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Gemstones: Most Effective Astrology Remedies

Author: G. K. Adith Kasinath | Last Updated: Fri 24 May 2013 3:42:46 PM

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Remedies of Astrology have always been the matter of debate among Astrologers as well as Astrology believers. Gemstone is one of those aspects of Astrology that has attracted the most part of overall Astrology debate. Here, Astrologer G. K. Adith Kasinath is sharing his opinion on Gemstones after his years of observation.

When & How to Wear Gemstones?

First of all, I would like to mention that remedial measures can not bring in the desired results for every one for every problem. Which is entirely absent can not be brought out (this is destiny). So, if there are complete negating significations present in the horoscope for a particular event, no remedial measures can help because of the bad Karma. But, if there is presence of any positive signification along with negating factors which could cause hurdles, some remedial measures could help to activate the beneficial factors and to reduce the negative ones.

There are many remedial measures like Mantra, Yantra, Tantra, Homa/Yajna, Gems etc.; also worshiping God and Goddess visiting their temple.

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Out of these, Mantras could be more helpful in seeking the help of the benefic planets and also to pacify the malefic planets. Proper chanting of Mantras could ward off and guard from the evil effects.

Yantras also could be useful to wear and worship with proper Mantras to seek help or pacify the planets.

And, worshiping God and Goddess visiting their temple would give peace and blessings from them.

Gem Therapy: The Most Powerful

Mantras and Yantras could be supportive therapy whereas Gem therapy could be the prime and best therapy according to me.

But, here there are three important factors to be looked into.

a) The top most one is selection of correct Gem that is required for the native. There are many school of thoughts prevailing within the Astrologers. But to my experience, selection of Gem which is beneficial in the chart in all aspects could be chosen either to increase the beneficial effect or to reduce the malefic effect of the other malefic planet. Some would prefer to wear a Gem of a planet which is causing trouble. But wearing a Gem of a malefic planet assuming that it would strengthen its effect would worsen the situation rather. This is wrong. One has to wear a gem of a planet which could either reduce the malefic effect by counteracting or to increase its beneficial effect to withstand or balance. Further one can also wear the Gem of a planet which is the best beneficial one in the chart which can bring luck or prosperity in ones life as Lucky Gem. Most importantly, the benefic and malefic planets have to be carefully found through deep study on the chart especially considering the stellar and Sub Lord level significations.

b) Originality and purity of the Gem - After selecting the proper Gem to be worn, getting a Gem with originality and without any flaws is more important and difficult also, as there are many duplicates in the market. But, we can get them from reliable sources. AstroCAMP sources such Gems with lab test report from reliable sources.

c) Procedure to wear - The correct size of the Gem, the correct metal to use, correct hand / finger with proper Mantra and Poojas.

It is better to consult a good Astrologer with vast knowledge in spite of choosing by our own knowledge gained through some articles, books, etc. Wrong selection of Gem would worsen the situation rather than bringing in the desired results.

Finally, the fore most preparative remedial measure is to understand, accept the destiny properly on account of past Karma and to act accordingly controlling the mind. This would help one get prepared to face troubles and reduce disappointments. Hence, go by the proper guidance of a Guru or an Astrologer that would help one lead ones life peacefully.

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