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Chinese Horoscope 2019 - Year of the Pig Fortune

Author: - | Last Updated: Fri 21 Sep 2018 4:19:55 PM

Chinese Horoscope 2019 Chinese New Year in 2019 begins on 5th February, Tuesday and ends on 24th January, 2020. The Pig occupies 12th position in the Chinese astrology. If you are born in 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031, then you are a “Pig Chinese Zodiac native”. The year of the Earth Pig 2019 comes before the year of the Metal Rat (2020) and after the Year of the Earth Dog (2018).

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Chinese Horoscope 2019: Year of the Earth Pig

In 2019, the 12 Chinese zodiac signs are expected to give you a joyous year. The atmosphere will be filled with festivities and happiness all around but, we should not let ourselves get away with the promises of happy wind. Here is a sneak peek of Chinese Horoscope 2019, that gives you an insight of how 2019 will show the feeling of abundance and lightness.

Year of the Earth Pig 2019 will show results such as weak budget management, financial or monetary losses, and at the same time abundant joy and happiness. Hence, because of Earth’s element present under Yin polarity, the Chinese horoscope has an effect of stabilizing the ephemeral energies in Year of the Earth Pig 2019.

Chinese Zodiac: Chinese New Year 2019

Rat 2019 will bring positivity and happiness in your lives.
Ox It is a good year for Ox. A time to bag new opportunities and financial benefits.
Tiger Those who take birth in this zodiac sign need to do what please them. This year is more like a learning experience for you.
Rabbit An amazing year is eagerly for you. This year turns out to be a bit more friendly than usual, you will make new friends.
Dragon The calmness of Pig will bring a lot of reconsiderations.
Snake In 2019, you’ll show traits such as persuasive and combative
Horse The year of the Pig is turn out to be more beneficial than the Dog Year 2018!
Goat All your desires get fulfilled and ambitions turn real in the upcoming year, 2019. This year comes with a matter of chance.
Monkey 2019 is a year of matter of chance
Rooster If you want to make 2019, the best year of your life, then try to make your relationship stronger and healthier. It’s the time you need to pay attention on your relationships with others, if you want to attain success in life.
Dog As per Chinese Horoscope, the success of upcoming year 2019 will depend only on your efforts and actions.

As per Chinese Horoscope, 2019 is yours. First you need to set your goals and priorities and then, you gotta put efforts to achieve them. The time you start pushing your limits is the time you start achieving the results.

Lucky Numbers, Days & Colors in the Year of the Earth Pig

Lucky Colors: brown, yellow, golden, gray

Lucky Days: 2nd, 7th, 10th and 11th day of every month of the Chinese calendar

Lucky Directions: Northeast and Southeast

Lucky Numbers: 4, 6, 8

Love Compatibility for Earth Year 2019

As per Chinese Horoscope 2019, the Pig is one of the modest and sincere zodiac signs. The natural traits make him irresistible for Rabbit, Dog, Tiger and Goat natives. After a great research, it has been observed that the pig natives are devoted to their love ones, and hence, they can maintain a healthy and strong relationship with their partners. This is the only reason why pig natives are appreciated by the Rat, Monkey, Horse and Ox natives.

It has been observed that the friction and and long-lasting issues might occur between the Rooster, Snake and Dragon and Pig natives. The love matters between these zodiac signs are temporary.


Dragon, Snake, Pig and Goat Zodiac Signs

  • They risk being out of shape.
  • There will a handful of things to reserve their energy, but the energy get depleted from time to time.
  • They allow themselves few days of rest and, then they will be ready to hit the benchmark.
  • Remedy: Place a green aventurine hand carved laughing buddha in the bedroom to absorb negative energies and to keep anxiety at bay.

Rat, Ox, Dog, and Monkey Zodiac Signs

  • They will feel nervousness during this year.
  • The natives of these zodiac signs should not allow their energy to be channeled in wrong direction such as stress or insomnia.
  • Remedy: Place a Feng Shui Tortoise in the western corner of your house to maintain the balanced state. It would be helpful for sports practice on a regular basis and to keep stress and insomnia at bay.

Tiger, Rooster, Horse and Rabbit Zodiac Signs

  • They will have an extraordinary energy level all throughout this 2019.
  • These natives should not overestimate their strength.
  • Remedy: Place a bamboo in the west zone of your house or office to attract positive energy and draw health, wealth and happiness in your homely place and office space.


Rat, Pig, Rabbit, and Dog Zodiac Signs

  • This 2019 seems to be favorable for people who are single
  • Those who are marred become more loving and passionate towards their partners
  • Those who already in a relationship are suggested to place Mandarin Ducks on their nightstands. The Mandarin Ducks represent devotion, love, romance and partner’s loyalty.

Snake, Ox, Tiger, and Monkey Zodiac Signs

  • 2019 is very auspicious for the married couples
  • If face difficult, then you can wear this Feng Shui remedy i.e. Wear the mystic knot, also known as the lucky knot or the love knot to add spark to your relationship

Dragon, Rooster, Goat, and Horse Zodiac Signs

  • Those who are involved in relationships might face tough time this 2019.
  • If you are having a tough time in your marriage, then you are requested to follow the feng shui remedy mentioned above.
  • Place a pair of swans in a well-lit corner of your home. It should be infused with a good chi energy, so that everyone will get the positive energy of the swans.

Feng Shui in the Year of the Earth Pig

As per Chinese horoscope 2019, the ruling Tai Sui is Xie Tai. In the year of the Earth Pig, the position of Tai Sui is at North West 3. For Chinese New Year 2019, there are many Feng Shui remedies that are suggested for maintaining a good relationship with Tai Sui.

You are suggested to place a Pi Yao statue in the southeast direction to keep bad luck at bay. There are a handful of figurines and bracelets with pigs containing different crystals, are said to be lucky in the Year of the Earth Pig 2019. Those who wear them are likely to attract more health, wealth and happiness in the coming year.

Your Tai Sui can attract illness and bad luck if, you won’t wear pigs containing bracelets. Those who want to achieve success in their lives and wish to attain high job opportunities are requested to observe pigs containing bracelets and figurines.

Baby Born in the Year of Pig

The child born in the Pig year will have the traits of honesty, determination, loyalty and trustworthiness. He/she will never complain about any sort of trouble or difficulty. It is advisable to give them support in whichever task he/she will do. The child will be a good manager and handle all the tasks with great dedication and hard work. He or she will be efficient in making strategies.

The Woman Born in the Pig Year

The woman born in the Pig year will infuse with extraordinary skills. She will be a good housewife and a perfect organizer, she takes good care of her husband and children, which in turn shows her qualities. She faces every struggle and protects everyone in the family.

The Man Born in the Pig Year

The adult born in the Pig year represents various traits such as bravery, honesty, generosity and genteel behavior. He will share his monetary benefits with you, but his expectations are higher than expected. With his calm nature, he will tolerate many things and never have a vengeful behavior towards you. The Pig natives are smart, secretive and they know how to showcase their skills.

Characteristics of Pig Zodiac Sign


  • The Year of the Pig can give you a new start in the international relationships and a new phase of life
  • Lead you to new regimes and government tasks and orders
  • It is often called a “Traveling Star”, this is the reason the Year of the Pig will include traveling more than other years. Hence, the tourism sector will greatly benefit from this.
  • According to the Chinese horoscope, the Pig is a symbol of a love life and we all need to learn how to take advantage
  • Gentle and generous
  • Lively and optimistic
  • Inspiration for all of us, giving us a better mood and a 100% energy for life


  • As per Chinese Astrology, people born in the pig year are more likely to be endowed with extraordinary imagination
  • Lacks realism and bad at daydreaming
  • Being naive and kind prevents them from seeing treachery
  • Makes them an easy target for cunning people
  • Be a little more suspicious in 2019 and try not to see life pink all the time

Famous Personalities Born in the Year of Pig

People who have a passion for life, who are gentle and generous are natives of the Pig sign. Here is a list of a few famous personalities who are acclaimed to be known worldwide.

  • Alfred Hitchcock ( British filmmaker )
  • Andrew Jackson ( 7th President of the United States )
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger ( Actor and Governor of California )
  • Bryan Adams ( Singer )
  • David Letterman ( Talk show host )
  • Henry Ford ( Inventor and founder of the Ford Motor Company )
  • Snoop Dogg ( American rapper )
  • Tupac Shakur ( Actor, rapper, and poet )
  • Winona Ryder ( American actress )
  • Woody Allen ( Writer, director )
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