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Planetary combinations to become a police officer / IAS officer

Author: S N Rao | Last Updated: Wed 5 May 2010 6:03:18 PM

S N Rao

Armed force is associated with the planet Mars. It is the single most important factor in the birth chart to become a police officer / IAS officer. Mars is associated with courage, strength, stamina, passion and muscular power. Mars needs to be strong in the birth chart for a person to succeed in this field. Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn also play an important part in determining the nature of success and the field in which he may succeed. Jupiter is associated with knowledge, ambition. Mercury is associated with intelligence, logic and administrative skills. Sun is associated with government. Saturn is associated with strictness, discipline and justice and dealing with punishment.

Mars is considered strong if it occupies Aries, Leo, Scorpio and Capricorn signs. Mars in Aries gives a dashing personality, always energetic and on the move, action oriented, adventurous and a hot tempered person. It gives an energetic, enthusiastic, impulsive, aggressive and impatient nature. It will give courage to the native to perform acts which others cannot even think of. They are original, resourceful, have considerable mechanical ability and are more adventurous. This position gives an abundance of vitality, a love of outdoor sport and muscular exercise. Mars in Leo gives the royal and courageous outlook, a natural leader capable of handling difficult situations. It makes the native fearless and industrious with a keen sense of honor and responsibility. It gives enormous physical energy and strength to the native. It gives pride and a fiery but royal and violent temper. Mars in Scorpio gives a detective nature and the courage to decipher and solve judicial cases. Mars in Capricorn is exalted. It gives inner strength to the native and capability for handling tough situations, courage to hold on to any rough situations. These qualities are required to match the criteria for becoming Policemen.

Mars occupying / aspecting the 1st house, 3rd house, 6th house, 8th house or the 10th house in the above signs gives a successful profession in the armed forces.

1st house depicts the physical body. Mars occupying / aspecting it will give the necessary physical energy, stamina and muscular power to perform challenging and adventurous activities that is required to be performed by a police officer. 3rd house is the house of courage. Mars occupying / aspecting this house will provide the necessary impetus in going ahead bravely and fight any situation. Mars occupying / aspecting the 6th house will give service and the income through this field. A strong Mars in the 6th house is necessary to fight with enemies. 8th house occupied / aspected by Mars gives secretive and detective skills required to solve complex cases. Service in CBI or detective agencies and also spies are best suited to this combination.

The influence of Mercury will provide intelligence and logical skills to the brute force. The influence of Jupiter will provide administration skills. The influence of Sun will give government honors and reputation. The influence of Saturn will give discipline and judgement skills. The combination of planets have to be studied together to differentiate between ordinary policemen, police officers, soldiers, IAS Officers etc.

If Saturn, the karaka for discipline, is associated with Mars, the karaka for bravery and courage, then it gives the yoga for becoming a soldier. Jupiter associating with Mars will give opportunity to grow in the police ranks as an officer rank. Mercury, which signifies intelligence, and Jupiter both supporting Mars will give the yoga for IAS officers. Sun signifies government, hence the association of Sun to any of the above combinations will give promotions in government ranks. If Mercury is also with Sun then it gives administration skills which is required to build policies, taking part in government decisions and becoming chief officer ranks.

It is always important to study the relationship of Sun with the combination of Mars and Saturn. If there is a malefic influence or if they are in enemical signs then the effect of the combination will result in the native using his courage and skills against the government.

Rahu is like Saturn and Ketu is like Mars, hence they are also important to be seen in the above combinations. However since they are shadowy planets it usually gives a profession of a secret nature like an undercover agent, spy, detective, underhand dealings, secret operations, guerilla warfare etc.
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