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Astrological Importance of Navamsha

Author: Suchitra Das | Last Updated: Sat 29 Oct 2011 12:44:51 PM

Astrological Importance of Navamsha

By Suchitra Das


Navamsha is ninth divisional chart in Vedic Astrology. If Rashi Chart is the physical body of the Horoscope, then Navamsha Kundali is the soul of the Horoscope. The assessment of a horoscope in Parashari system is incomplete without a complete and minute assessment of Navamsha Chart. The strong bond of intra-relationship between Rashi Chart and Navamsha Chart is aptly described as Rashi Tulya Navamsha / Navamsha Tulya Rashi in Parashari Astrology. In numerology, the numeral ‘9’ is the highest single digit number and considered to be most powerful number. The number 9 is also associated with strong vowel ‘I’. Thus, from all astrological viewpoints, number ‘9’ has a special weightage. Furthermore, numeral ‘9’ is the root number of Commander-in-Chief, Mars, in the planetary kingdom.

What is Navamsha and its relation with Nakshtra Pada?

There are altogether 108 Navamsha in a horoscope of 360°, which is divided into 12 equal signs/houses. These 12 signs are also called Rashis. Each zodiac sign measures 30°. When a sign of 30° is divided into 9 equal parts measuring 3°.20’ each, these smaller parts are known as Navamsha. In other words, a Rashi contains 9 Navamsha of 3°.20’ each.

Thus, there is a relation between Nakshtra Pada and Navamsha since each Nakshtra Pada in a Rashi also exactly measures 3°.20’. This is an astrological nitty-gritty.

What is seen in Navamsha Kundali?

Navamsha Chart is an integral part of Rashi Chart and assumes significance of greater importance. The following aspects are mainly assessed in Navamsha Chart.

  1. Overall strength of planets for conferring desired result.
  2. Placement of planets in Navamsha Chart with reference to Navamsha Lagna.
  3. Placement of planets in Navamsha Chart with reference to Birth Ascendant.
  4. Placement of planets in Navamsha Chart with reference to their natal position in Rashi Chart
  5. Marriage/partnership/live-in-relation issues.
  6. Happiness and continuity of the above relationships.
  7. Nature of partner in one’s conjugal life
  8. Timing of marriage
  9. Planets in Pushkar Navamshas
  10. Planets related to 64-Navamsha and many more.

Debilitation of a planet in birth horoscope is considered annulled if the same planet is posited in its sign of exaltation in Navamsha Horoscope. Such states of a planet give rise to Vipreet Rajyoga.

If a planet is exalted in birth horoscope but posited in its sign of debilitation in Navamsha Horoscope, it cannot confer favourable result and the state of exaltation of such planet gets cancelled.

A planet is strong if it is occupying same sign both in birth horoscope and Navamsha Horoscope. Such a state of the planet is adorned by calling it Vargottama.

Planets occupying the signs of natural benefics Moon, Mercury, Jupiter & Venus in Navamsha Kundli are considered strong and confer favourable result during their main periods.

Planets occupying Quadrant and Trine houses in Navamsha Kundali with reference to Janma Lagna are auspicious.

If the Navamsha Lagna, 2nd house and 7th house of Navamsha Kundali are afflicted by strong malefics like Saturn and Mars marriage is either denied or delayed. Even if there is a marriage due to the running of favourable period/other astrological conditions, the married life in such a state cannot be smooth and happy.

Planets in Pushkar Navamsha are very auspicious. These are very sensitive auspicious points in a horoscope. There are 24 such auspicious sensitive points in a horoscope with each Rashi containing two Pushkar Navamsha. The planets in Pushkar Navamsha do not go to the signs of malefic planets like Sun, Mars and Saturn in Navamsha Kundali.

Planets in Pushkar Navamsha and occupying favourable houses in Navamsha Chart with reference to three pivot points in my integral approach of horoscope analysis through D-Charts and other Kundli(s)/Tables/Transit, etc. invariably give benefic result especially, during their main periods if not blemished by affliction, combustion and defeated in planetary war.

The lord and planets related to 64-Navamsha give evil result, which may even inflict death like suffering even if not death especially, during their main periods.

Timing of marriage can be classified into early, timely and delayed. These classifications are further subject to modification according to Sthaan, Kaal, Patra (place, period & individual). Venus is the natural marriage maker and its disposition in Rashi Kundli and Navamsha Kundli atleast from three pivot points according to my integral approach is of paramount importance. Status of the spouse is also seen in Navamsha Kundli. Existence of Raj Yogas, favourable disposition of 1H, 2H, 7H, Venus, Mars, Jupiter in Navamsha Kundli confers spouse from a rich or highly placed family.

These are only few snapshots on Navamsha as there are many more to be seen in Navamsha Kundali in correlation with other charts for an integral approach in horoscope analysis through various charts, tables and transits. Besides Parashari Navamsha Kundli, there is also two more Navamsha Kundli (s) known as Jaimini Navamsha and Kalchakra Navamsha, which are studied and assessed according to their respective systems. I would discuss about them subsequently.

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