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Why Casanova was lucky with women : Astrological Analysis

Author: Aalok Varkhandkar | Last Updated: Fri 2 Jul 2010 3:59:26 PM

Why Casanova was lucky with women : Astrological Analysis

Aalok Varkhandkar

Casanova was born on April 2, 1725 in Venice. Using Birth Time Rectification I have taken his time of birth to be around 6:00 p.m.

Casanova was famous as a womanizer but he was also a notorious adventurer with many escapades to his name like escape from prison, duels, swordfights and journeys across Europe. He was also a great social writer of his time and was fortunate in many respects. He kept company to the European royalty, popes, cardinals, philosophers, some of them being Voltaire, Frederick the Great and Catherine the Great.

In his chart below we can see Casanova had Virgo ascendant with ascendant lord Mercury in the seventh. When the first lord is in the seventh a man has more than one marriage, is licentious and spends most of his time in foreign countries. Casanova never got married but it is well known that he was a philanderer. This is also because of presence of an exalted Venus in the seventh house. Casanova seriously tried getting married very often but all his marriage plans failed probably because of the presence of twelfth lord, Sun, in the seventh house as the twelfth house is the house of loss.
The fifth house in Vedic Astrology deals with love affairs, courtship and success and failure associated with them. The fifth lord Saturn is in the fifth house and is aspecting the seventh house with its third aspect, thus giving Casanova another reason for aggressively chasing women all his life.

Casanova was a notable gambler and was also actively involved in the lottery business. In 1757 he started the state lottery in France and later tried selling similar schemes to other European governments. This is because the seventh house also deals with business and the fifth house deals with gambling, lottery and other speculative affairs. Thus, Saturn’s third aspect as fifth lord had its say here as well.

Now I will use traditional principles of astrology to examine Casanova’s chart in greater detail. Casanova’s first lord is in the seventh house. When the first lord is in the seventh house a person wanders from one place to another. There will be ups and downs in life with moments of depression and elation. The person will end up in a foreign country and will have a powerful personality. Casanova visited the whole of Europe from Britain to Russia and was associated with the lower class as well as the upper class through his several occupations. He was a lawyer, clergyman, military officer, roadside violinist, conman, pimp, gourmand, dancer, businessman, diplomat, spy, politician, mathematician, social philosopher, cabalist, playwright, and writer.

When the second lord is in the seventh house a person spends money on sensual pleasures. The person will have a foreign source of income and there will be fluctuations in earnings. The person will have to do different kinds of jobs. Casanova used to spend money on nothing but sensual pleasures.

When the third lord is in the sixth the person may not be honest in his financial dealings. It is well known Casanova duped many socialites by posing as an occultist. His famous victim was the Marquess Jeanne d'Urfé whom he duped by pretending as a magician. Casanova writes in his memoirs, “deceiving a fool is an exploit worthy of an intelligent man”.

When the fourth lord is in the sixth a person is looked after by someone other than their mother during childhood. The person gets separated from their mother. This also happened with Casanova. He was looked after by his grandmother during childhood as his mother, who was a theater actress, toured Europe as part of her job.

When the fifth lord is in the fifth house, the fifth house indications get a boost. The fifth house deals with gambling, lottery, love affairs, courtship, licentiousness as well as pleasure derived from adventures, thrills and excitement. Casanova’s strong fifth house meant that he had to attend to these matters all his life. The fifth and sixth lord in Casanova’s chart is Saturn and being in own house the sixth lord also becomes powerful. So Casanova was very often victorious in his duels and fights. He was famous for his pistol duel with a Polish Colonel, Count Franciszek Ksawery Branicki. Casanova was the only duelist who survived among all who fought with the colonel. The duel apparently was over an Italian actress.

When the seventh lord is in the sixth a person has more than one marriage. Though Casanova never got married, he had innumerable affairs.

Eighth lord in the sixth gives Vipareeta Rajayoga. Though this gives fulfillment of desires and win over enemies there will be diseases and health problems. Since the seventh lord, which rules sexual matter also joins the eighth lord in sixth house Casanova had to suffer from venereal diseases. The eighth lord in sixth also gives troubles through theft and litigation which Casanova had to deal with very often. During April 1755, when Casanova was imprisoned at the Leeds, he was running the period of Venus/Rahu/Saturn. Venus is with twelfth lord and aspected by Saturn, the sixth lord. The sixth and twelfth houses deal with litigation and prisons respectively. Also, the eight house deals with prisons, while Rahu in the eighth house gives persecution and calumny.

Let’s deal with the eleventh lord first, as the ninth lord, tenth lord and the twelfth lord in Casanova’s chart are a part of a special yoga and I would like to dealt with the combination in the end. The eleventh lord, moon in Casanova’s chart is debilitated in the third house. The eleventh rules gains, desires, profit. Since the fifth house is strong in Casanova’s chart, and the third is fifth from the eleventh, Casanova took an interest in speculative activities, like gambling and lottery business. The debilitation of the eleventh lord means he would have to suffer losses in the end. Casanova would get into debts due to his gambling and although he was successful in selling his lottery schemes to the French government other European countries did not take any interest in them.

The ninth, tenth and twelfth lord in Casanova’s chart are in the seventh house. The ninth lord in seventh gives success in foreign lands as both the seventh and the ninth rule foreign countries. The ninth lord, Venus, in seventh is involved in Dharma Karmadhipati Yoga with tenth lord Mercury. This yoga gives long-lasting fame and makes one fortunate. Unfortunately, for Casanova this yoga is spoiled by the association of Sun here which is the twelfth lord. Venus is exalted however and should give success of some measure, but when Venus goes to the seventh house in a Vedic chart, it makes a person a lover of the opposite sex. Casanova’s strong seventh house Raja Yoga thus made him lucky in gaining favors from women and he became a world famous womanizer with long-lasting fame.
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