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How to predict through Lal Kitab?

Author: Kulbir Bains | Last Updated: Tue 27 Apr 2010 7:15:05 PM

By Kulbir Bains

Why some one should consult Lalkitab astrologer, while so many systems are available in astrology.
Let’s try to answer the second part first i.e. Why some one should consult Lalkitab astrologer, while so many systems are available in astrology?
1. Do the twins born from same parents have identical destinies?
2. Do the natives having exact Birth Data (with the increase of population Birth Data could be exact up to seconds.) have identical destinies?
3. It is observed that in calamities like floods, famine, earthquakes, war, accidents, epidemics; thousands perish at the same time. Do all of them have similar horoscopes and/or palms?

Lalkitab offers an answer for it - EACH INDIVIDUAL IS UNIQUE.

When (as per the divine scheme) a soul enters the womb of the mother, the graph of its karmic record also accompanies it. In the first stage, the brain of the child develops/grows, the karmic records' graph influences the development of the brain, this development of brain, in turn is instrumental in further extension i.e. giving shape to various limbs and organs of the body: palm, lines and mounts on the palm. This karmic graph can also be deciphered by drawing a horoscope coinciding with the time of birth of the child. When a soul gets shape of a body the planetary influence also manifests itself in the native's surroundings, his personality (mental, physical and spiritual tendencies), and his relatives, animate and inanimate things that accompany or are to accompany him. So Vaastu, face reading, body structure, body language, handwriting analysis, eating habits, behavioural pattern, relatives, articles, etc. all are synchronized to see the pattern in Lalkitab system of astrology.

Lalkitab astrology helps the astrologer / native to scrutinize and find the native’s unique planetary pattern by a process of rectification of horoscope to uncover the underpinnings of planetary tendencies.

This includes past and present events, circumstances and environment of the native.

Once this pattern is identified, and then begins the process to guide the native. Lalkitab considers the planets to be energy emitting sources. It has a list of animate and inanimate articles corresponding with the energy being emitted from various planets. The native having deficiency, negativity, conflict or blend of these planetary energies is advised to attain such a balance as is helpful to him; by using these objects as remedial measures.

The basis of Lalkitab remedies is penance and charity. This book consists a chapter depicting various type of psychology related to planets posited in horoscope. Unfortunately this is the most ignored but most powerful tool for remedial measures. The philosophical and esoteric side of the book remains unexplored.  Then there is a separate chapter on prohibition of acts of penance and charity owing to certain planetary positions.

Lalkitab concedes the matter of freewill and destiny (chicken and egg theory). It clearly indicates as to which planets’ results can be moulded to native's advantage as these are treated as suspicious and whereas those others which are treated are unchangeable and the native is chained and is bound to suffer the results. Only some person blessed with divine powers has the power to alter them: But then also the result will be there, it is altered in the sense that the divine person who alters them transfers the effects unto himself.

Lalkitab helps in identifying the debt of misdeeds of our ancestors and shows the way for atoning them.

The remedies are simple, uncomplicated, the native can understand the logic, the best part is that the remedial measures have to be performed by the native himself. No mediators are required. Lalkitab’s flexible approach for performing remedial measures is remarkable e.g. for religious place, it recommends Temple for Hindu, Mosque for Muslim, Church for Christian AND for a person having no faith in such institutions it recommends a crossroad (Chaurasta).

Being forewarned is being forearmed. e.g. In case of native with Jupiter in 10th house it is advised that the native will succeed in worldly matters only if he adopts Saturn like shrewd nature. Another example can be quoted for native having Mars and Venus in 10th house, the native will rise by leaps and bounds if his spouse is of fair complexion while Gents of In-laws family are dark complexioned. Then there are recommendations as per Vaastu coinciding with planetary positions in the horoscope.

If the destiny promises benefices in the channel of stream of fortune and some obstruction is there. Lalkitab helps in removing that obstruction. But it cannot deliver which, as comprehended through Jyotish, is not promised. Of course if there is some danger/threat to the native he can be protected with help of Lalkitab; explained metaphorically; if a lion comes to attack the native, this knowledge can create a wall for the protection of the native; if the attack from lion becomes ferocious; the wall will increase it’s height for protection but neither will it shoot the lion or catch hold of his legs; but with help of divine grace, the lion will yield by fatigue and abandon the idea of attacking the native. Lalkitab cannot be used to harm others; rather it is a subject which will be helpful in establishing harmonious relations between inimical tendencies.

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