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Predictions for commodity market for 2013

Last Updated: 8/5/2013 5:45:32 PM

commodity market predictions 2013, 2013 predictions for commodity market

Commodity Market 2013 Predictions for You

Commodity market 2013 predictions will make your life easier by making you aware of uncertainties of market in advance. All the commodities will have different prices in different duration of time which makes it difficult for a person to guess the price of any commodity for tomorrow. Isnt it a good idea to be sure of the price than to guess it everyday? With the calculations of Vedic Astrology, the predictions about the 2013 commodity market have been made by well known and specialized astrologers of the country. These predictions are systematically categorised among different commodities to give a complete overview of all the commodities. The price of the commodities might go up and down in little time, therefore, prediction for every month has been given for the ease of our visitors. It is an extremely great opportunity for the people interested in trade as they can now know the accurate progression of the commodity market.

The predictions of the prices of different commodities in the commodity market:

1. Gold Silver Bullion Market Predictions: The year 2013 is starting with a weak bullion market but as soon as the 6th of January arrives, the market will be on the top. The great height of the bullion market will be short lived and on 14th the market will start falling down which will continue till 26th of the month. The bullion market is likely to show some progress after 27th of January that will last till 4th February. Then with the bidirectional inclination, the market will again start falling down. From 13th February market will start going up slightly with the bidirectional inclination till 27th February. After this, the market of silver and gold will again have to face downfall which will stay in progress till 5th of March. Then in March, the bullion market will keep on going up. The phase of upward going market will also continue till the end of the April. In April it will be a unidirectional progress and from 14th the gold might rise. And Silver is expected to jump high from 28th of April. After all this, in March and April the market will again slide down after the 4th of May till 14th. After 14th the market will keep on going down but the speed will be much slower than before. Once again the market will start rising on 30th May for complete month of June with the bidirectional inclination. From 12th of July to 17th, the speed of going up for bullion market will be remarkable but from 18th the chances of downfall will be formed again. Only silver has chances of rising up from 12th of August. Uni directional upward movement of silver is possible from 16th August to 24th August and again it might go down, whereas gold will keep on rising. Gold is expected to rise high from 16th September, but the price of silver might not go high. A little downfall from 1st of October to 6th of October in the bullion market is predicted and then it will again start moving up. For a month from 17th of October to 17th of November, an exceptional progress in gold is seen. This growth will only be unidirectional. The pace of growth of the bullion market might decline a bit but it will be maintained throughout the month of November. For December too, the bullion market will keep on rising and profit can be gained in the purchase of fallen shares.

2. Oil Oilseed Market Predictions: The month of January will start with the rise in the oil and oilseed market with its bidirectional inclination. This growth of the market seems to continue till 26th of the month. From 26th January some hindrances will slow down the growth, but the obstacles will be overcomed soon. The market can face a severe downfall from 29th of January which will affect the market till 12th February. After 12th of February the market will only move in the upward direction till the 11th of the next month. Next downfall will be of few days which will start from 11th March and will last till 18th. After 18th, the rise in the market will continue whole month. The market will grip the growth and will grow in April with bidirectional inclination and will keep on growing in the month of May too. The downfall of market for about 8 days is expected from 6th of June to 14th. Market is supposed to move up again with bidirectional inclination from 16th. The month of June will end up with an upward movement. Half of the July will experience market going up first and then from 14th the market will start falling down till 27th July. The rise of market that will start after 27th July will halt again on 20th August. Some progress will be seen from 21st to 27th but then again downfall will prevail with bidirectional inclination. Complete month of September will only experience downfall and situation will go even worse from 21st of September. The ongoing situation will continue till 10th of October. Then there would be some relief from the downfall and from 21st October the market will start going up. But this rise will not last long and the downfall will again be seen from 23rd October. This downfall will continue in November too and rise in December only. Now, this rise will stay constant for the month of December.

3. Sugar Jaggery Market Predictions: Sugar and Jaggery market will start with a rise which will speed up even more from 13th of January. The growth will be continued for the whole month and will pace up more from 7th of February. The month of February also consists of growth in the market. Growth will be maintained in March but with some ups and downs in bidirectional inclination. After the growth in three consecutive months, the market will suddenly fall down from 1st of April. The market will keep on going down till the end of the month. Then, the market will go up for some days, i.e., from 2nd May to 14th of May. There will be some more continuous downfalls in market in May. First one will be from 17th May with bidirectional inclination and the situation will get worse from 22nd May. This situation of the downfall will be followed in June too with the same bidirectional inclination. Mid of July is expected to show some improvement in the market. Then from 27th of July the market will be back on track and will rise high at a great speed till 11th August. Rest of the month of August and complete month of September will be in the hold of downfall. The next rise in market will come from 1st of October which will only continue till 17th of the month. Then the period of downfall will start again that will prevail till mid of the November. The phase after 17th of November will come with a rise in the market. December will also experience growth in the market but it wont be constant.

4. Cotton Market Predictions: The market of cotton with start with growth in January but will soon face downfall from 4th. Then after 13th, the market will keep on rising till the end of the month. This rise of market will be remarkable. The growth of the market will make its place in February, but then the downfall will hit the market from 7th. Days from 17th February to 20th of February will be very bad for the market and only after 21st market will improve. This growth will turn into a weak market after 27th. The weak market will stay like this till 24th of March. The improvement in the market will then be seen from 9th of April which will only continue till 24th April. After 26th market will again start moving downwards. This downfall will come to a stop on 5th of May. The market will start showing traces of growth from 7th and this will be a significant improvement. 8th of June will bring downfall in the cotton market. For some days the environment of downfall will exist with bidirectional inclination. Then from 27th June the market will start rising again, but the breakdown of market is expected to be from 29th. The unidirectional growth of the market is foreseen from the 7th of July. The growth will gradually make its place and market will keep on growing for the whole month. 7th August will be face the most severe downfall which will continue for the complete month. 11th of September will convert this downfall into rise and will also provide speed to the growing market which will continue till 15th of October. The market will again stuck in downfall after 15th for the whole month. Market will be relieved of downfall from fifth of November and will go down again after 2nd of December. This will continue till 25th and then market will start improving again.

5. Jute Market Predictions: The beginning of the Jute market doesnt seem to be very good. Jute market will commence with going downwards but then it will slightly move up from 5th of January. Many ups and downs are seen for the Jute market. After the slight upward movement market will go down from 12th and then from 25th it will start going up again. A downfall is expected in the market from 4th of February with bidirectional inclination. An improvement for around a month from 11th February to 12th of March will be seen in the market. After this the market will face downfall till 10th of April. Then again a long period of market going up will be seen, starting from 15th April to 12th of May. But rest of the May will stay in the grip of downfall with bidirectional inclination. The market is sure to show improvement and grow from the 1st of June and then the market will become stronger from 11th of June for the whole month. With the arrival of July, the speed of growth will decrease a bit and the downfall will hit the market from 6th July. The market is not going to be stable. The phase of downfall will continue till the mid of the August. The market will show consistent growth for around two months, from 15th August to 14th of October. Then for 5 days market might fall down. Market will rise again from 23rd of October and will go down from 5th November. With the bidirectional inclination, this phase will be continued till 19th. Several ups and downs can be seen for the months of November and December. Market will rise from 20th November to 7th December and will go down till 11th of December. This ends the downfall and the market will rise high from December 19th.

6. Wheat, Bran, Gram, Rice, Corn, Millet, Sorghum and Other Allied Grain Market Predictions: The market of wheat, rice, corn, bran etc is starting up with a rise in the beginning of January. This growth will be maintained for some time and then several ups and downs will be experienced from 21st with bidirectional inclination. The market of rice might fall to some extent from the 25th of the month which will continue for around 10 days. The market of wheat, corn and bran is expected to have a firm hold from the 6th February but it will start falling from 15th. The market will regain its position from 5th March and the prices of wheat, gram, bran and rice will also rise. The situation will be same till 10th of the next month. 10th may might come up with the growth of grain market. Market is expected to fall down from 20th May and this will continue till 15th of June. All the grains will see the downfall, whereas a hike in rice will be maintained. The month of July is coming with downfall from 5th. The market of wheat and rice will start recovering from the 5th of August with bidirectional inclination and it will continue till 20th. September will witness rise in some commodities such as wheat, bran, rice and corn. The month of October from 8th will go through a severe downfall. November will also be a part of that downfall which has hit the market badly. The market will start showing improvement only after 10th of December. But this rise is going to be very constant.

7. Gram, Peas, Lentils and other Pulses Market Predictions: January is arriving with a little hike in the pulses market which will start going down in some time. Arhar, gram and pea are the specific things that are mainly going to experience the first downfall. Market will stay in weaker position from 19thh January to 7th of February. Even if the market will start rising from 8th of February, it will go down immediately except the market of green lentils and Urad. Some of the market such as Arhar, urad, pea and green lentils will be experiencing growth from the 17th of March. But then again the market will lose its grip and fall from 26th of March. The market will be able to fetch some growth from 14th April but that will be only for a short duration. 26th April will again come with downward moving market. Then again the improvement of 10 days from 15th May to 25th May will be seen in the market. The market will be in a better position than before after the mid of the July. But then the fall will again occur after the 25th of the same month. The beginning August is marking some rise in the market but then it will go down again after 10th. The month of August will be very unstable as both the growth and the downfall will keep on taking place one by one with bidirectional inclination. September will be facing strong downfalls but from 21st September the market will start going up. Arhar and red lentils markets will grow in a better way. But from 25th September the market will fall down again. The month of October will see growth in Peas and Arhar. Market will once again go down from 14th October. 26th of October will come with a growth of arhar and urad. There will be an environment of uncertainties in November; the situation of market will start improving from 16th. Then from 12 of December market will start growing rapidly and this growth will be maintained till the end of the month with some ups and downs.

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