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Planetry Promises for Education & Profession

Last Updated: 3/24/2011 12:12:05 PM

By Suchitra Das

Frustrations, failures, non-achievements etc. have become the way of life amongst many bright and young youths in the modern days in the filed of education and profession. The youth force is the backbone of any nation and education is the threshold to a successful career/profession.  Does the Astrology have a solution for it is the question revolves in the mind of many? The answer is, of course, in affirmative depending upon the kind of astrologer you do consult.

The education and profession mismatches often lead to a futile and unsuccessful professional career dooming the prospect of career progression in the entire life.  For an example, if a child has good planetary promises only to become a sportsperson, it is always astrologically advisable that such native should pursue and put all his attention in the field of sports and game post higher secondary level. He or she will become a successful sportsperson bringing name and fame for himself as well as for the nation as a whole.

As such, astrological counselling by an expert astrologer specialized in the filed of educational and professional astrology could become a positively oriented turning point in correct selection of the specialized branches of education for a native post higher secondary level leading to a successful career educationally and professionally. Here are some snippets about the role of the individual planets in successfully grooming oneself in different field of education having a bearing on the profession to be followed by the native subsequently.     

Sun is the natural Karaka of 5 & 9th houses and represents name, fame and authority as well as politicians and doctors. A strong or unafflicted Sun or its dispositor if in Lagna or 5th house makes one very knowledgeable.

Moon represents mind and inclination for studies. The dispositor of Moon if well placed and associated with Lagna/Lagnesh through aspect or conjunction denotes inclination of mind for studies and provides good analytical skills. In D-24, if Moon is in a fixed sign provides stable and focused mind in studies.

Mars denotes technical education, mathematics, logistic, surgery, alert mind, quick to act, scientist, investigators, discriminating power, etc. The aspect of Mars on Mercury may cause break in education or profession.

Mercury represents formal education, communication, knowledge of the uses of different languages, negotiating skills, knowledge of trade, mathematics, accountancy, etc. Who is teaching Mercury can be seen if there is a planet in trine to Mercury. If Mercury is longitudinally ahead of Sun while in the same sign makes one scholar without much financial prosperity.   But if Mercury is longitudinally behind the Sun while in the same sign, gives both educational and financial prosperity without much reasoning power. If Mercury is posited in a Trika House or in the Nakshtra of Rahu can hamper education especially, during its Period and Sub-Period.

Jupiter is the natural Karaka of 2nd, 5th and 9th houses of education. It represents knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, logic, intuition, knowledge about scriptures and prosperity. Mercury and Jupiter if related to Lagna or 5th house or with the lords of Lagna or 5th house add extra shine to the education.

Venus rules over desires, which goad us to learn. Association of Venus with Sun gives political power; with Moon fine Arts, salesmanship, sailing, etc.; and when associated with Saturn makes one tenacious to work with a single aim to achieve success in any field.

Saturn represents philosophy, tradition, spirituality, fuel, artisan and factory. It helps one to become a keen learner of spirituality, traditional science, chemical/mechanical/ instrumentation or mining engineer depending upon its strength and nature. When Saturn is lower in strength or afflicted makes one artisan or a factory worker.

Rahu represents research, mathematics, big machines – their manufacturing and trades, import, poisonous drug, leather, foreign, crime etc. and bring success in the education in the related streams depending upon its strength and disposition in the Natal, D-9 and D-24 charts.

Ketu controls over high precision small machines, computer, exports, mathematics, statistician, spirituality, trading of animals or their body parts, etc.  In educational arena, it rules over the branches and subjects broadly dealing with the above matters and provides success according to its strength and overall disposition in the Natal as well as D-Charts concerned.

As such, every planet has its individual role in the respective field of education and profession governed by it. It is, therefore, unfair to speculate that the most malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu and Ketu destroy education. The moot question and what is most important is to select the proper line of education according to the strong planetary promises in the Natal as well as in the relevant D-Charts concerned so that one should pursue the line of education, which should ultimately culminated into a successful educational/professional career.

The success or failure in achieving proper education is not due to the fault on the part of any individual planet but due to the planetary lordship, placement, strength, association, conjunction, aspects, constellation effect and most importantly the planetary periods and sub periods running during the student age vis-à-vis the planetary disposition and promises in the Divisional Charts concerned. Following are some auspicious Yogas (planetary combinations) conferring success in education. These are –

  • Budhaditya Yoga
  • Sankha Yoga
  • Saraswati Yoga
  • Parijata Yoga
  • Budh Yoga (and many more)

Even in worst-case scenario, these auspicious educational yogas provide protective cover in smooth pursuing of education with little disruptions here and there. 

Moreover, the strength and disposition of Mercury (formal education), Jupiter (knowledge and wisdom) and Moon (inclination of mind for studies) along with strength and disposition of 2nd, 4th, 5th & 9th houses are of paramount importance for success in education. Any relationship of 4th and 5th houses with the house of the horoscope representing profession determines if the education and knowledge gained would be useful for the profession and livelihood to be followed by the native or else would go futile. It could be seen sometime that, which I am quoting only as a matter of relevant examples, that some time even meritorious doctors and engineers are seen having joined Civil Services (IAS/IFS or IPS) which are mainly in the administrative field on completion of their education in highly specialized and sought after fields in medical science or engineering. This can happen due to the absence of proper link-up between the houses of their education and profession in their horoscopes. They could not make uses of the education acquired by them in the specialized fields through the dint of their hard labour and that, too, after spending hefty sum of money of their parents. There are also numerous cases where it is found that a person is not happy with the line of his profession. It can also be attributed due to the mismatches between the planetary promises for education and profession.

I astrologically believe that proper astrological consultation with an able astrologer specialized in the fields of educational and professional astrology can proved to be a panacea in sorting out such problems of frustration in career, education – profession mismatches, etc. etc subsequently. I always consider longevity, health, education and profession are the four main pillars in the life of a modern native with the high sense senar and morality playing the advisory role in the life. Other factors, which are also equally important, are peace of mind, happiness from progenies, spouse, relatives, etc. etc., but all of these stands in peripheral circumferences. A strong educational background and a successful professional career matching with the line of education make life enjoyable and successful both in terms of respect in the society as well as financial adequacy. Such natives can also deliver their best to the society and prove their acumen in the respective filed of their expertise having proper educational support.

To consult astrologer Suchitra Das, please click here - Horoscope Reading by Suchitra Das



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