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Astrological Yogas for Imprisonment

Last Updated: 3/3/2011 1:39:03 PM

astrology yoga imprisonment

By Suchitra Das

It is a proven fact that planetary combinations are indicative of whether one would go to jail or would be put behind the bar in his lifetime. The bad planetary combinations are also responsible for one’s long hospitalization. Confinement in true sense implies the period when one is incapable of or made incapacitated of moving freely and unable to live a normal life due to the imposing circumstances beyond one’s own control, which precisely denotes imprisonment and prolonged hospitalization.

It is also always not the fact that only guilty is put behind the bar. Some time innocents are also put behind the bar on the basis of false and fabricated charges against them and later on acquitted by the Hon’ble Court of Justice after finding no fault with them. The theoretical aspect goes like this. But, they have to suffer the trauma and humiliations for none of their fault. Similar is the case with the people who met with accidents for none of their fault such as, innocent passengers of an ill fated bus or a person seriously injured by a speeding vehicle, but has to suffer the pain of wounds and prolonged hospitalization, which is nothing but most distressing and a period of confinement with utter haplessness.

I astrologically believe that these are simply the result of our past misdeeds and denoted by the utter weakness or affliction to the 5th house (the house of Poorva Punya) of our horoscope vis-à-vis the weakness of Jupiter leading to the delineation of Bandhan Yoga (planetary combinations for confinement) in our compact Horoscope by the All-Powerful Almighty God. I, therefore, always in the habit of advising everybody to live a very simple, honest and selfless life, which is, in turn, proved to be completely harmless life for others and totally shun the vices like anger, lust, greed and false/inflated egos, cheating and violence. Retreating from promises and pledges are also vices. This can be termed as deceitfulness and a worst deed in the Court of Almighty God.  The weakness of Saturn denotes the extent of suffering in our life. More the weakness of Saturn more would be the suffering in ascending order. Rahu throws the false blame on the head of innocents. 12th house is the house for imprisonment or confinement in hospital. More the affliction or weakness to the 12th house, the lengthier would be the period of confinement (jail/hospitalization).  Following are a few planetary combinations for leading to confinement in jail as under trial or through prolonged hospitalization.

  • The culprit planets are Saturn-Mars-Rahu and their combination either through aspects or conjunction;
  • The culprit houses in a Natal Chart are 6-8-12 and their lords.
  • Rahu and Saturn is the branded Satan and Mars (the source of row energy) made out a beast from this combination, which indulge in violence and mass killings and find pleasure in it. No religion or philosophy teaches violence.
  • Rahu – Mars, Rahu – Saturn, Saturn – Mars combination especially, in 10th house without any strong benefic influences produce dreaded criminals or anti-socials.
  • Bandhan Yoga also takes place if Ascendant Lord is combust and Sun debilitated (applicable for Libra Ascendant) denoting prolonged hospitalization in the period and sub period of evil and weak planets.
  • 6th lord and Ascendant Lord conjunction in a Quadrant or Trine house of a horoscope with Saturn and Rahu also cause suffering due to confinement mainly through hospitalization or imprisonment.
  • 6th lord and 8th lord combined in a Quadrant or Trine house of a horoscope with Saturn and Rahu may lead to fatal accident and prolonged hospitalization. Some time this evil yoga leads to amputation of one’s limb as a last resort of life saving measure.
  • Combine influence of 6th lord and Saturn on Ascendant or Ascendant Lord. Death like suffering due to unnecessary humiliation, pecuniary loss, living a sedentary life in a condition of utter helplessness, which is nothing more than a confinement and a period of utter distress. Health problem and imprisonment due to inability to repay the debts for utter financial insolvency.
  • Rahu in 12th house prompt a person to spend all his thrifts in the means of vices like developing the compulsive habits of alcoholic consumption. Rahu when influence Moon makes a person compulsive drunkard leading him to a situation of bankruptcy through drinking or other immoral means. If Mars join this combination, it will reduce a person to a beast devoid of any moral value.
  • Any evil planetary combination having participation of Mars would make him violent in expression of his sadistic pleasure.
  • Rahu – Mars – Saturn in mutual quadrants emanates strong indication for imprisonment.
  • 6th lord – 8th lord and Rahu combine linkages with 12th house or its lord sends one to jail.
  • Saturn – Mars – Rahu (any two) associated in a Trika house with a Trika lord expose the chances of unnatural death due to fire, explosion, etc.
  • Ketu associated with 10th lord in a Trika House is one of the worst combinations for life, career and stability.

But, the result of these evil yogas varies from individual to individual cases. In case, the Saturn and Mars are Yoga Karaka planets, then there would be a variation in the adverse result. Similarly, if the Trika house is not the Mooltrikona house or the Trika house is not the Mooltrikona house of the Trika Lord, still there would be variation in the result. An aspect of unsullied benefics like Jupiter, Venus, unafflicted Mercury and strong Moon on the evil combinations also helps to neutralize the evil effects to a large extent.

There are many more such variations, which only an expert astrologer can read and can give accurate predictions about the extent of suffering, nature of suffering, period of suffering as well as well considered remedial measures with the Division one and Trimshamsha charts (D-30) etc. But, here the suffering due to the confinement is alike for both rich and poor.  Here, the Almighty God has not kept any deviation or discrimination, as the pain and suffering of confinement is equal for all. Only way to get rid from the suffering of confinement is through our good deeds by a living a life, which should be full of help for others. One should identify himself as a generous and helping person through his humanitarian deeds amongst the vast community of living beings without any country of region bias.       


To consult astrologer Suchitra Das, please click here - Horoscope Reading by Suchitra Das



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