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Combustion Of Jupiter 2014: What Effects Planet Guru Brings For You

Author: -- | Last Updated: Tue 8 Jul 2014 4:49:05 PM

The planet Jupiter will get combust from July 10, 2014 and will remain the same till August 8, 2014. Jupiter is the indicator of Guru or mentor; hence, named as Guru as well. Combustion of Jupiter will have effects on all signs. See what astrologer ‘ Acharya Raman’ says for it…

The benefic planet Jupiter will be combust from July 10 to August 08, 2014. It is a planet that is credited the most for its beneficial nature. It is going to combust for a long time. It may affect the predicting abilities of the professionals running through DBA of Jupiter. It is a Karaka for law, philosophy, religion, truth, and morality on the whole. We are witnessing a controversy from June 23, about the faith of many people in a person whose temples are getting very high donations. This matter may take a ugly shape during this time. Jupiter is exalted and aspected by exalted Saturn and Rahu . The planet Rahu will leave Saturn on July 14, but it will be joined by another malefic planet i.e. Mars , on July 15. On the date of July 14, 2014 all the three planets will be seen together. Let us see what effects it may have on various ascendants:

  1. Aries : You may suddenly lack in the luck factor. Also, there might be some defamation and losses in long journeys. Your father or elder person in the family may have bad health, during this period. If you are looking forward to finalise a property or a vehicle, I would suggest you to hold it till August 15.
  1. Taurus : There is a probability of pain in backbone. You may have some over heated arguments with your relatives and you may feel proud for no good reason. The health aspect should be taken care of on a serious node. Your pending works may get delayed further and this may become the cause of irritation. Avoid intake of heavy food.
  1. Gemini : There may be some difference of opinion with seniors. There are chances of some small quarrels to take place in family. Your relation with near and dear ones may fall apart for some time. You may suffer from mouth or throat problems. Avoid consumption of sweets in excess.
  1. Cancer : You may feel lack in self-confidence. There is a possibility that you may face disharmony in all the important aspects of life. You might make wrong decisions and may regret on them later. Also, avoid getting indulged in a third party matter and try to remain aloof from such things, during this period.
  1. Leo : Some health issues may arise to your children, problems of “Kapha” primarily. If you will have any ailments, you may not relieved from them easily. The cure may get delayed. There might be a loss in speculation and if you are doing any Sadhana (religious practice) etc, it may get hampered.
  1. Virgo : Your personal life may not be good, during this period. There are chances of differences in romantic matters and they may turn bitter. You may feel lack in proper thinking abilities; thus, you may act unwisely. Health of your mother may be affected during this period. Your vehicle may give problems and its mileage may get lower for no apparent reason.
  1. Libra : Librans have an exalted Jupiter in 10 th house, hence, it is suggested to be careful at workplace. You may have some issues with seniors and management authorities. You may boast a lot about yourself which will backfire. You may receive legal notice or a memo from company regarding your behavior.
  1. Scorpio : You may lose money and inflow may also decrease. Also, it would be good to avoid speculation. Avoid being short-tempered in delicate relations. Those who are expecting delivery may face problems related to the same. Religious tendencies might decrease in you.
  1. Sagittarius : You may get framed in some false allegations. The ascendant lord of Sagittarians is exalted, but is combust and is posited in 8 th house. Your temperament should be cool and accommodative. Also, don’t get too emotional in this time frame. Along with this, don’t become very selfish and egoistic.
  1. Capricorn : You need be careful regarding your written communications. There might be an increase in the expenses and health issues may disturb you. Your travels may prove useless and unfruitful. You may have quarrel with your younger siblings.
  1. Aquarius : This is not a good time to go ahead in legal matters. You may incur losses due to close friends and relatives. There are possibilities of some bitter experiences with your friends. Do not depend on them for the time being.
  1. Pisces : Stars are showing the risk of losing Job or being reprimanded at work place. You want to be a good advisor but the result will be just opposite. You may feel the lack of luck factor in life. You may feel that you are not being respected properly and people around you should give you more time and attention.

This was all about the effects of Jupiter Combust in 2014. Hopefully, this will help you in getting well prepared for the upcoming.

By: Acharya Raman

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