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Astrological Importance of Dasha - Antardasha

Author: S N Rao | Last Updated: Thu 17 Nov 2011 7:54:50 PM

dasha, antardasha

By S N Rao

The entire world lives on hope. Everybody is eager to know what is in store for him, however well placed he may be. Astrology is a science that can tackle or cover any walks of life within the limitations imposed. Today Astrology occupies a dignified place due to selfless efforts of stalwarts. If by force of circumstances, you will have to leave your birth-place and have to face a series of calamities, you will lose hope and then you will consult an astrologer. He will tell you that you were undergoing a bad period or Dasha and that you will have a brighter period with the commencement of certain Dasha which will bring you hope.

Raja yoga and fine combinations will fail to work if they are without strength and proper Dasha do not operate in your life-time. The Dasha of a planet identical in all respects is sometimes seen producing quite opposite results in different charts. While a native enjoys a happy, contented, prosperous and luxurious life during the period of Moon another is confronted with all difficulties, losses and painful experiences during the same period of the Moon. When one goes deep in to the subject in an effort to find out the reasons for this difference in the results of the same Dasha one comes to understand that planets in different nakshatra (constellation) and in different sub may produce different effects. Acting along this line, a wise astrologer can find a clear cut path that will safely lead to accurate predictions.

The twelve bhavas show different areas of life, each comprising various issues. In this scheme the concept of studying 'bhavas from the bhava' or treating a house as the focal point and reckoning the houses from this house, is understood and interpreted. Bhavat Bhavam is a principle through which one can see the manifestation of house results. The planet whose dasha period is active will influence those matters and it has control of which house it is placed, the houses that he represents, the nakshatra that it is placed and the sign lord of the nakshatra wherein it is placed. The effects will be modified according to the aspects it has. The results will be according to the placement of the planet in the sub. The transit of the planet helps to manifest the positive or negative events to the native.

One of the method as explained in the ancient texts is to treat the dasha rashi as lagna, and judge from it the placement of planets.

  • Benefic planets in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 10th and 12th are auspicious; malefic planets are not.
  • Malefic planets in 3rd and 6th are auspicious; benefic planets are not.
  • Any planet in 9th or 11th is auspicious.
  • The individual results of dasha planets can be understood as follows.
  • Benefic planets in the dasha rashi will give direction, ideals / name, fame and happiness. Malefic planets in the rashi are highly inauspicious; causing disorders of the intellect, situations not conducive towards mental growth, unless they are well placed as far as the sign is concerned.
  • Malefic planets should not be in both the fifth and ninth houses from lagna, as this can cause bondage or a feeling of bondage, especially if equal amount of malefic planets are in these houses. If only the ninth house has planets, the result is not bad.
  • Malefic planets in the second or eighth houses will give monetary strain and bad loans respectively. Benefic planets are auspicious here.
  • Malefic planets in the third or sixth houses will give an aggressive posture leading to success in arguments and fights unless the malefic planets are debilitated in rashi or navamsa. Benefic planets will give defeat and a path towards spirituality unless debilitated in rashi or navamsa, where they will give material prosperity.
  • Any planets in the ninth and eleventh houses will protect the native and give wealth. If these houses are the badhaka sthana, then the planets posited can give very evil results. Planets in the ninth house will also indicate the nature of one's study during the dasha.
  • Malefies in the fourth will cause change of home or moving away from home during the dasha. Benefic planets will do otherwise.
  • Benefic planets in the fifth will give supporters and blessings from children / followers. Malefic planets will do otherwise and can hurt one's supporters/ children/ followers.
  • The seventh house from dasha rashi shows the desires of the native and this desire will indicate what direction the native moves in life i.e. a person with Saturn in seventh from dasha rashi will have few desires, will be lazy and will sleep late.
  • Malefic planets in the tenth house from dasha rashi are not conducive towards good career growth; instead, they will cause bad name and destroy ones work. Rahu in the tenth can however specifically take one on pilgrimages. Benefic planets are preferred here for material success.
  • Benefic planets are preferred in the twelfth house, instead of malefic planets, as they will form subha yoga on the dasha rashi and give good sleep and expenses on good deeds.
  • The malefic/ benefic nature of the planet is very important in deciding the fruits of the dasha. These effects of treating the dasha sign as lagna become prominent especially in the portion of the dasha - antardasha associated with the sign.

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