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Astrological analysis of suicidal tendancy

Last Updated: 5/11/2010 11:41:02 PM

Astrological analysis of suicidal tendancy

Aalok Varkhandkar

Ever felt depressed and suicidal in life? If so, do not worry, it’s not your fault. Vedic astrology has a perfect explanation for those depressive episodes when everything looks hopeless and a person meets with disappointments in several areas in life.

The fourth house in Vedic Astrology governs emotions, feelings, happiness, etc. Affliction to this house can cause one to feel depressed and unhappy. The planet Moon also represents mind and any affliction to it makes a person anxiety prone.

Mental suffering however is an eighth house matter as it governs tragedy, suffering, loss, depression, anguish, etc. The eighth house is responsible for all kinds of losses in life and this house is better left unoccupied in one’s chart.

Saturn in Vedic Astrology is a strong significator of eighth house as well as depression. Whenever one goes through the dasha of this planet, he or she is likely to go experience some depressive moments. The aspect of a malefic like Saturn on Moon is very often indicative of a melancholic temperament.

In the following horoscope we find Saturn and Mars in the eighth house. Venus also joins the conjunction. Saturn is the lord of the fourth house and occupies the eighth house. Saturn in spite of being a yogakara has caused the native to go through bouts of depression and during the Antardasha of Mars was contemplating suicide.

This will be more apparent because Venus, being lord of the first house, will be under the influence of Saturn and Mars as well as the eighth house. The native also had a hard time handling her marriage and career during Mars antardasha and this is because Mars is the lord of the seventh house, which rules marriage, and Saturn is aspecting the tenth house which rules career.

To judge depressive moments in life, Vedic astrology can be very helpful. A good astrologer can always help understand how and why certain unfavorable events happen in life.

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