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Debilitated Mercury in Pisces

Author: Nitin Datta | Last Updated: Mon 8 Apr 2013 3:29:52 PM

Planet Mercury, Debilitated Mercury, Pisces
By Nitin Datta
Transiting Mercury will experience debilitation (extreme weakness) on 10/04/2013 at 01:55 AM. Mercury exalts in Virgo and it debilitates in Pisces. Mercury is the significator of intelligence in Astrology. The ability to analyze and interpreting results is also governed by Mercury. It also signifies the education aspect of a person. The type of academic education of a person is judged through Mercury in the horoscope.

Mercury is a dynamic planet in Astrology. It has a tendency to make a person unique in appearance as well as thinking pattern from others. People with exalted Mercury (in Virgo) or Mercury in Gemini are intellectually very bright. They tend to have their own methodology to encounter a situation/problem. They tend to be very unorthodox in their actions but they are very effective in delivering favorable results.

The opposite of the above mentioned significations may happen if mercury is debilitated. It would lose its inherent potency to deliver good results for its known significations. It is always advisable to judge a horoscope thoroughly and locate some kind of cancellations for the debilitation else the debilitation may pose some problems.

Lets discuss a chart to understand this in a better way.

In the above chart Mercury is debilitated as it is occupying Pisces in twelfth house. Lets assume that this horoscope belongs to Mr. X. Now what can the probable results be of debilitated in this horoscope. First of all, Mercury owns third and sixth house in this horoscope. This person is likely to work much harder to gain results as compared to others as Mercury owns the third house. This person is also likely to have many enemies as mercury owns sixth house too. When mercury will experience debilitation in transit, these negative significations would get triggered in his life. This person is also likely to suffer on account of education as Mercury also happens to be the chief significator for education in Astrology.

Now, besides all the negative effects mentioned above, this person would have great improvement in the significations related to Mercury because this horoscope has a cancellation for debilitation of Mercury. Venus exalts in the sign where Mercury debilitates i.e. Venus exalts in Pisces and Mercury debilitates in Pisces. This gives rise to what is known as Neechabhang Rajayoga. In this case the exaltation of Venus overpowers and cancels the ill effects of Mercury to a great extent, and the person is relieved.

Some of the common remedies to be followed to avid ill effects of debilitation of Mercury:

  • Recite Vishnu Sahastranaam regularly
  • Worship Lord Vishnu facing North direction
  • Feed a eunuch on Wednesdays
  • Feed a parrot regularly with green chilies
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