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Jupiter Aquarius Horoscope (2010)

Author: Punit Pandey | Last Updated: Fri 25 Dec 2009 3:37:53 PM

Jupiter has entered in Aquarius zodiac sign on December 19th, 2009 and will stay in Aquarius till December 2nd, 2010. In other words, these horoscopes are valid for almost whole year 2010. These transit forecasts are written keeping your ascendant in mind. If you do not know your ascendant, then you can also read predictions from your moon sign. You can find out your ascendant as well as moon sign from www.AstroSage.com.

Also note that these forecasts are generic in nature and it is important that your birth chart and planetary cycles should also support it to let mentioned events happen. Detailed study of full birth chart can give more precise forecasts.


For Aries, Jupiter is lord of house of luck and expenditure i.e. is ninth and twelfth respectively. Jupiter will be transiting in eleventh house this year. This indicates growth, opportunities and profits. There will be good cash flow and control in expenditure. There will be new opportunities on job and career front. Your efforts will give you positive results and the outcomes will be favorable. You will be benefits from siblings, friend, as well as influential people. There can be frequent journeys and even foreign travels. You will be benefitted by foreign countries. Frequent changes in job and locations may sometimes make you unhappy though.


Jupiter is lord of eighth and eleventh house for Taurus natives. Jupiter will be transiting in tenth house this year. You will be involved in righteous activities and ventures. There may be small problems in marriage and relationship front. You will make good long term investment which will give finer returns in the longer period. You will get support and favor from father, guru, boss and government. There will be earning through learning and you will be contented.


For Gemini, Jupiter is lord of seventh and tenth house. Jupiter will be transiting in ninth your house this year. Generally ownership of two Kendra makes Jupiter vulnerable but being posited in ninth it will give extremely positive results. This year can be characterized as expansion through knowledge. You will get teachers and will be involved in spiritual activities. You will also be involved in philanthropic activities this year. On the work front, you will get support from your boss and seniors which will results in progress in your job. There will be long journeys which will be beneficial for you. People are planning to publish books will get success this year. Students will get success in higher studies.


Jupiter is lord of sixth and ninth house for Cancer natives. Jupiter will be transiting in eighth house for you this year. Generally eighth house doesn’t give anything easily, so there will be initial difficulties and hurdles in everything. You will take other people’s support for making money. People involved in research activities will make a lot of progress this year. You need to be cautious about health of your father as this transit is generally not good for father. You may delve deep into spiritual mysteries and learn some secret or occult subjects. It is generally advised to be cautious in participating in any high-risk venture.


For Leo native, Jupiter is lord of fifth and eighth house. Jupiter will be transiting in your seventh house this year. Fifth and eight houses can encourage you to participate in speculative activities and you can lose money, so you need to limit yourself in participating in such activities. You need to be conservative this year in investment decision and avoid any risk. Business-people can get a new partners or investors in their business. Unmarried people can get life-partner this year as the seventh house is of life partner. There can be foreign travels for a short period. You will be benefitted through legal transactions and contracts.


For Virgo, Jupiter is lord of fourth and seventh house. Again being lord of two Kendra it is important that Jupiter is well placed in your birth chart and then only you can expect good results. Jupiter will be transiting through sixth house this year. Seventh lord in sixth is not good for marriage perspective, so people looking to marry may face some difficulties and hurdles. Being in sixth house, business-people will gain from business and able to win new business/ tenders etc. This position is also good for service people and they will have stable job. Subordinates will be very helpful and you will be able to make good progress due to support from your team members. You will be declared winner, if you are part of any legal battle or any other form of competition. You can though face some health problems this year.


For Libra, Jupiter is lord of third and sixth house. Jupiter will be traveling through your fifth house. For Libra native Jupiter is generally not good, but fifth house transit should be comparatively a better position for Jupiter. Married people will be blessed with children and your children should generally do well this year. You will be courageous and prove a good learner. This position is especially good for sport persons who will be able to make good progress this year. You will be inclined towards spirituality and will get a Guru this year. You will enjoy amusement and sports and may also part of such activities. You will be benefitted by Share Market and other forms of speculation. This may be difficult year for your maternal uncle and relative from your mother’s side. You will learn few new things that will add to your profile.


For Scorpio, Jupiter is lord of second and fifth house. Jupiter will be passing through your fourth house this year. You will gain through knowledge and your family. This is specially a good year for students and they will come out very successful this year. You will be contented and relaxed. You may buy new ornaments, luxurious items or a new house. Jupiter being a badhaka lord for your mother may give some trouble to your mother. This may not be a good year for your children and they may face difficulty in all departments of life. You will prove an excellent educator and may also take teaching as full time profession. If you already in this profession, you will make good progress.


Jupiter is lord of first and fourth house for Sagittarius native. As Sagittarius is owned by Jupiter, Jupiter’s transit becomes very important for Sagittarius natives. Jupiter will be passing through their third house this year. You will be wise, determined, focused and able to achieve success due to your hard work and determination. Writers and journalists will have really good time and they will be able to publish books and will become popular. Third house generally enhances potential of any planet and hence Jupiter will give intelligence, good financial position and son etc. You will make short travels. You may be assisted by your siblings and your siblings will prosper in general. This is also a good year for sport persons and the people who are involved with physical work.


Jupiter is lord of twelfth and third house and will be transiting in second house. You will see increase in expenses and find it very difficult to control cash flow. You will act a little slower to take advantage of opportunities, so it is important that you stay alert and open to any possible opportunities. You may able to learn few things that you dreamt for a long time but not able to devote much time. You will be able to set positive goals and able to attains them. You need to be careful of your eating habits and health in general.


Jupiter is lord of second and eleventh house and will be transiting in ascendant for Aquarius native. Jupiter is significator for money and finance and gives abundant money, if well placed in the chart. Second and eleventh houses are also house of money and finance and hence Jupiter is the sole responsible planet for checking financial prospects. Generally transit in first house should give all round gains. You will be protected by divine power and Jupiter will come to rescue you every time you are in problem. You will have a cheerful and easygoing disposition this year and hence your friends and family members will like you. Unmarried people will see their marriage taking place this year and married people will be blessed with worthy son. You will be intelligent and conversant with all forms of knowledge. You will set positive goals and attains them with your hard work and devotion. Overall this year will prove good from all aspect.


For Pisces native, Jupiter is lord of tenth and first house. These two houses are two most important houses in a chart, so Jupiter’s transit becomes very important for Pisces natives. Jupiter will be transiting through house of expenses i.e. twelfth house this year. This is a good position for spiritual progress, but a little detrimental for worldly progress. You also need to be careful about health. You may stay away from the home and gain in foreign lands or with foreign connections. You will visit religious places and live a simple life. If the Jupiter is not well placed in your birth chart, this can be a troublesome position and can give problems both from health and wealth perspective.

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