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Astrological Analysis of House for Enemies

Last Updated: 9/19/2010 4:04:50 PM

By Suchitra Das

The term enemy itself is a dreaded and most frightening one and is in the inventory of ‘most unwanted things’ in our life. Is there any method to decimate or atleast to contain the enemy force more so in the event if it happens to be a powerful one than you? I think ‘No’. Compromise formula, although equivalent to a virtual surrendering before the enemy element, even also most often does not work as foolproof. But, Astrology can find a most potent way for you to pacify your enemy factors, be it for an individual nativity or in respect of the cases coming under the purview of mundane astrology.

The sixth house of a horoscope besides other significations denotes our enemies. The enemies may be in the form of adversaries, competitors, neighbours, and group of persons etc. encompassing all those within its ambit who keep an evil spirit against us in their minds as well as spell out the same through their actions. A weak 6th lord if afflicts 3rd house can cause continuous problem from neighbours and younger coborns. A weak 6th lord if afflicts the 10th lord through conjunction or aspect can give rise to enemies in the work place. Animosity with boss/superiors can be predicted if such affliction occurs in 9th house, with friends and colleagues if such affliction happens in 11th house and with subordinates if such afflictions take place in 5th house.

The sixth house is grouped in ‘trika/dusthana’ (meaning bad house) in Vedic Astrology. If the sixth lord is weak and the sixth house is afflicted by malefics especially, by hardcore malefic like Rahu through occupation or aspects, one has to bear with him the nagging problem of enemies throughout his life. However, the benefic aspects on sixth house and its lord reduce the bite of enemies to a large extent. If such weak sixth lord conjunct the eighth lord in houses 2nd or 7th and influence the most effective points of any of these two houses where these ‘dusthana lords’ are located can even cause death of such nativity in the hand of enemies at the time of running of unfavourable period and sub-period.

The native at chart below was born on 05/01/1928 at 5.26 p.m. (IST) at 27N27, 68E08 with a balance of 3 years, 9 months and 27 days of Mars main period at birth.

Birth-chart 1

The 6th lord is in the 6th afflicted by Saturn (8th lord) and Ketu. Ketu afflicts the 6th occupants Venus, Mars and Saturn, as well. All the occupants of the 6th house including afflicted 6th lord are being aspected by the 2nd lord Moon from 12th house and the 7th lord Jupiter from 10th house. Kendradipathi Dosha vitiates the aspect of Jupiter on 6th lord Mars and is of no help. As already explained, 2nd & 7th houses are treated to be death inflicting houses and the aspects of the Jupiter and Moon on conjunct 6th lord Mars with 8th lord Saturn clearly indicative of termination of life in the hand of rivals. The aspect of 2nd lord Moon from 12th house (house of prison) on conjunct 6th lord Mars and 8th lord Saturn, further points towards death in prison in the hand of rivals. The native, Prime Minister, of a neighbouring country was arrested and put in jail by his political adversaries. After a year of humiliation and a complete breakdown of health due to neglect and squalid prison conditions, he was hanged to death.

On the contrary, if the 6th lord is strong and the 6th house is lashed with benefic intervention, one is free from enemies, diseases, and debt as well as successful in competitions.

The chart below is in respect of a most important and revered personality who was born on 19/11/1917 at 11.13 P.M. (IST) at 25N27, 81E51 with a balance of 1 year, 3 months and 25 days of Sun Dasa at birth.

Birth-chart 1

In the above chart, the 6th lord Jupiter is Vargottama in the 11th and well placed. The 6th occupant Venus (lord of 4th house/MT and 11th house) gained strength from an exchange of signs with Vargottama Jupiter. Another occupant of the 6th house is Rahu, who acquired strength because of the strong position of his sign dispositor Jupiter. Ketu, who is aspecting the 6th house, is also strong because his sign dispositor Mercury is also Vargottama. The native held the office of the Prime Minister for nearly 16 years and was an almost invincible force in the political life of the country. Even when she lost power temporarily, she was able to bounce back with renewed strength.

Some Beneficial Combinations

  • An exceptionally strong Ascendant is always capable of fully neutralizing the malefic and adverse effect of enemies. Ascendant being the 8th house from the 6th house is the death place of enemies and all enemy related activities.
  • A strong Jupiter in the Ascendant kills the enemies to their bottoms.
  • Placement of benefic planets in the 6th house never allows enemies to grow.
  • Mars and Saturn are the significator planets of 6th house and for that matter enemies also. If both of them are strong, enemies are always contained at the bays.
  • A strong Arudha Bhava of the 6th house portrays the native stronger before his enemies through overestimation, which prevent the enemies to go against him.

The table below shows the general astrological outcome according to the placement of different planets in the 6th house with regard to enemy matters.


General Outcome


Good politicians, few enemies


Bad for longevity, revengeful enemies


Victorious, successful politician, less foes


Quarrelsome and a terror to his/her enemies


Feared by his/her enemies


Sexual over indulgence, no enemies


Quarrelsome, foe less


Long lived and wealthy but troubled by enemies


Fame and authority, few enemies

Enemies do not matter for a person, when they are happening to be weak and cannot muster courage to bite the native overtly or covertly through their ill spirited designs. I astrologically believe that we acquire the types and nature of animosity against us through our past deeds. I have, therefore, always suggested my readers to live a selfless and dedicated life devoid of greed and anger in order to reap them the sweet and juicy benefit of the same in their next life, the result of which even start unfolding in the existing life cycle itself as per the Holy Divine Diktat.

Planetary afflictions in the 6th house sometime become havoc for an individual nativity. I list below a few of them.

  • If Mars is afflicted in the 6th joined by the Sun or Rahu, then one is likely to be exposed to danger from robbers, anti-social elements, militants and terrorists and sometimes, even by members of the police or defence forces.
  • Venus, so afflicted in the 6th or afflicting the 6th, makes for rivals from the cine world like Hollywood/Bollywood like places or art world or from womenfolk generally, female relatives or even one’s own wife (or husband), turning inimical to the native.
  • Mercury if afflicted in the 6th gives ones constant problems from the business community, may be banking organizations, businessmen and even small time traders and peddler like vegetable or fruit vendors. Or, even, one may get into complicated situations involving conmen.
  • The afflicted Moon in the 6th house can even exposes one to danger from mobs and the public.
  • The Moon, Mars and Rahu or Saturn afflicted in the 6th can make one get caught in riots, communal or group clashes, dacoities, stampedes or public demonstrations and thereby suffer much bodily, financially and in other ways.
  • The Sun when so afflicted in the 6th house may push a native into a tangle of complications involving tax or other governmental and quasi-governmental authorities with endless running around to get out of the problems.
  • When Saturn is the afflicting factors on the 6th house, the source of one’s problems can be members of the labour class, small time criminals, household staff, servants, factory workers and even those in the trade unions.
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