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Jain Calendar 2020 Dates

Last Updated: 1/24/2019 9:30:34 AM

calendar 2020 Jain religion can be dated back to the times when the civilization was in its very nascent stage and the human race was exploring peace and means to live. Not causing harm to any living being - either a human or an insect - is the basis of Jainism. Freedom of the soul and attainment of Moksha is what is taught by the Tirthankaras of Jain religion. Twenty-four Tirthankaras are prominently known all over the world who preached the lesson of humanity, love, and peace. The lifestyle followed by Jain people is based on the grounds of minimalism i.e. resources required to live must have a limitation. Unlike the modern world theory, where everything has a gadget or a mobile app, the idea of Jain religion is to restrict the distractions and concentrate on the attainment of self. The festivals celebrated in Jain religion are different from others. Generally, festivals are days when we show our happiness and celebrate with pomp and show. But here, in Jain religion, it doesn’t mean so. Rather these are days of fasting, preaching, and pilgrimage. Given below is the list of Jain festivals you can refer to.

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Jain Calendar 2020

Festival Date Day
Shri Rajendra Surishwar Diwas January 02, 2020 Thursday
Rohini Vrat January 8, 2020 Wednesday
Shitalnath Janma Tapa January 21, 2020 Tuesday
Meru Trayodashi & Adinath Nirvana Kalyanak January 22, 2020 Wednesday
Rishabhdev Moksha January 23, 2020 Thursday
Daslakshan Start January 30, 2020 Thursday
Maryada Mahotsav February 01, 2020 saturday
Rohini Vrat February 04, 2020 Tuesday
Shri Jitendra Rath Yatra & Dashlakshan End February 08, 2020 Saturday
Phalguna Ashtahnika Start March 02, 2020 Monday
Rohini Vrat March 03, 2020 Tuesday
Phalguni Chaumasi Chaudas March 08, 2020 Sunday
Ashtahnika End March 09, 2020 Monday
Varshitapa Arambha March 16, 2020 Monday
Daslakshan Start March 29, 2020 Sunday
Rohini Vrat March 30, 2020 Monday
Ayambil Oli Start (Chaitra Navapada) March 31, 2020 Tuesday
Mahavir Jayanti April 06, 2020 Monday
Daslakshan (1/3) End April 07, 2020 Tuesday
Ayambil Oli End April 08, 2020 Wednesday
Varshitapa Parana & Rohini Vrat April 26, 2020 Sunday
Shri Mahavir Swami Kaivalya Gyan Divas (Kevalgyan) May 03, 2020 Sunday
Jyeshtha Jinwar Vrat Start May 08, 2020 Friday
Shri Anantnath Janma Tap May 19, 2020 Tuesday
Rohini Vrat May 23, 2020 Saturday
Jyeshtha Jinwar Vrat End June 05, 2020 Friday
Rohini Vrat June 20, 2020 Saturday
Ashtahnika Start June 27, 2020 Saturday
Chaumasi Chaudas July 04, 2020 Saturday
Ashtahnika End July 05, 2020 Sunday
Rohini Vrat July 17, 2020 Friday
Parshvanath Moksha July 27, 2020 Monday
Rohini Vrat August 13, 2020 Thursday
Paryushan Parva Rambha August 16, 2020 Sunday
Kalpasutra Paath & Samvatsari August 19, 2020 Wednesday
Tailadhar Tapa August 20, 2020 Thursday
Kshamavani Parva & Dashlakshan Start August 23, 2020 Sunday
Daslakshan End September 01, 2020 Tuesday
Rohini Vrat September 10, 2020 Thursday
Rohini Vrat October 7, 2020 Wednesday
Ayambil Oli Start (Ashwin Naupada) October 23, 2020 Friday
Ayambil Oli End October 31, 2020 Saturday
Rohini Vrat November 3, 2020 Tuesday
Shri Padma Prabhu Janma Tapa November 13, 2020 Friday
Lakshmi Puja November 14, 2020 Saturday
Mahavir Nirvana November 15, 2020 Sunday
Gyan Panchami/ Saubhagya Panchami/ Labh Panchami November 19, 2020 Thursday
Kartika Ashtahnika Start November 22, 2020 Sunday
kartika Chaumasi Chaudas November 29, 2020 Sunday
Ashtahnika End/ Rohini Vrat/ Kartika Rath Yatra November 30, 2020 Monday
Mahavir Swami Deeksha December 10, 2020 Thursday
Mauni Ekadashi December 25, 2020 Friday
Rohini Vrat December 28, 2020 Monday

Note: Jain calendar also considers the movement of Moon, which is very quick, in deciding the dates of fasting. The details given above are best to our knowledge, but we shall be updating them when any revision is announced. Check the site regularly for updated details.

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As discussed above, the festivals of the Jain religion are not holidays but holy days. These are the days when prayers are performed at a heightened level and deities go out to visit the devotees. Some prominent festivals of Jainism are explained below:

  • Mahavir Jayanti

Celebrating the birthday of Lord Mahavira, this day is of great importance to the Jain community. People gather in the temple to hear the teachings of Lord Mahavira and the images of him are taken outside the temple, indicating that the Lord is visiting the followers, instead of the other way round situation common to every religion.

  • Paryushana

The word Paryushan means staying in one place. Jain devotees perform this task to show repentance and technically stop the flow of time. A monastic practice, primarily this was. It includes eight days of intensive fasting. All you have to do is sit back and pray. Jain scriptures are used for preaching the sayings of the Lord and puja is performed exhaustively.

  • Mauna Agyaras

A day-long fast which includes staying completely quiet and not uttering a single word, Mauna Agyaras is said to be a sacred duration.

  • Kartik Purnima

A day considered auspicious for pilgrimage, Kartik Purnima, which is also celebrated as Guru Nanak Birthday in Northern-India and Sikh community, is of immense significance for Jains as well.

  • Diwali

Lakshmi Puja or Diwali is celebrated by Hindus with an extravaganza. Gifts, lights, sweets, and shopping are things associated with the celebration of Diwali. In Jain community, however, the two days of Diwali mean two days of fasting.

Fasting is a common custom in Jainism. There are majorly four types of fasting popular in Jains. These are:

  1. Complete fasting

Like regular fasting, it means that you will be giving up food and water completely for a defined period. The time limit is not set and varies from person to person. Great monks go for fasting for a week or more. Generally, the duration of a fast is shorter and lasts only till a festival. However, complete fasting also includes the format of fasting until one’s death. This is fasting performed in which the person does not wish to return to normal life, rather die and attain moksha. The practice is not common but does exist.

  1. Partial fasting

Eating less than you generally do and controlling your taste buds is the essence of a Partial fast. Jain people are strict vegetarians. They do not eat even ginger-garlic, as per the religious norms. When fasting, people give up their taste and survive only with what is essential.

  1. Vruti Sankshepa

Another form of fasting in Jainism is limiting the number of items of food eaten. One gives up eating a particular food item for the rest of their life.

  1. Rasa Parityaga

Similar to the previous practice, the only difference here is that you need to give up on your favourite food items. The ideology behind fasting is minimizing your need for resources. For feeding along, humans utilize a majority of the resources available. The situation is so difficult that animals nowadays don’t even have their share of the bare minimum.

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Within Jainism, there is a division - the Svetambaras and the Digambars. The basis of distinction lies in the understanding of the scriptures and certain rituals. The manner of worshipping may vary but the lesson to learn from Jain way of life is - “Do not harm others.”

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