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Cancer Horoscope 2017 Forecast

Author: - | Last Updated: Wed 7 Dec 2016 5:09:53 PM

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June 22nd to July 21st

A feminine water sign, ruled by feminine watery planet Moon, Cancer is a Cardinal sign, represented by Crab. The fourth sign, Cancer borns are considered the growing children of the Zodiac wheel. Feeling a special connection with home, mother and family and identifying deeply with them, Cancerians reluctantly leave their homes to interact with the outside world. Reflecting the waxing and waning phases of their ruler Moon, the moody, clinging but deeply caring Cancerians react with I FEEL.

Being a Cardinal sign feminine sign, Cancerians love to lead and initiate, but not in an overt manner. They cover their near and dear ones with a blanket of care, concern and security. In 2017, Cancer is forming a Square (4-10) with Jupiter in Libra, a 6-8 vibrational pattern with Saturn in Sagittarius, an opposition (1-7) with Pluto in Capricorn, a Trine (5-9) with Neptune in Pisces, and a Square (4-10) with Uranus in Aries. As the year draws to a close, Cancer forms a Trinal (5-9) vibration with Jupiters ingress into Scorpio and an opposition (1-7) with Saturns entry into Capricorn.

Cancer Horoscope 2017 for January

Cancerians start the year with relationships showing signs of conflict, leading to friction at home and pressure in the work front, according to Cancer Predictions for 2017. The Square between lord of 6th Jupiter in airy Libra and lord of 8th Uranus in fiery Aries escalates minor irritation and differences of opinion into full-blown conflagration. If Cancer borns keep personal and official separate and not mix one thing with the other, then situation will be tolerable. Pluto as 5th lord in 7th is beneficial in helping transform fledgling romances into potential commitments and contractual relationships. Cancerian earnings are showing trends towards increased spending in marriage and on marital partners, rather than in investments and savings. Saturn as 7th lord in 6th and retrograde Mercury influencing 7th Capricorn are causing disruption and miscommunication in business or personal relationships. It can also keep the Cancer borns preoccupied with health worries of their partners.

Cancer Horoscope 2017 for February

This month will see many Cancerians involved in faith and spirituality related activities, not individually but affiliated to big groups. A few Cancer borns can also be passionately connected to gender-related issues, as part of their higher academic pursuits. The Lunar Eclipse occurring in the 2nd week of February focuses on problems connected to finances in joint holdings or joint ownership. If not managed at the initial level, then these issues can be blown out of proportion and get out of control. Some Cancer borns will also introspect and reflect on minor irritants faced at home and try sorting out personal issues. This introspection will also extend to their workplace and due to Mars and Venus joining Uranus in Aries, a multi-pronged approach towards resolution of problems will be initiated.

Cancer Horoscope 2017 for March

Cancerians this month will go all out to fulfil their dreams and aspirations connected to higher education. Some will also go abroad to pursue higher studies. A few will actively consider religious studies while some may be very actively associated with religious institutions or charitable organisations in their day to day activities. Public engagements, new business associations, and renewed professional contracts top this months to do list of Cancer borns. A few agreements or documents connected to profession will also be revisited or redrawn, with fresh set of opportunities and possibilities. Health of the spouse will be the worrying factor and so are unattended personal relationships. Cancerians also need to be wary of the verbal and nonverbal communication signals that they are emitting in their work spaces creating a terse and tense situation.

Cancer Horoscope 2017 for April

Homely Cancerians will turn into social butterflies in the first half of the month, with outings and partying occupying top slots. Career front is also hectic but rewarding, with the long-awaited promotion materializing for many Cancer borns. Aries placed Sun in Trine with Saturn will ensure proper channelising of solar energy at the work front, while Pluto squaring Uranus, Venus and Sun in Aries will teach the unwilling Cancerians to take corrective steps in transforming their work styles and attitudes. For those in business, a financially rewarding period. Some business contacts will mature into close personal associations with friendship and open style of communication fast-forwarding this arrangement. The latter part of the month will find the moody Cancerians shying from friendly interactions and staying away from social engagements.

Cancer Horoscope 2017 for May

Good month concerning professional life, with Cancer borns enjoying themselves and entertaining people around them. Taking life at its own pace, they will also not insist on their own agenda at home too. Though life seems to be on a slow motion, Cancerians do not mind as preceding months of hectic activity and busy work and social schedule had taken heavy toll on physical health and mental balance. They may need to take stock of their health and fitness regimen. Slowing down, going down-memory-lane, being retrospective, introspective and reflective - these can sum up Cancerian internal journey for this month. Relationships will experience ebb and flow and romantic notions and ideas will be replaced by cool logic and pragmatism.

Cancer Horoscope 2017 for June

Health issue will remain impinging on the subconscious, but will come to the forefront as the month progresses. The latter part of the month is excellent from the point of view of finance and Cancer borns will show active interest in investments. But it is advisable for those in business not to invest in fresh projects as things may not materialize the way they had originally visualized. The latter part of the month may see Cancerians turning to spirituality and faith, as the Sun, Mars, Mercury combination in opposition to Pluto may cause emotional-flares and cold war in intimate relationships. Some Cancerians will take a legal recourse to end their marriages, while others will engage in plenty of re-thinking on their business partnerships and call-off prospective joint ventures at the last moment.

Cancer Horoscope 2017 for July

Neptune involved in a Trinal relationship with Sun, Mars and Mercury will be a boon for the Cancer borns who are affiliated with religious institutions as preachers, teachers and promoters. Even if they are not associated with institutions or organizations involved in promotion of faith, Cancerians will find themes connected with spirituality intriguing and interesting. Some Cancerians may go on an extensive travel, needing a change of atmosphere from unhappy relationships. Moneywise, more expenditure than income is indicated this month. Healthwise, Cancerians will be in top form, brimming with vitality. People holding Public Offices will achieve acclaim and those involved in Social Welfare and Volunteering will receive appreciation. Academically inclined Cancerians, pursuing courses on public relations, communications, and media management will perform well and come out with flying colours.

Cancer Horoscope 2017 for August

The twin eclipses occurring this month will have long-term financial, health, and professional implications for Cancer borns. Sun lord of 2nd Leo conjunct Mars lord of 10th Aries in Leo, in a sextile with Jupiter in 4th Libra, and forming a trine with Uranus 8th lord in Aries and Saturn 7th lord in 6th Sagittarius, is creating fresh set of possibilities in the areas related to profession, partnerships, relationships, finance, social status, public dealings and personal affairs. Cancerians involved in family businesses will decide to part ways and those working solo will make a decision to join the mainstream family enterprise. Health, in particular emotional well-being, is one more vulnerable area requiring personal care and attention. Some Cancer borns may have to contend with legal issues related to their property, but the sextile between Saturn and Jupiter will help them tide over this crisis with minimum financial damage.

Cancer Horoscope 2017 for September

Cancerians open this months balance sheet with carry forwards from last month. This will exclusively apply to finance and family relationships. Some aspects of financial dealings may have to be re-worked with partners and collaborators. In the initial days, Cancer borns may need to be on high alert concerning the communication signals that they send out to their near and dear ones in the family. Possibilities of misinterpretation are very high. It would be better if Cancerians ignore the small but irksome skirmishes, since explaining will stretch and complicate matters further. As the month progresses, peace will reign supreme and Cancer borns will enjoy the company of their family and friends over food, fun and frolic. Venus in trine with Uranus and in sextile with Jupiter will open new avenues for income generation and Cancerians will end the month on a high with rainbow-hued hopes of a great financial future.

Cancer Horoscope 2017 for October

Aggressive communication is the keyword for this month, as Cancerians go all out to promote their business ventures and products. This vigorous and energetic campaign will prove to be a boon for career minded Cancerians, as they reach their peak performance in their chosen profession. For a few Cancerians, their home front will experience constant flux with renovations or relocations. The second half of the month will bring in sudden good news for those expecting romance and intimacy in their relationships. For Cancerians involved in real-estate business of buying and selling, this is boom time, and for those working on freelance projects or home-based enterprise or ventures it is highly favourable phase. Work related travel is also on the cards. Time is beneficial for formation and cultivation of new associations, both personal and professional.

Cancer Horoscope 2017 for November

Cancerians will do tight-rope walking, balancing a busy work front and demanding home life. They will also be involved with hectic behind the scene activities and sorting out irritants and frictions that would unexpectedly crop up in their relationships. Some Cancer borns will experience problems that come unannounced into their romantic life. Venus conjunct Jupiter in 5th Scorpio and forming a sextile with Pluto in 7th Capricorn will trigger events that set into motion deep transformation within the psyche of Cancerians. It is a month of intense emotional churning leading to sea-change in the way Cancerians have been viewing and approaching their intimate personal life. Neptune forming trinal relationship with Jupiter and Venus gives a philosophical twist to the varied emotional experiences that the Crabs undergo this month.

Cancer Horoscope 2017 for December

The philosophical intonation given by Trinal relationship between Neptune in 9th Pisces with Jupiter in 5th Scorpio gathers momentum with the entry of Mars in Scorpio conjunct Jupiter. Though high on vitality and energy, Cancerians will have various health issues concerning their abdomen and reproductive parts. Some Cancer borns will have strong differences with the authority at home and also in office. Elderly Cancerians need to be tolerant of youngsters raising the flag against them. This clash may take a serious turn in their professional spheres and many Cancerians will be making a clean break from their existing professional commitments in order to begin afresh. Uranus in Aries in a Trinal relationship with Saturn, Sun, Mercury and Venus combination in Sagittarius will result in a radical shift in lifestyles for many Cancerians.

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