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India General Elections 2019 Predictions

Author: - | Last Updated: Mon 26 Nov 2018 3:43:15 PM

In 2019, elections in India will constitute 6 state’s legislative assembly elections, elections to Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha elections and many other by-elections associated with the local bodies, councils and state legislative assemblies.

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General Elections 2019

Either in April or May 2019, General Elections will take place in the country. It will constitute the seventeenth Lok Sabha Legislative assembly. There are 543 seats with Lok Sabha in which 272 seats must be in the majority. The major parties involved are BJP and Congress who won 282 seats and 44 seats respectively in 2014. The present scenario is that BJP has 270 seats and Congress has gained power over 49 seats. BJP is in alliance with NDS whereas INC is in alliance with UPA.

Various organizations conduct the opinion polling to determine voting intentions. Here some astronomical predictions are made for the leader of BJP, Narendra Modi. The prime minister of India was the chief minister of Gujarat state previously. He ruled the state from 2001-2014. He is the 15th PM of India and has been in the position since 2014. Since 1984, it was the first time BJP won the general elections by such a majority.

His methodological approach as well as his ability to formulate sentences in quite an impressive manner, is attributed to the conjunctions of Moon and Mars. It is the specialty of PM Narendra Modi that he focuses on words and sentences to make his speech convincing. Horoscope of Narendra Modi exhibits his strong control over the larger people.

BJP Seat Prediction for 2019 General Elections

State/Region Number of seats BJP seats in 2014 elections BJP seat range in the year 2019
States Where BJP Can Face Strong Competition
Jammu & Kashmir 6 3 2-3
Delhi 7 7 5-6
Punjab 13 2 2-3
Assam 14 7 8-10
Bihar 40 22 20-24
Maharashtra 48 23 15-23
Uttar Pradesh 80 71 30-40
States That Will Witness Direct BJP-Congress Fight
Himachal Pradesh 8 6 6-7
Uttarakhand 5 5 4-5
Haryana 10 7 5-7
North East Ex of Assam 11 1 5-7
Chhattisgarh 11 10 7-10
Jharkhand 14 12 8-10
Rajasthan 25 25 12-15
Gujarat 26 26 20-22
Karnataka 28 17 17-20
Madhya Pradesh 29 27 18-25
States Which Have Weak BJP Presence
Telangana 17 1 1-2
Kerala 20 0 1-2
Odisha 21 1 4-8
Andhra Pradesh 25 2 0-2
Tamil Nadu 39 1 2-5
West Bengal 42 2 5-10

In several surveys, it is revealed that PM Modi will conquer and have a second term in the next 2019 elections. The survey predicted that there will an approx. 38% and 25% vote share of NDA and UPA respectively. Overall seat projections are NDA: 276 seats, UPA: 112 seats and others 155 seats. NDA constitute 38%. UPA will constitute 25% share whereas others will constitute 37%.

As per the predictions, Congress may get the majority in Assembly elections of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. BJP may fall in these states. It can be predicted that Congress will make the new move in UP in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. But, Congress needs to join hands with BSP-SP alliance. This Mahagathbandhan will surely win 56-80 seats in UP. The seat projections in UP 2019 Lok Sabha elections are 24 seats for NDA and 56 seats for Grand Alliance.

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In Bihar, two possibilities are there. First one is in the case when RSLP and LJP join UPA. In this, NDA may win 22 seats, UPA 18 seats and others with 0 seats. In other case if RSLP & LJP remain in NDA, then NDA may have 31 seats and UPA 9 seats.

In Madhya Pradesh, Lok Sabha polls have shown that 23 seats may win by NDA. UPA may win over 6 seats. In Lok Sabha elections of Chhattisgarh, it is predicted that NDA may win 9 seats out of 11 seats. In Rajasthan, ABC New Survey resulted that NDA may win around 18 seats. On the other hand, 6 seats may fall into the hands of UPA.

In 2019 elections, there are more chances that Narendra Modi will let BJP in power. The majority will remain with the saffron party. Indian politics is quite surprising and unpredictable. In the year 2004, the opinion polls predicted that Vajpayee-NDA will win with flying colors. BJP itself was very confident. But India chose Manmohan Singh to rule for the next decade. In 2009 elections, Congress proved itself and won 261 out of 543 seats with its allies. On the contrary, in 2014 elections, there was a wave of change in politics which resulted in BJP winning with 282 seats.

There are eight major states which can cost more than 50 seats to BJP. Among all these, Rajasthan, Gujarat, UP and MP accounted for 147 seats in 2014.

Stay tuned to read about political predictions.

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