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Astrology & Importance of Divisional Charts

Author: Suchitra Das | Last Updated: Wed 23 Feb 2011 3:10:07 PM

By Suchitra Das

The Divisional Charts in Astrology assume great and larger importance for horoscope analysis according to Vedic system. The Divisional Chart is also called as Varga Chart. The credit for success of Vedic astrology over all other systems available in the present world goes in no small measures to the system of harmonic Vargas or divisional charts. Kalyan Verma (Saravali 3.12) opines that Vargas provide complete knowledge on the Bhavas, without which it is impossible to take even a step into the Divine Science of Astrology. The Vargas holds the key to predictions and delineating a horoscope for a comprehensive analysis. In a delicate event of making astrological predictions about natives of twin birth, whose birth chart and some times even Navamsa are identical, pose a great challenge to all the astrologers. To all such queries the Varga system is the answer. In the golden age of Vedic astrology, no prediction was given without consulting relevant Varga.  The astrological predictions made in haste merely on the basis of Natal Chart (can be denoted as D-1 also) without consulting the relevant Vargas cannot be flawless. A number of astrologers following Vedic system of astrology do make their predictions only on the basis of Natal Chart (D-1) either out of their ignorance or limited knowledge or paucity of time as the case may be with them. Such predictions are always incomplete and at times misguiding, too.

I have come across several cases where a benefic planet is exalted in the Natal Chart (D-1) but debilitated in the respective Divisional Chart fails to give any benefic result in respect of the signification represented by the planet concerned. Take the cases of professional matter or marital affairs. The professional matter is normally seen from the 10th house of a Natal Chart (D-1). Suppose, the ruler of 10th house is exalted in a Natal Chart (D-1) and your astrologer without consulting the relevant Varga Chart has predicted that you have a great luck with regard to your profession, such prediction in all probability is likely to fail and misguiding for you if the same planet is debilitated in D-10 chart (Dasamasa chart). Now, take the example of marriage, which is another important area in the life of human beings. The marriage is normally seen from the 7th house of a horoscope. Suppose, the lord of the 7th house is exalted in your Natal Chart (D-1) and afflicted or debilitated or in evil houses in D-9, D-4 and D-30 charts, you would have delayed marriage and your married life would be a troublesome one for you. The analysis of Kundli made by the conventional astrologers is nothing but making predictions merely on the basis of Natal Chart (D-1) as can be seen in most of the cases.  The skipping of divisional charts in horoscope analysis or without having thorough and adequate knowledge of divisional charts on the part of an astrologer may lead to wrong predictions. The astrological predictions given merely on the basis of only one chart viz. Natal chart cannot be considered to be complete and foolproof. 

What is Vargas? The zodiac is consisting of 360 degrees or divided into 12 signs of approximately 30 degrees each. Each sign is further subdivided into number of generally equal divisions, wherein the position of each planet is mapped in each Amsa (Vargas/Divisions) accordingly. These are called Divisional Charts (D-Charts) or Vargas. Each Varga represents a specific aspect of a native’s life, like wealth, education, marriage, love affairs, children, profession, etc. Maharishi Parashar says that Lord Brahma has described 16 kinds of divisions (Vargas) for each sign. These are –

a) Rasi (D-1) – Each house is equivalent of a sign or 30 degrees;

b) Hora (D-2) – Half of a sign (15 degrees) is a Hora denoting wealth. What a great importance in one’s life?
c) Drekkana (D-3) – Each sign is divided into three equal parts of 10 degrees each signifying co-borns. An important chart by itself.
d) Chaturthamsha (D-4) – Each house is of one fourth of a sign or 7.30 minutes each signifying luck, childhood and property. Now try to understand the huge importance of this divisional chart in your life.

e) Panchamsha (D-5) – It is a meaningful divisional chart for bureaucrats and politicians as it denotes power and authority of a native. 

f) Saptamsha (D-7) – Here each house is of one seventh of a sign each signifying progeny. Only a childless couple can understand the pain and agony of not having child of their own.

g) Ashtamsha (D-8) – Yet another important chart for those like research scholars, such people who are afraid of dismissal and demotion in their services/professions due to obvious reasons as may be known to them, wants to go to far off place in search of luck and for those who are desirous for inheritance. Problems arising in these areas can be addressed with the help of this divisional chart.  

h) Navamsa (D-9) – Most popular divisional chart. It is one-ninth of a sign and signifies spouse, married life and general strength of planets. Think about the huge value of this chart in your life.

i) Dasamasa (D-10) – One of the most sought after chart in one’s life. It represents your profession, which is simply your life, and nothing can be more important than it.

j) Ekadasamsa (D-11) – This divisional chart is an extension of 11th house of Rasi Chart indicating all types of gains, success and progress. Some expert astrologers study the extent of success in speculation, which include stock markets, commodity markets and unearned money like through inheritance, lottery, gifts and prizes.  A strong 11th house in comparison to 10th house is a blessing for person or a strong D-11 division in comparison to D-10 division is a blessing for a person to enjoy the unearned wealth. But it is not the subject matter of an ordinary astrologer but only a learned and expert astrologer can find meaning in it and help his client accordingly.

k) Dwadamasha (D-12) – Each division is of one twelfth of a sign signifying parents. This divisional chart is also studied to ascertain the wealth and longevity of your parents (your most beloved one) and overall most valuable inheritance from them. The Almighty God comes down to you through this chart in the shape of your parents and shower His unconditional Blessings on you as per your past Karma.

l) Shodasamsha (D-16) – Here each house of one sixteenth of a sign signifying vehicles, luxuries and happiness. Your vehicle would always meet with accident if your D-16 chart were not supportive to you. Before buying a car consult an expert astrologer having full and adequate knowledge of analysing your luck for conveyance. An expert astrologer in divisional chart is capable of suggesting you the lucky registration number for your car, its colour, etc. and so on.

m) Chaturvimsamsha (D-24) – Each division is of 1/24th of a sign signifying higher education, intellect and academic achievements. No body can ignore the importance of this divisional chart for proper grooming oneself educationally, which is literally a threshold in the professional arena. One can never be successful by wrong choice of the line for higher education.   The importance of proper analysis of D-10 (professional matter) and D-24 (post higher secondary level education & training) assumed greater significance in this age of mounting unemployment amongst the educated youth. 

n) Trimshamsha (D-30) – Here five planets enjoying rulership of two signs each controls five unequal parts of a sign. The luminaries and life givers Sun and Moon have been excluded from any rulership in this divisional chart for obvious astrological reasons. This Sub Division signifies misfortunes and sufferings in a native’s life including painful and incurable diseases and astrological remedies thereon.  D-30 is the higher form of D-6 chart, which is analysed by an expert astrologer to mitigate the sufferings of illness, etc. from one’s life.

o) There are still many more divisional charts in Vedic Astrology like D-20, D-27, D-40, D-45, D-60, etc., which have their own importance at their own places and are used by an expert astrologer for reaching to a finest conclusion about the achievement of a person at higher planes. These divisional charts are not important at materialist parlance in the modern age context.

There are many more tinny and small macro astrological details most useful for arriving at a finest conclusion by an expert astrologer.  Correct and pinpointed predictions depend on the vastness of the knowledge of astrology on the part of the astrologer and his accurate analytical ability and nothing beyond it. Wish you all the best.


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