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Astrological Yogas for Wealth

Author: Suchitra Das | Last Updated: Sun 13 Feb 2011 6:03:09 PM

dhan yoga

By Suchitra Das

Financial opulence and richness are the most essential requirements in the life of an individual. Only a financially inadequate person can understand the suffering and the real pain of poverty, as all his dreams in life remain unfulfilled only for the single reason of paucity of money even if he is otherwise possessing a number of well-defined virtues and qualities of becoming a Good Person in him. It makes his life wretched even if he is possessing a good health.

The finances and wealth are generated through one’s profession, which includes business and service, as well as through inheritance. That is the reason; I attach so much of astrological importance in the areas of education and profession. One cannot get the chance of proper education in his childhood if his Sun and ninth house representing father is badly placed, weak and afflicted. I would discuss about this through a separate article. A strong Sun is the essential prerequisite to have proper education and rise in life through unconditional support from father. There are a number of yogas (planetary combinations) for wealth called as “Dhan Yogas” and are found prominently in the horoscopes of wealthy businessmen (Mr. K.K. Birla), industrialists (Mr. Mukesh Ambani) and capitalists (Category-A), highly elevated professionals (Category-B) as well as in high officials (Category-C).

To name a few important “Dhan Yogas” are Lakshmi Yoga, Gauri Yoga, Vasumati Yoga, rarely found Pushkala Yoga, Bheri Yoga, Chandra-Mangal Yoga, Maha Yogas, Mudrika Yoga and most commonly found Gajkesari Yoga and so on. I have mentioned only a few common Dhan Yogas; there are several more such planetary combinations for wealth, found in our priceless ancient texts. But I want to sound a line in caution in order to avoid misname for the “Divine Science of Astrology’. Now a day, lot many, astrological software are freely available in the Internet, which come as freeware and chances are that these software may even show such hugely strong Dhan Yogas in the horoscope of a financially mediocre person at a time when he may be even passing through financial trauma. What could be more than the laughing stock like this and a matter of distress!

I have come across much such software, which can better be described as astrological malware, and in a case, one such software showed Vasumati Yoga in respect of a person merely on the basis of Jupiter’s placement in the 6th house while the other important criterion to give rise to Vasumati Yoga remained unfulfilled in that case. Even best paid astrological software commits numerous mistakes in properly delineating yogas in a horoscope.

The definition of Vasumati Yoga is, I quote “When the benefic planets Jupiter, Venus and unafflicted Mercury are occupying Upachaya houses (3rd, 6th, 10th or 11th) either from Lagna or Moon, this highly strong Dhan Yoga is formed”. If Upachaya happens to be exaltation places, yoga becomes extremely powerful, while the reverse holds good if Upachaya happens to be debilitation places. Even after fulfilling all the terms and condition of a Wealth Yoga, still there are chances of variations in the benefic results in individual to individual case basis.

Only placement of Jupiter in 6th house can how become Vasumati Yoga! At the same time benefic Venus and unafflicted Mercury should also be in the Upachaya houses. There are also chances that these auspicious yogas may not work at all due to several astrological reasons like the running of adverse Dasha period; weakness of Ascendant, Moon Lagna, Indu Lagna or Sun Lagna; unfavourable yogas are at the upper hands than the Dhan Yoga; combustion of Jupiter, Mercury or Venus or their evil lordships; combustion or debilitation of 11th lord, 2nd lord, 5th lord, 9th lord or 10th lord; natural inimical relationship amongst the constituent planets forming Dhan Yogas (how you can expect a Dhan Yoga with the involvement of Mars and Saturn who are sworn enemies of each other); weakness of Nakshtra lords or weakness of the sign dispositors of the constituent planets; involvement of Trika Lords or nodes with the constituent planets, adverse placement of planets in Hora chart or Navamsa chart or Dasamasa charts and so on.

Only an expert astrologer having a long drawn knowledge and wisdom coupled with finest interpretive and analytical ability can only make out proper meaning of these yogas in a balancing manner, when there would be least chances of the failure of predictions, while contrary would be the expected features when going to wrong hands, which normally people goes for their easy availability and snapshot predictions (mostly wrong predictions).

But, what they get, rather then wasting their own hard earned money and ultimately, turning themselves into a disbeliever of the Divine Science of Astrology, while the proven fact is not so. I attribute it to one’s own misfortune for cheating others in their past lives. The dormant Dhan Yogas can even be revamped or made functional to a large extent through proper astral remedies or propitiation and that, too, only under an expert astrologer and not by a mediocre. Here is a birth chart in respect of a highly successful businessman who has several Dhan Yogas.

Astrological Yoga for Wealth and Money The native has the following unblemished Dhan Yogas in his birth chart.

1. Ruchika Yoga – The Ascendant Lord Mars in the Ascendant, which is a Kendra and his own sign.
2. Pravaat Yoga – The Ascendant Lord Mars and the 12th Lord Venus are in mutual Kendras.
3. Bheri Yoga – Lagnesh, Venus and Jupiter are in mutual Kendras with strong 9th lord Full Moon in 10th house in a friendly cusp.
4. Mudrika Yoga – Moon, Venus and Jupiter in mutual Kendra.
5. Gajkesari Yoga – Jupiter and Moon are in the mutual Kendras (quadrants).
6. Parijata Yoga – The dispositor of Ascendant Lord is Mars himself who is in Lagna, which is a Kendra and his own sign,
7. Lakshmi Yoga – Ninth Lord Moon is in friendly 10th house, which is a Kendra.
8. Chatusagara Yoga - All the Kendras from Lagna as well as Moon Rasi are occupied by benefics.

Keeping all those vast Yogas in mind along with umpteen number of astrological nitty-gritty is not a matter of joke. It is, indeed, a very difficult task for an astrologer to keep all those vast things in memory in terms of their factual definitions and put them into use while delineating a birth chart along with the Divisional Charts and Asthakavarga Table for pinpointed accurate predictions is a real time challenge. As such, my strong view is that Astrology is not the subject matter for a person having average mental ability. To become a successful astrologer, one should be exceptionally brilliant with high level of knowledge & wisdom, intelligence and analytical ability having Divine Grace.

To consult astrologer Suchitra Das, please click here - Horoscope Reading by Suchitra Das

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