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Communicative skill and planets

Author: Suchitra Das | Last Updated: Wed 2 Jun 2010 9:32:36 PM

Suchitra Das
We in financial astrology have to deal with many innovative ideas keeping in pace with the first emerging market requirements. One of the most sought after virtues amongst the new talents is communicative skill. The importance of communicative skills, whether spoken or written, is no doubt of great importance in the business world.  Those who are involved in media, journalism, publicity, telecommunication, call centers, advertising, public relations, marketing, liaison, insurance agents, direct selling agents, business networking, etc. are practically aware about the importance of the communicative skills. Their bread and butter very much matter on their communicative skills. In fact, the entire business world is either directly or indirectly has to depend on the communicative skills. So, they hire persons with excellent communicative skills with hefty sums to hype their business. 

In Vedic Astrology, the second house of a natal horoscope represents oral/spoken communicative prowess.  The third house denotes the written communicative talents. The strength of the second house is, therefore, of paramount importance for persons involved in the sectors like public relations, liaison, publicity, marketing, call centers, electronic media (especially, the TV anchors), networking, politics and telecommunications, as they have to interact with the people through their spoken talents and put up their words, having bearing on their business interests, convincingly. The strength of the third house matters much for those who are connected with print media, journalism, advertisement, analytical work, etc. because they reach people and sell their products through the dint of their writing ability.

The influence of different planets on second and third houses produce different results on the communicative skills in respect of an individual nativity.




Authoritative expressions especially, suitable for politicians, leaders and bureaucrats;


Mild and polite expressions with soothing touch. Also talented in delivering expressions convincingly and swiftly. Suitable for public relations (PR work), liaisoning and networking;


Commanding expressions. Suitable for defence, police and para-military forces;


Very tactful and intelligent expressions. Suitable for both electronic and print media. In fact, all the professions requiring communicative skills should have the blessing of Mercury for success;



Prudent and tutorial expressions. Suitable for college lecturers as well as religious/spiritual leaders, clergy, etc. for spreading their sermons;


Very melodious, romantic and pleasant heart touching expressions. Suitable for film journalism, call center jobs, advertising, business liaisoning, poets, singers, love-story-writers, call center jobs, business magnate, etc.                     


Low profile and slow expressions. The influence of Saturn on second and third house is not considered as ‘good’ if otherwise, the Saturn is not very beneficial planet like Yoga-karaka but that, too, with limitations;


Witty and clever expressions. Advantageous for politicians, mediators, negotiators and advertising;


Not at all good for communicative skills. A planet for clandestine and anonymous activities, which is antonym to expressions;

With the first emergence of new branches and fields in the business arena, the scope of financial astrology has now a day assumed a greater importance. Many books on financial astrology are not available as of now. Our ancient sheers and profounder of astrology did not attach much importance to the financial matter as it was not matter much then in the ancient time and old ages. But, in the present context, nobody can deny the importance of money and finance. In the given situation, a financial astrologer should be through in astrology, very skillful, intelligent and knowledgeable with profound analytical ability to enable him to keep pace with the          multi-dimensional requirements in the financial arena and to make pinpointed predictions.
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