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Calendar 2022: List of all Holidays in India in 2022

Author: Vijay Pathak | Last Updated: Thu 30 Sep 2021 10:12:27 AM

Calendar 2022 Calendar 2022 - This AstroCAMP special page consists of all the lists of all the primary and secondary calendars crucial to us. As a country, we have always been a bunch of diverse people. India is not just a home to a single community, religion and culture. Many religions and cultures coexist here peacefully. Needless to say, there would be many festivals and events which would be a part of each culture and religion. How do we figure out which festival is crucial to which religion, state or community?

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Hence for everyone’s convenience, we have brought to you the list of all important calendars for the year 2022. Bank or public, Islamic or Hindu, we have covered all the major calendar 2022 lists. Scroll down for more details and to know more about the calendar 2022.

Bank Holidays 2022

Bank Holidays in 2022 in India are a certain list of public holidays sorted by the State Government, Central Government, and Union Territories. They are especially designed for banks and other financial institutions. The Bank Holidays are declared under the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881.

Click Here to Get the Full List of Bank Holidays 2022 (insert link)

Public Holidays 2022

As it has already been mentioned and each and every one of us is aware of the diverse nature of our country. So, the list of Public holidays in India 2022 would consist of a variety of occasions, festivals and events, which stand for the cultural enigma of the people who hail from various religious, cultural, geographical backgrounds and communities.

Click Here to Get the Full List of Public Holidays 2022(insert link)

Chinese Calendar 2022

We have also made a prerogative to include a list of the Chinese Holidays and Chinese Festivals of the year 2022. It has been done because many are seen here following the Chinese horoscopes and even the cultures. In China, public holidays are declared on 7 festivals which arrive in a year and they are - New Year’s Day, Chinese New year, Qingming Festival, May Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and National Day. Along with these holidays, some other important days like Women's Day and Youth Day are widely celebrated in China.

Click Here to Get the Full List of Chinese Calendar 2022(insert link)

Telugu Calendar 2022

Telugu Calendar 2022 also contains the list of major Indian festivals 2022, which are quite dear to the people belonging to the Telugu culture and community. Along with this, it also declares the list of certain 2022 Telugu festivals and observances which are specific only for Telugu folks. So, go ahead and click on the link below to get a full fledged view of the Telugu Calendar 2022.

Click Here to Get the Full List of Telugu Calendar 2022(insert link)

Tamil Calendar 2022

Tamil Calendar 2022 or Pournami 2022 consists of the list of many fasts and festivals which are quite dear to the Tamil speaking population. Perhaps it is one of the most important aspects of their life. So, in this article today on Tamil Calendar 2022 in English, let us go through some of the important fasts and festivals and the holidays list which Tamil people would want to know with regards to 2022.

Click Here to Get the Full List of Tamil Calendar 2022(insert link)

Jain Calendar 2022

Jain festivals 2022, to be followed thoroughly by the people of Jain religion and culture. Also, in the upcoming sections of this blog, we will be discussing some of the important trivia and facts associated with Jain religion and of course the Jain Calendar 2022 and its constituents.

Click Here to Get the Full List of Jain Calendar 2022(insert link)

Islamic Calendar 2022

The Muslim holidays 2020 calendar complete list includes many festivals and occasions which are quite crucial for the followers of Islam. Such natives believe in the existence of one God, the supreme one, whom they regard as Allah. In the current time, there are over one billion people who follow this religion devotedly, which makes it the second largest religious community.

Click Here to Get the Full List of Islamic Calendar 2022(insert link)

Printable Calendar 2022

Printable calendar 2022 will carry all the detailed information on public holidays, bank holidays, religious holidays and various other fasts and festivals which would be a part of 2022.

Click Here to Get the Full List of Printable Calendar 2022(insert link)

Hindu Calendar 2022

Hindu Calendar 2022 would perhaps be one of the most delighted aspects of calendar 2022. Hinduism is undoubtedly one of the most widely popular religions in India. Many Gods, festivals and events are a part of this religion and culture. In such a circumstance, it becomes difficult to sort things one after another in an organized manner and perhaps with Hindu Calendar 2022, we get this perfect opportunity to do so.

Click Here to Get the Full List of Hindu Calendar 2022(insert link)

Indian Calendar 2022

Indian Calendar 2022 is also another important constituent of Indian Calendar 2022. All the major religious, cultural, state wise and other holidays find a place in this calendar. Irrespective of any state or religious differences, this calendar includes what is very crucial to the entire population of the country.

Click Here to Get the Full List of Hindu Calendar 2022(insert link)

Moon Phases Calendar 2022

Moon Phases Calendar would be the most important constituent of Calendar 2022 because Chandrama or the Moon holds high regards to the people of India. To commemorate any festival or event, many folks seek the timings of the Moon. For your better understanding, we have provided to you the full fledged timings of all Moon phases during 2022.

Get the Full List of Moon phases Calendar 2022 (insert link)

So, this was all about Calendar 2022. May you have a blessed and prosperous year ahead!

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