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Floods and Destruction : An Astrological analysis

Author: S N Rao | Last Updated: Wed 25 Aug 2010 11:43:34 PM

S N Rao

This monsoon has been very good in India and the average rainfall in the country will be more than 100%. Till now most of the country has been spared from the fury of flood and destruction. But Leh and Uttaranchal have not been lucky. There has been plenty of cloud bursts in the hilly Himalayan mountains. There has been a spate of devastating floods in the news in the last 10 days. China, Pakistan, Leh. Flooding & downpours in China have killed over 1000 people and many more are missing. More than a million people have been affected with almost another million evacuated from their homes.

At the outset we must admit that we have very less material and research-oriented works in this branch of Mundane Astrology which embraces all national and international affairs. Inspite of the vast infrastructures with scientists and meteorologists they have failed to warn about the coming earthquakes, famines, floods, widespread epidemics etc. Floods / Landslides generally follow the eclipse pattern. The country/place in which the eclipse occurs may not be free from danger. At the time of floods, adverse connections between Mars, Jupiter and Saturn (conjunction, opposition, aspect etc.) have been noted.

The Transit position of Planets is very crucial and plays an important role in the climate change, weather forecast and monsoon. The power of the transits of the major planets relative to the Earth has been the cause of the powerful inclinations and influences affecting numerous regions around the world.  The weather disruptions are caused by the activity of the Sun, the Moon, and the modulating influences of the planets in our solar system. Planets and houses seem to be the main criteria for determining the reading for mundane application, with signs descriptive of mannerisms and attitudes. Aspects always are the why of any reading adding the planets' individual natures and qualities as malefic or benefic to the effect.

The floods are especially noteworthy because of the direct association of Saturn in Virgo, with Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces (a watery sign) and the position of Rahu in Sagittarius (Square position to both the malefics). The malefic position is known as a grand square which is highly malefic. Jupiter and Uranus are now conjoined to the fixed star Scheat in Pegasus featuring heavy rains, floods, mudslides, accidents, and deaths associated with the powerful influences on the Earth's atmosphere - caused by celestial forces.

We can see from the most recent events that the unfavorable planetary transits continue to incline people to take chances, leading to accidents, tragedies and loss of life. Uranus and Jupiter are together in the sky from June 2010 until January 2011. The conjunction is sending a powerful energy of Uranus and Jupiter in Pisces which is a watery sign and also is a dual sign which means that it becomes unpredictable in nature. In June the conjunction begins in Pisces and the final conjunction happens when Jupiter turns retrograde in January 2011 is also in Pisces. In February 2011 Jupiter will quickly pick up speed and hastens away from Uranus. We have three unique times to connect with the source and power that Jupiter conjunct Uranus brings.

This conjunction in Pisces is receiving a malefic aspect (Opposition) from Transit Saturn in Virgo. The three giant planet’s position causes extreme pulling effect on the earth’s atmosphere causing disruption and rapid changes in the atmosphere. This causes expansion and a contracting effect around the earth’s gravitational pull causing damage to the normal routine environment patterns.

It is interesting to note that Transit Saturn occupies Virgo and Transit Jupiter is in Virgo Navamsha. Virgo represents North West direction. From India this is where the maximum impact of damage has occurred. Virgo is the 5th house of both India and Pakistan representing the people of the country. The malefic aspect has affected the people of both the country.

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