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Monthly Horoscope for June, 2013: Month of June for You

Author: Acharya Raman | Last Updated: Sat 8 Jun 2013 2:35:52 PM

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June 2013 Monthly Horoscope

June 2013 monthly horoscope will help you plan your entire month in advance. The predictions are made by Acharya Raman based on the principles of Vedic Astrology. Hence, these are Moon sign based predictions. So, know your future for the month June and change the path of life.

The month of june is beginning with following planetary positions:

Sun 16.39 Taurus Rohini (Mo)
Moon 19.43 Aquarius Satbhisha (Ra)
Mars 6.23 Taurus Kritika (Su)
Mercury 7.8 Gemini Aardra (Ra)
Jupiter 0.13 Gemini Mrigshira (Ma) Mercury Mercury
Venus 3.27 Gemini Mrigshira (Ma)
Saturn 11.50 Libra Swati (Ra) Saturn Mars
Rahu 22.36 Libra Vishakha (Ju) Saturn Venus
Ketu 22.36 Aries Bharini (Ve) Saturn Ketu

Saturn is retrograde. Rahu-Ketu are always retrograde. For fast moving planets, the sub is not required and for slow moving ones sub-sub is required as per stellar transit principles because they remain for too long in a sub itself.

Among the slow moving ones, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu are in sub of Saturn itself and Jupiter is in sub of Mercury. Saturn, Rahu, Ketu are in sub-sub of Mars, Venus, Ketu respectively, when june morning begins. No planet is in star of Saturn, Mercury and Ketu.

Aries Monthly Horoscope:

June Horoscope for Aries

Financially, this is not going to be good as your Lord of gains is running in sub of Mars, Lord of 1st and 8th house. Gains will be coming after extra effort and there could be loss in speculations. Health will be creating troubles. Acidity, boils, intestinal ulcers also will be seen in some of you. Relations with elderly in the family will not be good as such and there will be problems at home front also. You are having some big plans for the future and are devoted completely to them. People in sports, media and performing arts will be benefited. People in research, espionage, geology will also be benefited it seems. You may have sudden losses from the markets, betting, speculative activities etc.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope:

June Horoscope for Taurus Be cool. Life is not as bad as it seems. Work front is first priority, money inflow will also be there and there will be cordial relations in and out this month with all in general. Stocks can be a good idea. Good month for fortune tellers too. If you are spiritually inclined, try doing Mantra Sadhanas this month or Yoga or any such activity. They will be beneficial for you. Control food habits for better health and digestion otherwise be ready for headaches, intestinal aches. Try having lots of water without any mixtures. Coconut water is a good thing this month. Avoid extra thinking and be practical. Avoid fast driving and be careful with metals, some of you may have head injury of severe nature.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope:

June Horoscope for Gemini Foreign travels for leisure are on for you. Family life will be disturbed. Unwanted quarrels are also there. Expenses on items of luxury, communication will be done. For writers, journalists, businessmen of technology; it is a good month indeed. Romance will be in mind and soul for you most of this month. For natives of marriageable age this year will be the year of marriage also for many. Your main focus is on travels mostly this month. Always remember that big plans need solid base and strong will to succeed, otherwise simply forget.

Cancer Monthly Horoscope:

June Horoscope for Cancer There will be some conspiracy against you at work, so be careful. Do not buy immovable assets. It is an unfavorable month overall. Confusion and indecisiveness will prevail. This sign is also called royal sign along with Leo and many politicians are of this sign. They will be suffering the most, the higher ranked you are the more you are likely to suffer. There will be monetary gains also, dont worry. But, you will not be having satisfaction in any aspect of life.

Leo Monthly Horoscope:

June Horoscope for Leo Businessmen will have some foreign connection this month. Saturn in sub of Mars with Sun in 10th house in star of Moon in 7th house may give that connection to you. Leos are egoistic people and get highly inflated with small praise also. And, later keep repenting it. So, focus on work and no where else. It is a very good month for finances, gains and stocks. People in land dealings will also be having good time, no matter how the market is. With your own effort you will convert failure to success so be focused.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope:

June Horoscope for Virgo Love affair will be successful. Servants will be giving you troubles. Sudden wave of spiritualism will be high on you. Good work atmosphere. Long travels will be accomplished. Be careful with people around you. You may find yourself in a trap of defamation also. Some problems in flow of fluids of the body will surface up and can make you bed ridden. Back bone will give you trouble and so will eyes to many.

Libra Monthly Horoscope:

June Horoscope for Libra Expenditure on kids and family. Sudden breaks on gains and profits. Forget speculations this month. Some of you will find a Guru in coming days or a leader you will want to follow. Thoughts of religion and charity will be coming off and on in your mind. Family life will be disturbed. Some of you will have hidden gains like ancestral property from in-laws etc. There will be problem in lower abdomen and below for some of you. Females will be most affected. Avoid tensions and over thinking as it will lead to nowhere. Home will be a good place and there could be purchases for its renovation.

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope:

June Horoscope for Scorpio You will be having gains from hidden sources. People in the field of civil technology will be having a good time. Some of you may lose your communication devices by fault or theft. People in web technologies will face the music. Offshore assignments can go for a ride. Work front will be average. People from performing arts and entertainment will have a bad time. Some of you will have dead deals reassigned to you or you will get work from you never thought you will. Severe acidity is shown so avoid drinks and such things. Drink a lot of chilled milk with sugar.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope:

June Horoscope for Sagittarius Another showy egoist sign after Leo. This month is for love, romance etc. only for unmarried natives; and for married ones you may be heading toward another relation. People from the professions of orating and writing will be having fun this month. Having new friends is also there. Just keep in mind that when someone is praising you a lot for things of regular nature then he/she is not at all a well wisher. Pregnant women can have loss of child. Not exactly a very good time for personal life.

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope:

June Horoscope for Capricorn Some civil court case might be waiting for you which will be over soon. You are having some secret plans of expansion in your business or work which will fail abruptly due to others. No point in thinking big, just continue as it is and later things will improve. It is an unfavorable period over all.

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope:

June Horoscope for Aquarius For you this month will be good overall. Long journey is in mind, so are romantic thoughts and family life. Change of place is also in mind but will not happen most likely. For many, there will be change in job, profession and work area itself. You are willing to work hard and are putting everything in it. Keep doing, it will pay back in long run. Dont rely on others, believe in yourself.

Pisces Monthly Horoscope:

June Horoscope for Pisces Thinking of buying a new house, vehicle and probably laptop, mobile phone. Good work atmosphere. You are thinking of pilgrimage also. There can be sudden change of place; sudden bad news can make you sad. Food poisoning is seen for some of you. Some will have legal issues with ancestral properties. Pain in shoulders, arms and bruises on face and back may come to you. Be careful with reptiles as they may fall on you suddenly to make you scream. Be careful in eating habits. Be less emotional and less selfish.

These are just general indications and have nothing to do with your natal horoscope. Please give your valuable feedback to us for the same. For in-depth analysis of natal horoscope, consult a competent astrologer.

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