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Rare Kaal Sarpa Dosha Today on 16th June 2012

Last Updated: 6/16/2012 5:16:04 PM

By Punit Pandey

Tonight on 16th June 2012, Moon is entering between Rahu and Ketu. Other six planets were already between Rahu and Ketu. When all seven planets from Sun to Saturn are between shadow planets Rahu and Ketu, it is termed as Kaal Sarpa Yoga or Kaal Sarpa Dosha by some astrologers. These astrologers are saying that the present yoga is even more dangerous because it is starting on Saturday, a day ruled by planet Shani. If you are still now scared, the name of the Kaal Sarpa Yoga constituting today is ‘Karkataka Yoga’. This combination is going to present till 1st of July 2012 when Moon will get out of the grip of Rahu and Ketu.

I always insisted that Kaal Sarpa Yoga is a fake yoga which is used by astrologers and pundits to scare people and hence make money. There is no yoga in any astrology classic by this name and no sage has ever talked about any such yoga. Names like Sheshnaag, Vasuki, Vishdhar, Ghatak are so intelligently chosen to imbibe fear in you. More you fear, more money astrologers/ pundit makes in remedies, shanti, pooja, and japa etc.

All babies born during this period of 16th June to 1st July will have Kaal Sarpa Yoga in their birth chart. Also you will find on TV and Internet, astrologers telling all sort of remedies for all zodiac sign from Aries to Pisces. Do you really need to worry about it?

In my opinion, no. First of all this yoga itself is fake. Secondly, Ketu is joining Moon, Jupiter and Venus in Taurus. Moon becomes exalted in Taurus which is the most powerful point in zodiac. Venus will be in its own sign. All three most benefic planets combining in one single sign will have immensely positive effect. As Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets, as per Vedic astrology, these planets give results according to the planets they conjoin. With positive planets, they give positive results and will negative planets, they give negative results. But as this these planets are influenced by all benefics, we can expect only positive results.

Especially people having Taurus and Scorpio as their Moon sign or Ascendant will be positively affected. They will get money and their finance will improve due to Jupiter and Venus. They will also be able to learn new things because of Jupiter and Venus again as both are karaka for knowledge and intellignece. Remember Jupiter and Venus are deva-guru and danava-guru respectively. Moon and Venus together will bless you with creative and artistic skills.

To conclude, there is nothing to fear about this combination. Whatever be your sign, do not worry about it, nothing bad is going to happen to you due to this yoga. People with Taurus and Scorpio sign can be befitted due to Ketu joining Moon, Venus and Jupiter.

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