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How to Reduce the Effect of Malefic Planets

Author: S N Rao | Last Updated: Tue 1 Nov 2011 2:20:33 PM

malefic planets, vedic astrology

By SN Rao

With miraculous advances ln Science, man's entry into space, landing of man on Moon and space survey of other planets there has developed a school of thought that worshipping them is mere superstition or blind faith. Those who follow this view, may be many or few, but the impression they have formed in this respect is due to the fact that they have not studied or correctly understood the vast material contained in our ancient religious scriptures on this subject.

There is widespread belief that the afflicted or malefic planets do not have their evil influence if things or articles related to them or ruled by them are offered in charity to the appropriate, deserving and needy persons. We give below what it would be offered in charity in regard to the various planets.

Sun: Sun is a Kshatriya planet. The things to be given in charity are ruby, gold, copper (those who can afford this), wheat, jaggery (gud) etc. The charity should be given to a middle aged Kshatriya at noon on a Sunday.

Moon: The things to be given tn charlty are pearl, shell, silver, conch, water, milk, rice etc. They should be offered in charity to a Vaishya woman on a Monday evening.

Mars: The related articles are coral, sweet bread prepared ln a Tandoor, sweet preparatlons of white sesamum seeds (a preparation of sugar white in colour), masoor dal, saunf Any of these things may be given in charity to a person who observes celebacy (Brahmacharya on the noon of a Tuesday.

Mercury: Emerald, unsplit moong, green pumpkin used for preparing sweet preparations (like halwa), goat, green colored clothes etc. Any of these things may be given in charity to a poor student on the noon of a Wednesday.

Juplter: The articles to be given are yellow sapphire, topaz, saffron, turmeric, a sapling of peepal tree, sugar, horse, yellow colored flowers. These are to be offered to a Brahmin on the morning of a Thursday.

Venus: Diamond, silken clothes, milk cream, sandal, curd, refined sugar, scents, perfumes, cow-fodder,

camphor etc. Any of these things are to be given to a needy young woman on the evening of a Friday.

Saturn: Blue sapphire, lron, steel, leather, stone, agricultural land, cow, urd unsplit, tongs, cooking plate of iron, buffalo, mustard, wine, black sesamum seed, any of these things may be given at dusk to a poor old man.

Rahu: Gomed, coconut. radish, coal. old and counterfeit coins are some of the things related to Rahu. Any of these are to be given on a Thursday or Saturday to a leper / begger.

Ketu: The things to be given are two coloured blanket. Any of these things may be given to a poor and needy young man on a Thursday.

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