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Astrological synchronizing of education with jobs : Part 2

Last Updated: 10/21/2010 9:44:13 PM

By Suchitra Das



Given below is the natal chart in respect of a person born on 5th November 1947 at 08-48 PM at Delhi with a balance of Mercury Dasa of 14 years and 8 months.

The native with a B.Sc Degree and Diploma in Marketing Management from London (United Kingdom) rose to the position of General Manager in a big private concern. In absence of a Mooltrikona sign in the 10th house of the Natal Chart, the 2nd house with Mooltrikona sign of Moon has become the prime determinant of his professional matter with Mercury, the lord of D-10 Ascendant with Mooltrikona sign being the secondary determinant for professional matter. The Moon, the primary determinant of the professional matter in the natal chart is in her own sign Cancer with friendly 11th lord (MT) and 6th lord (non-MT) Mars and with inimical 8th (non-MT) and 9th (MT) lord Saturn. Moon in her own Mooltrikona (MT) sign receiving the aspect of friendly Jupiter (7th lord/MT and 10th lord/non-MT) and functional malefic Ketu. In D-10 chart, Mercury, the secondary determinant of professional matter is in 8th house (dusthana) along with Sun (the 12th lord of D-10 and 3rd lord of Natal Chart) in sign Aries, which is the 11th house from Natal Ascendant and 10th house from Natal Moon (the primary determinant of professional matter in the instant case) as well as from Natal Saturn, the natural significator for job and services. The placement of primary determinant of professional mater Moon in the instant case in sign Virgo, an earth sign, gave the native the job in a business concern. The placement of Moon in her own sign in Natal Chart coupled with aspect from Jupiter as well as her placement in the Ascendant of D-10 chart gave the nativity affluence in the professional arena. Moreover, the native enjoyed the Main Period of well-placed 5th lord Venus (in the constellation of friendly 9th lord Saturn) from the age of his 22 years for long 20 years which was followed by the main periods of favourable Sun (exalted in D-10) and Moon (the prime significator of professional matter in the instant case) for another long 16 years covering the important phase of his professional career. The Moon being the significator planet for public domain, which includes liaisoning, took the native in the marketing arena, which is under the domains of Moon and Mercury. Incidentally, it may be mentioned that Moon is in the constellation of Mercury as well as in sign Virgo in D-10 chart aspected by Rahu and Saturn. Virgo is the Mooltrikona sign of Mercury. Thus, Mercury and Rahu jointly conferred their virtues to Moon, which include convincing power and maneouvering ability, the two essential prerequisites for a successful career in the filed of marketing.


Given below is the natal chart in respect of a nativity who performed routine clerical job born on 9th May 1968 at 09-40 AM at Vizianagram (Andhra Pradesh) with a balance of 9 months 12 days Sun Dasa at birth.

Ascendant is the same Gemini as in the case of Chart-1 above with Moon being the primary determinant for professional matter in the instant case, too. Moon is in sign Virgo in Rahu – Ketu axis significantly damaging the professional prospects. The aspect of 9th lord Saturn on Moon is of no help since he is closely associated with functional malefic Rahu and is also in the Rahu – Ketu Axis. Moreover, the sign dispositor of Saturn is Jupiter who is in 12th house to Moon, the primary determinant of professional matter in the instant case. Moreover, the Mercury, the sign dispositor of Moon (the primary determinant) is in 12th house to the Ascendant, which is a dusthana. Further, the Moon is in the constellation of Sun, who is a 12th lord from Moon from her natal position in Virgo. Apart from this, Saturn, the natural significator for professional matter is in sign Pisces and is not in a comfortable position because of Sun being in 2nd house to him in sign Aries causing adverse Argala. There is no friendly planet of Saturn in sign Aquarius to cause Virodha Argala to counter the same. Incidentally, it may be mentioned here that the Sun and Saturn are inimical in relation with each other and if they conjoin in a Natal Chart or in Dasamasa chart in any way influencing the professional matter keep the potential to ruin one’s career prospect significantly. As such, there is no huge planetary promise in the natal chart for professional affluence in respect of the nativity. The native started his career as Stenographer.

In D-10 chart (the sub divisional chart for professional matter), Ascendant is Aquarius in the Mooltrikona sign of Saturn. As such, Saturn is the secondary significant for professional matter in the instant case. Saturn is in sign Cancer that is the Mooltrikona sign of Moon (the primary determinant of professional matter) along with Moon and Rahu, which gave him the service of a Stenographer in 1991 with the onset of Saturn Bhukthi in Rahu Dasa. Rahu is in the constellation of Mercury, the sign dispositor of Moon (the primary determinant of professional matter in the instant case) that synchronizes with the timing of his getting employment. Moreover, Rahu has aspect on Moon in the natal chart.

However, from educational point of view, this chart is not bad at all. The Ascendant is airy Gemini, which is an intellectual sign. The placement of Ascendant lord and 4th lord Mercury along with 11th lord Mars in friendly sign Taurus has given the nativity an intelligent and logical mind making him a good student of science and mathematics. The Moon (the significator of mind) in the 4th house (the house for formal education) in the sign of intellectual Mercury who is also in trikone to 4th house strongly signifies a focused mind in study with a very high level of intelligence. Both Mercury and Jupiter, who are the primary significators for success in educational pursuit, are strongly placed in the natal chart from their respective significations for educational matter. Mercury, the natural significator for formal education (4th house) and Jupiter, the natural significator for intelligence and wisdom (5th house) are placed in 9th and 11th positions respectively from their respective significations for educational matter. The 9th lord Saturn (the lord for higher learning in the N/C) is also well placed in a best Kendra in 10th house albeit in Rahu – Ketu Axis. Rahu – Ketu if fortified give good intelligence and a piercing mind. The position of Moon, the lord of the 2nd house (the house for specialization in educational matter) has already been explained. Besides, the Venus (the planet for creative intelligence), Rahu (the planet for maneouvering ability) and exalted Sun (the lord of 5th house of the natural zodiac) are all well placed in 10th and 11th houses. But, inspite of having such excellent planetary promises for success in educational matter, the native has to land up in a subordinate job in absence of supportive planetary promises for professional affluence.

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