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Independence Day 2010-11 : What is on card of India

Author: VGR Pavan | Last Updated: Sat 14 Aug 2010 2:45:07 PM

independence day 2010-11

VGR Pavan

We are going to celebrate our 63rd Independence Day on 15th of this month. We won this status after a battle of 250 years with the sacrifice of thousands of people and powerful leaders. Today we are lucky enough to say that we are living in an independent country with freedom and liberty which was dreamed by those people at that time. On this gracious occasion let us find out what is in store for us in the coming year through the most popular Astrological forecasting technique called as “KP”. I take our independence chart as an input for my forecasting through the application of KP principles.   As we all know our independence was declared at midnight (12 AM) on 15-08-1947 (calendar date) at Delhi. The following is the Map of the heavens at that time.

Presently we are having the Maha dasa (Main period) of Sun and Vidasa (sub period) of Mars till 13-09-2010 from then the Vidasa of Rahu (Dragon’s head) till 07-08-2011. We have to study the significations of these Main and sub period lords and see whether they are favorable or not. (For political astrology house matters are different from birth charts for instance in Natal astrology Asc shows self in PA it shows citizens, in Natal 10th house shows career but here it shows ruling Govt. etc.)

Sun-Mars period till 13-09-2010

Sun the Dasa lord is in the star of Mercury and Sub division of Saturn, Mercury is lord of 2,6 and Saturn is lord of 10,11 houses and posited in 3rd house in the star of Mercury again. Signification of 2,6,10,11 houses shows that through out Sun period India will develop in terms of  National income and GDP. Her reputation will increase and she is going to play a key role in International politics throughout Sun dasa. But progress may be slow and stagnant because Saturn the sub lord is afflicting his own cusp of 10th house.  And ups and downs depend up on the sub period lords.

 Now Mars the sub period lord is aspecting 6,8,10 houses powerfully, he is lord if 7th house in 2nd and aspected by 8, 12 lord Jupiter. Mars is deposited in the star and sub of Rahu an occupant of 12th house. Presently till the end of Mars sub period there may be financial instability, threats from enemies, calamities like cyclones, droughts, fire accidents etc…may be the problems. Especially states from south India have a tough time during this period. People may be rash, out bursting in this period. The month of September may be troublesome.

Sun-Rahu period from 13-09-2010 to 07-08-2011.

This sub period is again divided into sub-sub periods and they can be interpreted as follows:

Sun-Rahu-Rahu (13-09-2010 to 01-11-2010) : Rahu is the only planet in the star of Sun, the occupant of 4th house, thus he will cause some “Practical” problems for the ruling Govt. to carry on their administration. Fourth house is always have a negative impact on 10th house matters (is what I feel). There may be some discussions with neighbor countries regarding our boundaries; negotiations for peace may fail,  some serious air crash may take place because lord of Asc Venus is going to conjoin Natal Jupiter (8,12 lord)  along with violent Mars in Libra an airy sign and lord of 12th house Jupiter is exactly transiting over 12th cusp in retrograde motion. Death  of a senior leader, threat for cities in South-West direction. Death by poisonous gas may happen. Development in pharmacy, IT industries, Strict rules relating to emigration may be imposed.

Sun-Rahu-Jupiter: (01-11-2010 to 14-12-2010) Low collections from tax departments, Fiscal and economic reforms, Controversies relating to Judicial department, Amendment or formulation of new Acts relating to civilians or children, death or hospitalization of a religious head, insecurity among coastal areas,  significant progress by intellectual class, establishment of New universities or libraries, remodeling of ancient temples etc..

Sun-Rahu-Saturn: (14-12-2010 to 02-02-2011) important changes in political scenario, uncertainty among ruling govt., slow movement of economy, Political turmoil in the states in west direction, Natural calamities, floods, cyclones and loss of crops there from, secret activities of enemies (from west direction), developments in minerals, iron and steel industries, new agreements or renewal of old agreements with friendly countries, imposing heavy taxes on certain industries, anti-social elements may become strong, dissatisfaction among industrial class, poor performance by production departments of various industries, strikes and lock outs prevail in the country.

Sun-Rahu-Mercury: (02-02-2011 to 20-03-2011): Good developments in trade and commerce, Significant improvement in exports and imports, Infrastructure will be upgraded, construction of new power projects, school level education will be promoted m more,  new inventions by science class, some scandals may be unveiled, press and media domination, stock market may record an uptrend,  youth class will show significant productivity.

Sun-Rahu-Kethu (20-03-2011 to 08-04-2011):  Some disturbances in the peace and security in the south Indian states. There may some conflict with the allied countries, external affairs may be problematic!, developments in economy and Reality sector may record sterling growth.

Sun-Rahu-Venus (08-04-2011 to 02-06-2011) : Good development in the Economy, increase in GDP, FMCG sector will have a good time, Peaceful relations with  neighbors,Venus lord of the Asc in the star of Mercury and own sub (she is the sublord for 10th cusp also), Mercury is lord of 2, 3, 6 in 3. By that time Venus is in the 11th cusp in trine to its natal position. But transit of Jupiter over Kethu star can cause some health problems to the head of the state. Rahu is the agent for Venus. It is to be noted that Rahu will transit in the sign of Jupiter throughout his period hence whatever the developments may be still the economy may be in deficit because of 8, 12 significations of Jupiter. Women will occupy prominent positions, Medical field will show significant development and people will spend more on luxuries and comforts. Underworld activities or smuggling may be a worry to the govt.

Sun-Rahu-Sun: (02-03-2011 to 19-06-2011) Sun is in 4th in Mercury star in opposition to 10th cusp and he is also and he is in sextile to his own position in the progressed chart, thus he may cause some problems to the govt., national security is to be tightened. As DBA is under the control of Sun some minor health disturbance to the ruler of the nation may happen.

Sun-Rahu-Moon (19-06-2011 to 18-07-2011) : This is a neutral period or the nation as Moon is in the star of Saturn and conjoined with him there may be slight growth in the economy, death rate in the infants may increase, water pollution may cause health problems in come areas, a woman may be in the news during this period, delay in negotiations or agreements with other countries,  border crossing by enemies, delay and lag in implementing policies or getting results from the same.

Sun-Rahu-Mars(18-07-2011 to 07-08-2011) : Some military action may be needed, anti-social  elements or Maoism may flare up,  there is disturbances in public life because Rahu is in Mars sign and opposing transiting Mars and Jupiter is opposing his natal position and in sextile with natal Mars. Govt. need to be alert as there may be sudden attacks in and outside the country, viral infections or accidents or bomb blast worry people, new weapons may be invented and progress by R&D departments, political turmoil in south Indian states.

The above is only an observation as per the stellar astrological principles, I tried my best to explore (with my limited knowledge) still many points might be missed. It is not an end in itself but purely an attempt to forecast as “Political Astrology” is in an infant stage any attempt will be an experiment. Hope readers can understand my intention.

India, the mother for great masterminds, religious giants, great kings, monumental artists and selfless freedom fighters this world has ever seen is celebrating her Independence Day. Hope she will restore her past glory. The country which our ancients dreamed and the poet Ravindranath described will be incarnated without any doubt….. Mera Bharath Mahan…Jai Hind.
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