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Is Halloween a Western Diwali? – Mystery of Halloween 2015 Revealed

Author: Surbhi Bhadauria | Last Updated: Sat 27 Oct 2012 5:54:37 PM

halloween 2015, diwali 2015, vedic astrology

By Surbhi Bhadauria

Halloween is Pagan festival, which is now being celebrated worldwide. It is also reckoned as “All Hallow’s Eve”, “All Saint’s Eve” and “Samhain”. Western Christians and many non-Christians around the world celebrate this festival passionately. Like every year, Halloween 2015 is going to be celebrated on October 31st.

In this globalized world, everything is globalizing including festivals. That is why Halloween has become a topic of interest everywhere, as it is one of the most interesting festivals. If we see this festival from Hindu (leading religion of India) point of view, it seems weird to dress up like demons and spirits. Yes, Halloween is the festival of dressing up like dead people, carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns (pumpkin carved in the shape of evil face and a lantern placed inside), lighting bonfires, visiting haunted attractions, telling scary stories and watching horror films, to name a few. Overall, the day is celebrated for the dead people.

Now, let’s look up to the Indian festival Diwali.

Diwali is always celebrated on the no moon’s night. Ever wondered why?

We have read so many tales related to the festival Diwali, but there is something that many of us still need to know. And, here comes the connection between Halloween and Diwali.

Diwali is celebrated on the day when Sun is debilitated. And, as per astrology, a debilitated planet is in its weakest form as it could be ever. Additionally, Moon is also at its weakest on Diwali, as it is a no-moon day every year. Moon goes very close to Sun and doesn’t have Paksha Bal during this time. Paksh Bal is the strongest power of Moon, without it, Moon becomes really weak.

Now, the question arises, why Diwali, one of the biggest festivals of India is celebrated on this day, where all other festivals are celebrated during auspicious days? Generally, auspicious days are chosen for any important work or celebrating festivals, then why is Diwali an exception? Isn’t it a big question?

Indeed it is; that is why AstroSage has taken the initiative to answer. Sun is known as the planet of light and Moon is considered for wealth. On the day of Diwali, both of these planets are weak, due to which, dark forces become very powerful. As these planets are weak and dark forces become powerful, we pray, worship and light candles as well as Deepak to fulfill the deficiency of Sun. Good forces strengthen due to light and spiritual practices like worshipping God. In other words, lighting candles, worshipping and praying are all mass remedies to strengthen good forces against dark forces.

Now, we will look at Halloween. On the day of Halloween, people do lighting and visit haunted attractions to light up all the dark places. Halloween celebrators light bonfires and party all night on the day of dead people. On the other hand, on Diwali people light candles, Deepak as well as crackers. They don’t leave even a single corner of the house dark. It is recommended to light up all the corners of your surroundings on the day of Diwali. Hence, we can conclude that Halloween and Diwali are mass remedies to keep a balance between dark and good forces.

On the day of Halloween, that is October 31st, Sun becomes debilitated in Libra sign, which is at its weakest. At this time, Sun is weak also due to the influence of shadow planets like Rahu. Similarly, Diwali is also celebrated when Sun is at its weakest, as we know that Diwali and Halloween are celebrated with the difference of just few days. It is not only the case of Sun’s debilitation because 31st October is the day of Swati Nakshatra, which is owned by Rahu. And, Rahu is an inimical planet, which takes away the power of Sun.

So, the conclusion of this article is that our world is surrounded with many things, but some things are really not good for us. Therefore, to keep harmony on Earth, we need to keep such forces under control, as these cannot be demolished for ever.

Good and evil are two aspects of nature. They both are the reasons for each other’s existence. However, an imbalance of anything could lead to disaster. That is why our sages have developed such techniques to keep a balance for the existence of humanity on Earth.

Halloween or Diwali, these are one of the same things. With this, we wish you a very happy and positive Halloween 2015 as well as Diwali 2015! Hope you have a blast this Halloween!

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