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Astrology vis-à-vis Gain & Achievements

Author: Suchitra Das | Last Updated: Thu 21 Apr 2011 1:04:37 PM

By Suchitra Das

In the modern age, majority of the people put their all efforts for materialistic achievements and successes in life even at times by risking their most precious health and life. When the question of materialistic achievement and gain comes to the fore, the one thing firstly strike the mind of an astrologer is the strength of 11th house and the planetary promises emanating there from.  The high materialistic achievers have always a strong 11th house. The astrological categorization of the 11th house is in Upachaya/Cadent/Trishodaya housing groups of the horoscope. Since the 11th house mainly denotes materialistic success in life, our ancient sages lambasted the traits of 11th house because these traits (though considered to be highly positive now) act contrary to the spiritual attainment and final emancipation of the sole.

All the Kendras (quadrants) of the natural zodiac starting from Aries as the 1st house are moveable signs.  These are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The Kendras are treated to be the most auspicious houses in case of natural zodiac as well as in individual horoscopes. The Kendras are also adorned as ‘Vishnu Sthans’  (the Highest Seat in the Divine Kingdom) and only a spiritually filled emancipated soul can find a place on the feet of Lord Vishnu. This might be the reason as to why the 11th house and its lord are considered to be Bhadakesh (the opposer of spiritual attainments) for people having moveable sign as their rising Ascendant. As per classification of the signs, the moveable signs are always placed at highest realm than fixed and common signs.

Going by this analogy, the persons born with Moveable signs as their rising Ascendants are perhaps supposed to be near to the emancipation of their soul and their salvation from rebirth for a final journey to the Heaven (Vaikunthadham/Feet of Lord Vishnu) provided they could totally win over their materialistic impulses in their life. This is, of course, my own way of perceiving astrology with spirituality as in the instant case with my full faith having in rebirths or liberation of the soul as per “Karmas”.  This is the reason as to why I always keep on astrologically suggesting the people to become generous, sweet spoken as well as very helpful and sensitive for the cause of the others. I believe that such good Karmas have the capability to entirely change our destiny pattern for a smooth and pleasant one. 

Although, 11th lord is a Bhadakesh for moveable ascendants, but it equally helps native with moveable ascendants also in conferring materialistic prosperity in life depending upon its strength, placement, conjunction, etc. However, the period and sub periods of 11th lord being Bhadakesh for moveable ascendants may not produce good result from health angle provided it is, simultaneously, ill placed in D-6 (divisional chart for health, etc.), D-16 (divisional chart for vehicles – may increase the chances of accidents) and D-30 (divisional chart for assessing miseries in life, etc.). Relationship of 11th lord with 8th, 2nd or 7th houses in case of moveable ascendants even though may be capable of giving financial prosperity from inheritance, family, spouse, partnership, etc. but make one prone for sudden fatality/suffering from terminal diseases especially, during the periods and sub periods of the above lords of the houses of horoscope more-so-ever if these houses also happen to be the mooltrikona signs of the lords concerned.

It would not be exaggerated of the fact if the 11th house and its lord is defined as the highest benefic in materialistic parlance in respect of the people born with Fixed and Common signs as their rising ascendants because in respect of fixed/common sign ascendants the 11th lord is not tainted by Bhadakesh character. Here below are some narrations about the possible result according to the placement of 11th lord in the different houses of a natal horoscope.  

Likely benefic result of the placement of 11th lord in different houses in a natal horoscope
In 1st house, birth in a rich family but possibility of losing an elder brother early in life. While in 2nd house, earning through commercial, banking or friendly pursuits or in collaboration with elder brother.  In 3rd house, musicians, singers, gain through brothers, many friends and helpful neighbours. The 11th lord in 4th house indicates acquisition of immovable property, joyous life, good education, devoted and charming wife, blessing of a distinguished mother, etc.

In 5th house, gain from speculation and stock market, many good children, prosperity, success in love and romance. In 6th house, gains through maternal relatives, litigations as well as by running of hospitals and nursing homes.  The 11th lord in 7th house gives success in foreign countries and gains through marriage and partnership. If 11th lord is afflicted in 7th house, many marriages as well as enjoyment from the liaisons with the members of opposite sex are also indicated. The placement of 11th lord in 8th and 12th houses may generate very unfavourable results. 11th lord in 9th house denotes inheritance of huge paternal fortune, religious, charitable minded, many houses and the support of a huge luck and fortune in life. I astrologically believe that only hugely performed outstanding deeds without causing any harm to anybody in the life can only confers us with such auspicious yoga with the placement of 11th lord in 9th house by the Blessings of Almighty God.

However, the astrological results are always subject to variations due to several astrological factors. The 11th lord in 10th house denotes success in profession as well as easy gainful income through professions especially, if the total number of Ashtakavarga points in 11th house exceeds the number in 10th house (30 AV points and above in the minimum of the scale). The 11th lord in 11th house, which is in his own house, if aspected by Jupiter or 11th house is occupied by a benefic Jupiter keep the promises to make one multi-billionaires as well as gain through elder coborns.

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