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Independence Day - Analysis for 2010-11

Last Updated: 8/10/2010 5:11:51 PM

independence day analysis, india

This article is an attempt to analyse the Independence day chart and the likely effects in the year 2010 – 11.

Current Maha Dasha is of Planet Sun and it occupies Cancer in the 4th bhava and Pisces Navamsha. It is in Ashlesha Nakshatra ruled by Mercury and in the sub of Saturn. This Major period will give prominence to Government related matters. Sun is the significator of the Government and this period will improve the strength and prominence for all government controlled activities. The power to control will increase during this period. There will be gains in government sector and a lot of initiatives will be taken up for the masses. This period will show the tactical side of the government and its ability to deal with its partners. There will be success in many of its policies taken up at the international level. The strength of the government also indicates the standing of the nation in the international arena. This period will increase the respectability and status of the nation in the world. India as a nation will slowly but steadily proceed ahead to be recognized as a force to beckon with.

Sun in Pisces Navamsha is ruled by Jupiter which is a significator for growth. There is a tremendous growth potential which is also being recognized by the international community. Our growth rate is only the 2nd best next to China and during the current dasha period the nation will stand to gain a lot due to this growth potential. The growth will give many job opportunities and thereby benefiting the common man. The areas which are likely to benefit the most are the infrastructure sector, service sector, agriculture, finance, power sector and FMCG industries.

It is interesting to note that Jupiter occupies Libra the sign of justice in the independence day chart and Transit Jupiter occupies Pisces the sign where Sun is placed in the Navamsha chart. This position will trigger many new initiatives with regard to law and regulations. Legal and Justice matters will gain prominence. Some important decision is likely to be taken in legal sector during this year which will mark a new beginning for handling law and order situations. This period will also spell trouble to corrupt individuals in the government and many new issues are likely to come out into the open in the form of scams.

Current Antar dasha is of Mars till Nov 2010. Mars occupies Gemini in the 2nd bhava and Sagittarius Navamsha. It is in Aadra Nakshatra and in Rahu sub. This period will mark a new beginning in the financial sector. There will be many new policies with regards to finance regulations. We can expect a radical change in the near future in the finance sector. The change in the Rupee symbol is just the beginning. There will be change in regulatory norms, loans, tax structure. Our financial position in the international market will change for the better. Mars is the significator for land, housing industries, engineering sector. This period will give an added impetus in the housing sector and one can expect many new regulations being passed in this regard. These regulations would be made with an intention to benefit the common man. The infrastructure sector will gain momentum in the latter half of the year with many new projects and contracts being taken up. Agriculture will gain prominence and gains and record productions would be achieved during this year.

It is interesting to note that Transit Rahu occupies Sagittarius where Mars is posited in the Navamsha chart. This year will trigger many new activities in the above sectors. Any irregularity in the above sector will come out in the open which will be a cause for concern. Corruption and malpractices in these sectors will be exposed during this period eg. loss in agriculture and food grains, malpractices in handling of godowns, corrupt builders will be nabbed, malpractices in awarding contracts and tenders will be brought to notice etc.

Mars is also a significator for sports. Its placement with Saturn and Venus in Virgo in the Transit chart creates malefic influence and spoils the good qualities. This year will create ruffles in the government controlling sports. The nation will face difficulty and losses due to sports. IPL scam is just the beginning. There will be many new issues / scams in the coming year due to mismanagement of sports in the country. Mismanagement of funds and inappropriate organizing ability of major sporting events will spoil and harm the image of the nation.

Rahu Antar dasha will begin from Nov 2010. Rahu occupies Taurus in the independence day chart and occupies Aquarius Navamsha. This period will be beneficial for pharmaceutical industries, agriculture, infrastructure sectors, communication sector. There will be major initiatives taken by the government in the above which will increase the growth of the nation and eventually benefit the common man. Telecom sector, Information technology, education sector will benefit from new initiatives taken by the government.

Transit Saturn occupies Virgo. Saturn is the significator for labour class, employment and old people. In the Independence day chart Saturn occupies Cancer in the 3rd bhava and in Capricorn Navamsha. This period will give significant gains to the labour class and create employment opportunities for the masses. There will be gains for the old people in the form for new laws and regulations. The serving class will benefit in the form of reduced taxes. There will be initiatives taken for the benefit of farmers. There will gains for all the individuals who are involved with agriculture. Service sector, Communication sector will gain during this period.

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