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Jennifer Aniston and her breakups : Astrological Analysis

Author: Aalok Varkhandkar | Last Updated: Tue 29 Jun 2010 1:59:39 PM

Jennifer Aniston and her breakups : Astrological Analysis

Aalok Varkhandkar

Jennifer Aniston was born on February 11, 1969 in Los Angeles. Using Birth Time Rectification I have deduced her time of birth to be 4:41 p.m. as with this time of birth the events in her life are matching with her chart more than with any other time of birth or ascendant.

With Cancer rising, ascendant lord Moon is in the fifth house in a debilitated state. This means that she will suffer losses during the dasha of Moon, and since the Moon is in the fifth house, the fifth house matters will suffer as well. This is also because Mars is in the fifth house. This is confirmed by the fact that Aniston has not been able to have children of her own, as well as her disappointments in love life as the fifth house rules progeny and love. Mars is also powerful in own house and aspecting the eighth and twelfth houses, hence it will show bad effects.

However Moon alone is not responsible for her disappointments in love life. Sun and Mercury in the seventh house are also responsible for that, as is the seventh lord Saturn, which is conjunct Venus and Rahu as we shall see below.

Jennifer Aniston had a famous love affair with Brad Pitt and an astrological analysis of her relationship with him will give a good idea of her breakups in life.

Aniston began dating Brad Pitt in May 1998. At that time she was running the dasha of Moon/Mars/Mars. Moon and Mars are both in the fifth house. The fifth house rules love affairs and planets in the fifth house play a big role in romantic matters, hence the beginning of the love affair.

The marriage between Pitt and Aniston took place on July 29, 2000. At that time she was running the dasha of Moon/Jupiter/Saturn. Moon is in the fifth house of love affairs while Jupiter, the significator of husband in a female chart, is in the third, aspected by Saturn, the seventh lord. Saturn himself is with Venus, and being pratyantar dasha lord as well, was responsible for Aniston’s marriage.

Jupiter and Moon being benefics and Saturn being the seventh lord Jennifer tied the knot. But it is often noticed in Vedic charts that when benefic and malefic planets are together in the same house or are influencing each other by aspect, then good results are seen during the combined periods of benefic planets while negative results are experienced during the combined periods of malefic planets. The planets show results related to matters common with them.

On January 6, 2005 Jennifer announced her divorce with Brad Pitt. At that time she was running the dasha of Sun/Mercury/Rahu. Sun and Mercury are malefics and in the seventh house, while Rahu, a malefic, is conjunct the seventh lord Saturn and seventh house significator Venus. Aniston filed for divorce on March 25, 2005 during the period of Sun/Mercury/Saturn. Mahadasha and Antardasha lords Sun and Mercury being in the seventh house, the seventh house affairs were dominant during this time. The periods of two malefic planets influencing the seventh house thus put an end to Aniston’s relationship with Brad Pitt.

The divorce was finalized on October 2, 2005 during the period of Sun/Venus/Venus. Venus is the significator of seventh house and its conjunction with Saturn is a sign of multiple love affairs in a Vedic chart. Immediately following the divorce Aniston began an affair with Vince Vaughn which also ended by the end of Venus Antardasha.

After Sun Mahadasha, Jennifer began the Moon dasha. During this time she has had a couple of relationships but they did not last for more than a few months. Her chart is a classic example of breakups due to presence of malefics in the seventh house, and the seventh lord afflicted due to its conjunction with Rahu as well as Venus.

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