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India 2013 Predictions : Horoscope 2013 for India

Author: Hanumaan Mishra | Last Updated: Wed 26 Dec 2012 6:18:42 PM

India 2013, 2013 India, India in 2013, Year 2013 for India

By Pt. Hanumaan Mishra

India in 2013

India in 2013 will have to face many critical situations. The upcoming year is not likely to be very good for India in year 2013 as well as the world.

The year 2013 will start with India being affected by the Sun in Saturn, as India’s ascendant is Taurus, sign is Capricorn and constellation is Pushya. The lord of the fourth house Sun, is posited in the third house of “Jyeshtha” constellation”. The Sun has close relations with Mercury which is also related to this constellation. Mercury denotes inner peace, bravery, knowledge, wealth and entertainment. The ninth and the tenth lord, Saturn is also posited in the third house in “Jyeshtha” constellation”. Saturn is not only linked to deeds and destiny, but is also strongly connected to the economy, education and entertainment. India is in direct influence of both the planets till June 2013. Indian economy has to go through adverse conditions as the Sun and the Saturn are enemies of each other. The level of education will keep on declining with the declination in the level of teachers, students and morals. The planetary positions also indicate toward the increment in the rate of child mortality. The major changes through which India seems to be going through are not coming to an end. And, in 2013 also India will keep on facing adversities such as conflicts or arguments on religious context. Some big controversies might come up as the politicians will try to compare religion and the politics. The verdicts that have long lasting effects might be given by the Indian judiciary.

Either the government will not take up any measure to remove unemployment or the taken measures will not be successful. The matters related to land and property will speed up. There might be an increment in the price of iron, coal, wood, marbles and grains. The process of converting black money into white through the medium of cinema or entertainment will continue. Vulgarity in the name of entertainment will be presented to the audience.

After June, the influence of the phase of Sun and Mercury will be seen on India. During that time period, a law might be formed for the betterment of schedule castes / schedule tribes. There will also be an improvement in the economy of India. The standard of living of people will also improve. The professional and social relationship with any of the influential country will get better. Other countries are likely to give support. Government or any law might interfere in the cinema, entertainment, media, social media and medical industries. There will also be an improvement in the fields of education, especially in the IT education. Schemes related to child development will be formulated. The rate of unemployment will decrease a bit. The standard of politicians will get better. The talented and capable people will be appreciated and respected as per their abilities. Religion and religious people will get progress.

If the transit is considered, Ketu is in the 12th house, whereas Saturn and Rahu are in the sixth house. These are indicating towards the increased prices of copper, gold and petroleum products. Jupiter is retrograde in ascendant that will be in second house after May. Therefore, neighboring countries might initiate negotiations and treaties. Third house is being aspected by Saturn due to which transport and communication sector will grow. There will also be an increment in the number of accidents. Therefore, government is required to gather the resources to deal with such accidents. But, this will not happen. Neighboring countries might cause some troubles as indicated by the aspect of Saturn on third house. Any of the neighboring nations might create serious chaos. This chaos can be a major terrorist attack.

Because of the conjoining of Saturn and Rahu in the sixth house, there will be success in some parts and failures in the other. There are strong chances of India to be struck by thunderstorm, flood and even earthquake. People in large number might suffer from malaria, chickenpox, pneumonia and diarrhea in the eastern India. Fever will spread rapidly due to drought in the western region. India in 2013 will have to face some more serious issues such as chaos, costlier grains, pain to the public and production of food grains might also decrease. With all this, people of India will also be afraid of thieves and dacoits.
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