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Ascendant in Hindu Astrology : An All Important Pivot Point

Author: Suchitra Das | Last Updated: Sat 27 Aug 2011 1:43:05 PM

ascendant, lagna

By Suchitra Das

Lagna, which is known as rising Ascendant, has an all-important place in Hindu Astrology. Lagna remains in a Rashi for approximately two hours and take a round of the entire zodiac/elliptic in 24 hours time of a day. Our destiny pattern is directly linked to the strength of our ascendant. A person born with a strong Lagna should be supposed to have taken birth to live a prized life by Almighty God. There is no substitute of a strong Lagna in a horoscope be it in case of a natal horoscope or a query horoscope. Counting of the 12 houses of a horoscope start with the house containing Lagna as the first house. Such is the weightage of Lagna in Hindu Astrology.

Ascendant represents an individual in his physical plane, his overall health, mental characteristics, fame and defame, success in life in every venture, general strength of a horoscope, etc. Only Lagna enjoys the status of being a Kendra (quadrant) and a Trikone (Trine) house, simultaneously. The functional natures of 12 houses and 7 core planets, whether benefic or malefic, in a horoscope are decided strictly on the basis of Lagna. Strength of a Lagna depends on the following.

1.Number of functional benefic planets posited in it or aspecting it. (Placement or aspects of lords of 3/6/8/12 houses in Lagna is not treated to be auspicious). A house is also considered to be strong if it is occupied or aspected by its lord or occupied by a friendly exalted planet, which is also the case with Lagna.

2.Number of auspicious yogas (planetary combinations) formed involving the Lagna or Lagna Lord. It could be either according to Parashari or Jaimini Prathas, which are equally capable of giving favourable result especially, during the relevant Dashas.

3.Number of Sarva-Ashtaka-Varga (SAV) Points falling in Lagna. 28 SAV point is minimum in the requirement scale. More the SAV point better is the result. In no case SAV point in Lagna should be less than individual SAV points in houses 6, 8 & 12.

4.Concentration of planets along Lagna. This means placement of five or more planets three houses behind and three houses ahead of Lagna including Lagna provide sufficient strength to Lagna. More the number of planetary concentrations along Lagna more the strength to Lagna.

5.Lagna Lord exalted in a Kendra or Trikone.

6.Placement of Lagna Lord in a Kendra or Trikone associated with a Kendra or Trikone lord or aspected by Kendra or Trikone lords only. (Exception – In case of natural benefics Venus, Jupiter, Mercury or Waxing Moon becoming Lagna Lord, they should be placed either in a Kendra owned by them or in their respective house of exaltation to avoid Kendradipathi Dosha).

7.House of placement of Lagna Lord should be fortified with SAV bindus also.

Ascendant and ascendant Lord also give rise to the following few auspicious Raj Yogas/Dhan Yogas, which are considered to be very strong and capable of giving desired result par excellence.


This Raj Yoga is formed by mutual exchange between Lagna Lord and 10th Lord (10th lord is the lord of our profession) or their conjunction in Lagna or 10th house (house of profession). This is capable of giving tremendous rise in profession.


This Raj Yoga is formed by the mutual exchange between Lagna Lord and 9th lord (lord of our luck and fortune) or their conjunction in Lagna or 9th house (house of our luck and fortune). This makes an individual extremely lucky and fortunate.


Mutual exchange between Lagna Lord and 7th lord or their association in 9th or 7th house forms this Raj Yoga. This is an auspicious yoga for business, partnership and elevation in life.


Lagna Lord forms this yoga in association with the dispositor of Moon when placed in a Kendra or in a house of an intimate friend and both together aspect Lagna and a strong planet simultaneously should occupy Lagna. This yoga makes a native very wealthy, famous, sweet spoken and honoured by the State.


Lagna Lord, Venus and Jupiter in mutual Kendra with strong 9th Lord give rise to this Yoga. This yoga makes a native noble, well behaved, healthy, wealthy, famous with all comforts of life like good wife and children.


This yoga is formed when Lagna Lord and 12th lord are in mutual Kendra. This yoga makes a person famous, wealthy, prosperous, etc.


Dispositor or Navamsha Lord of dispositor of Lagna Lord if in his sign of exaltation or in Kendra or Trikone from Lagna forms this yoga. This yoga makes a person to live a prosperous life in middle and later part of his life even if the beginning of the life may be full of struggle.


This yoga is formed when Lagna Lord is exalted in a Kendra and is aspected by Jupiter. It confers on the native great honour by the State, prosperity and great academic achievements.


Participation of Lagna along with Sun and Moon gives rise to this Raj Yoga in the following manner.

(A) Male nativity born in day time with Lagna, Sun and Moon in odd signs;
(B) Female nativity born in night time with Lagna, Sun and Moon in even signs;

Our late Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi had this auspicious Raj Yoga. One born with this Raj Yoga has good character, become wealthy, famous, ruler and have virtuous children.

Running of Dashas of a strong Lagna Lord or a strong favourable planet associated with Lagna or Lagna Lord in appropriate time of life is considered to be the best period in anybody’s life when dreams are likely to be turned lively or most cherished goal achieved.

Apart from Janma Lagna (Birth Ascendant) there are several other Lagnas in Hindu Astrology for certain specific purposes, the most important of which are Arudha Lagna, Karakamasha Lagna (mostly used in Jaimini Pratha), Indu Lagna (for financial prosperity), etc. The strength or otherwise of the Lagnas of Divisional Charts concerned also play pivotal role in deciding how far a particular aspect/signification in the life of an individual is likely to flourish or diminish as the case may be.

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