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Friendship Day 2010 : A guide to make friends numerologically

Last Updated: 7/26/2010 1:27:24 PM

Vishw R. Nigam

1st Aug, 2010 is Friendship day and all of us want to make a friend, who can understand us and we can share our thoughts with our friends also. A friend is someone who praises you for your positives and helps you to overcome your negatives. So,  we are suggesting some friend numbers for every personality types and their positive-negative characteristics on the basis of their lucky numbers.

Lucky Number 1(1, 10, 19, 28)

Your Positive’s are- Ambitious, Determined, Pioneering, Athletic, Bold, Independent, Creative, Original

Your Negatives are- Over-Achiever, Insensitive, Egotistical, Impulsive, Violent, Controlling, Self-Centered, Impatient

Due to these characteristics, you enjoy the company of number 2, 4 and 7. 2 and 7 numbers have moon’s characteristics and 4 is also ruled by Sun.

Lucky Number 2(2, 11, 20, 29)

Lucky Number 2 is ruled by Moon and the persons ruled by this number have characteristics and qualities of Moon.

Your Positives are- Cooperative, Adaptable, Intuitive, Romantic, Diplomatic, Warm, Peaceful, Sensitive

Your Negatives are- Overly-Sensitive, Withdrawn, Easily-Offended, Doormat, Self-Deprecating, Dishonest, Wimpy, Resentful

Due to moon you are lazy thats why you make a very good plan but mostly fail to implement them. So, number 1, 4 and 7 are favourable for you as 1 and 4 are Sun’s numbers which make you a punctual person while 7 is also ruled by moon and a creative number so, you enjoy sharing your creative thoughts with this number.

Lucky Number 3(3, 12, 21, 30)

Lucky Number 3 is Jupiter ruled number and Jupiter and persons ruled by this number have characteristics and qualities of Jupiter Art and creativeness.

Your Positives- Expressive, Verbal, Sociable, Artistic, Jovial, Optimistic, Creative

Your Negatives- Scattered, Unrealistic, Overly-Talkative, Critical, Moody, Show-Off, Undisciplined, Sarcastic

So, the lucky numbers favourable for you are 6, 9 as 6 is ruled by Venus and makes you realistic and 9 is Mars makes you disciplined.  They help to make you a balanced person.
Lucky Number 4(4, 13, 22, 31)

Lucky Number 4 is also a Sun effected number and it is also ruled by characteristics and qualities of Sun as Dutifulness, compassion, independent behaviour.

Your Positives- Traditional, Orderly, Helpful, Persevering, Steady, Logical, Self-Disciplined, Practical.

Your Negatives- Closed-Minded, Neurotic, Demanding, Boring, Compulsive, Perfectionist, Rude, Moralistic

Numbers favourable for you are 1 and 2 mainly even your relationship with 4 depends on situations and most often you have a bad experience of relationships with number 8.

Lucky Number 5(5, 14, 23)

Lucky Number 5 is mercury ruled number and it is ruled by qualities of mercury as communication skills and money related matters.

Your Positive’s are- Expansive, Visionary, Adventurous, Magnetic, Witty, Adaptable, Resourceful, Curious.

Your Negatives are- Unstable, Addictive, Ever-Changing, Indiscriminate, Rebellious, Impatient, Disorganized, Irresponsible .
So, your friend numbers are- 1, 8, 9. These numbers make you a stable and steady person.

Lucky Number 6(6, 15, 24)

Lucky Number 6 is Venus ruled number and it is also ruled by qualities of Venus as fame and entertainment areas.

Your Positive’s are- Responsible, Protective, Nurturing, Stable, Balanced, Sympathetic, Compassionate, Loving
Your Negatives are- Overly-Responsible, Suffocating, Homebody, Doormat, Predictable, Boring, Overly-Protective, Savior Complex

So, you friend numbers are- 3,9,1 as 3 and 9 are your series numbers. 1 is Sun ruled number and it provides you the desired fame in your work field.

Lucky Number 7(7, 16, 25)

Lucky Number 7 is Moon effected number and it is also ruled by qualities of moon as Analytical power.

Your Positive’s are- Analytical, Logical, Reserved, Inventive, Knowledgeable, Studious, Introspective, Intuitive.
Your Negatives are- Calculating, Withdrawn, Cynical, Egotistical, Overly-Analytical, Insensitive, Aloof, Distrusting.

So, your friend numbers are- 2,4,9. 2 is the main moon number and have many characteristics common with you, while 4 is sun effected and helps you to become an implementers also not just a planner.

Lucky Number 8(8, 17, 26)

Lucky Number 8 is ruled by Saturn and it is ruled by Saturn’s qualities as Money and Thinking habits.

Your Positives are- Ambitious, Big Thinker, Successful, Leading, Authoritative, Courageous, Influential.

Your Negatives are- Domineering, Materialistic, Greedy, Insensitive, Workaholic, Unavailable, Controlling, Arrogant.

So, your friend numbers are 3, 5 as 3 gives you creativeness while 5 helps you to overcome your introvert nature.

Lucky Number 9(9, 18, 27)

Lucky Number 9 is ruled by Mars and Mars gives this number a strength to fight and save.

Your Positives are- Giving, Humanitarian, Selfless, Sophisticated, Idealistic, Creative, Expressive.

Your Negatives are- Drama Queen, Dissatisfied, Unrealistic, Impractical, Blaming, Egotistical, Ungrateful, Moody.

So, your friend numbers are 3,6 as these are you series numbers and have many common characteristics. 3 helps you to overcome your unrealistic  nature while 6 makes steady in your mindset.

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