aquarians holding Public Offices or in authoritative positions gain mass popularity due to their media management skills. Peace activists and negotiators will be able to initiate successful parleys between warring parties, while Socio-political activism with gather momentum. Legal eagles will have successful closures and students pursuing legal studies will find the going great. Aquarians will exhibit sarcastic tendencies towards family members in the first half. Mid month onwards, they will lavish their loved ones with praise and appreciation. Professionals working on Government Authorities on projects related to Documentation are in a favourable phase. Media efforts in highlighting pressing socio-development issues and concerns may receive mass approval leading to major policy changes. Some Water Bearers may buy farm-houses or land near the countryside. Time is beneficial for joint ownership of immovable property.

Aquarius Horoscope 2017 for June

Excellent month is predicted for Scientists. People involved in the advanced research on Voice Over Internet Protocol, Touch Screen Technology, Nano Technology, Robotics and Laser Technology will deliver high quality performance. Time is very favourable for both the student and teaching community. But those in Academic Administration will have strong differences with their Management over educational reforms. Youngsters at home may have to be handled with care, and offered guidance at the right time. Strict disciplinary measures might prove counter productive. Aquarius will be busy with home related matters in the second half of the month. Furnishings, furniture, home decor, new ambience, decoration, renovation, household items, houseguests, parties, ceremonies and family gatherings occupy top slots in the Aquarius mental screen. Some Aquarius homes will also reverberate with musical notes and tones. A few Water Bearers will be inspired learn music, painting, dance and sculpture, while others will engage wholeheartedly in art installations, pottery, gardening and cooking along with family. Venus in trine with Pluto will also inspire some to participate in art exhibitions or organise art events.

Aquarius Horoscope 2017 for July

Aquarius will be in reflective and contemplative mood this month. They will be attending to the routine personal and official tasks in a dedicated manner. Plenty of Aquarians will be involved in health and welfare activities as part of their professional duties. These can be either as Health Care professionals, Health Reform activists, Health Advocacy experts or associated with fund-raising and resource collection. Uranus in a sextile with Venus in Gemini and in a trine with Saturn will influence Aquarius to adopt diplomacy and restraint in their approach, while Jupiter in a friendly opposition offers sustained enthusiasm, stamina and creative ideas. Aquarian philosophers and intellectuals will thrive and popularize abstract concepts surrounding the human existence. Disciplines such as Humanities, Environmental Sciences, Arts and International Relations will gain in popularity. Students in Veterinary Science, Marine Biology and Marine Engineering and Technology will start their professional career with plethora of opportunities. For Aquarians in romance, time is favourable. Those in family life, might either have health issues connected to their spouses, or ego issues resulting due to brusque behaviour.

Aquarius Horoscope 2017 for August

The twin eclipses of this month, occurring in 7th house Leo, will result in drastic changes in Aquarius perception and approach towards relationships and partnerships. It would also enable major transformation in the outlook of partners and relations towards Aquarians. The planetary combination of Sun and Mars is in a trine with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius, and in sextile with Jupiter in Libra. Aquarians understand the need to develop more warmth, emotional depth and patience in their personal relationships, while the partners will know and acknowledge that the Aquarius-Uranus vibrations of revolution are not always disruptive and but are necessary for the world's evolution. Business ventures will experience massive changes with ambitious expansion plans and huge profits. Intimate relationships become demanding, but also demonstrate greater warmth, affection and loyalty. Professionals in Medicine, Surgery, Health Advisors associated with international bodies and Government Officials in Health Care Delivery will find the time favourable. Plans for career change may not materialize, but financial enhancement is very much on the anvil. Personal health may need attention.

Aquarius Horoscope 2017 for September

Aquarians may be loving, kind, argumentative and sarcastic by turns in the initial days of this month. A red alert is also issued for spouses for sudden outbursts of Aquarius anger. Mid month onwards, financial matters will be the prime topic of discussion. A profitable and investment-heavy month. Aquarians who have their spouses as business partners stand to gain maximum from the beneficial planetary period. There will be mystery and secrecy surrounding the financial condition, due to the opposing influence of Neptune and trinal Pluto vibrations on the Sun, Mars, Mercury combination in Virgo. This unusual behaviour on the part of Aquarians, aided also by 12th lord Saturn's square relationship, will create unnecessary tension in the relationship. Economic Advisors, Asset Management Experts, Market Analysts and Chartered Accountants will prosper. Some Aquarians may be involved with wills and legacies, their own or others. Mimicry Artists and Stand-up Comedians will become popular. Some Aquarians will be unduly worried about their health, occasionally exhibiting hypochondriac tendencies.

Aquarius Horoscope 2017 for October

The first half of this month augers well for those involved in Budget Forecasting. Stock brokers, Lending Institutions and Dealers in Foreign Exchange will reap a rich harvest. Scholars engaged in the advanced study of Group Therapy, Mob Psychology, Group Dynamics, Community Mobilisation and Social Action will achieve prominence. Students who had worked very hard, will find the results extremely satisfying. Aquarius will entertain themselves and enjoy with their hugh group of friends. Mentors, guides, philosophers and philanthropists will be in demand and receive dignified response from the public. Aquarius do full justice to their personal and professional worlds by giving their energy and attention equally to both of them. They will also receive their share of happiness and fulfilment from these quarters. Health, wealth, knowledge and fun will figure in the priority list of Aquarius borns. Many of them will share their skill, expertise and time for charitable and philanthropic causes. Universities and other seats of higher learning will thrive and come under focus for their positive contribution towards social development. Latter part of the month will be good for Legal Luminaries, Judges, Professors, Lecturers and Intellectuals. Travel is also predicted for some Aquarius.

Aquarius Horoscope 2017 for November

Jupiter's ingress into Scorpio helps Aquarius to concretise on what they have been doing in the earlier months. Some will be part of a high-level Government think tank that is working seriously towards development concerns. Others may join non-governmental organisations and take to activism and advocacy for social upliftment. A few may form their own initiatives and contribute their dedicated efforts towards lofty ideals and humanitarian causes. Aquarius will also be in the forefront interacting continuously with public and forming proactive self help groups. Family members offer support, while partners and spouses may occasionally join them in their endeavours. Aquarius will be fit this month and be comfortable money-wise. Business ideas and concepts materialise successfully and bring profitable growth. Some Aquarius will be recognised for their dedication towards pressing social concerns and receive all round acclaim. A few may be acknowledged by prestigious Social Institutions and Charitable Foundations and honourably awarded. Jupiter, Mercury and Sun in Scorpio will make them proactive and communicating their ideals and ideals in social groups and media. The planetary combination of Jupiter, Venus and Sun will see them passionately advocating causes along with their family and friends.

Aquarius Horoscope 2017 for December

Non-governmental development initiatives may thrive and become popular. Recognition from higher authorities pour in for Aquarius involved as part of these initiatives along with material resources. Some Water Bearers may need to be careful with their speech as misunderstandings are possible within their family due to faulty communication. Some students may get admission in foreign Universities, while a few may receive meritorious scholarships for their hard work. Professionals in Advertising, Electronic Media, Public Relations and Corporate Communications will win accolades for their work. Aquarius enjoying single status may find partners matching their wavelength. Elder male members may need urgent health attention, while youngsters may need to be careful with their dietary patterns and social circle. Relationship with the marital partners will suffer occasional roadblocks, while romantic involvements may run a smooth ride. As Saturn moves into Capricorn conjunct Pluto, sextile Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces in the latter half of the month, Aquarius will face new challenges in their lives. This will have a far-reaching impact on how they interact with their fellow humans and the world in general.

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