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Lal Kitab : legend behind the book

Author: Maneshwar Singh Kondal | Last Updated: Sun 11 Apr 2010 11:08:06 PM

Maneshwar Singh Kondal

                               LAL KITAB HAI JYOTISH NIRALI,
                               JO KISMAT SOYI KO JAGA DETI HAI
                               FARMAAN PUCCA DEKE BAAT AAKHRI
                               DO LAFZI SE ZEHMAT HATA DETI HAI

Lal Kitab is a book which is written for the common people in easy language and in it very simple remedies are given to solve certain day to day problems occurring in life.It has its unique grammar and further its classification is great.

Lal kitab was written by Pt. Rup Chand Joshi ji, born on 18th January, 1888, in the home of Shri Jyoti Ram Joshi, resident of village Pharwala, Tehsil Noormahal, District Jalandhar, Punjab. Pt. ji was exceptionally good in studies and was rewarded with scholarships during his student life. He had a particular interest in languages.He studied Urdu, English and Persian with great enthusiasm, he also excelled in mathematics.

He was blessed with an exceptionally good handwriting and it continued to excel in it till his very end, was very fond of good quality pens and had a remarkable collection of expensive pens of all brands. He got employed in the Defense Accounts and retired as Assistant Accounts Officer.

Pt. ji started his astrological journey with the study of palmistry. Thereafter he studied in astronomy and astrology and studied all the astrological works in detail.

He reached the conclusion that the planetary effects of planets on human destiny can be judged by both palmistry and astrology. He also had god gifted knowledge of reading signs, such as facial features, built etc. also he possessed the knowledge of vaastu.

He attempted to combine all these by inter-linking them and termed this combined knowledge as Samudrik knowledge i.e. the ocean where all these predictive and remedial science or arts mingled.

In his maiden attempt he authored the book titled Samudrik Ki Lalkitab Ke Farmaan in 1939 AD.
This book was a little difficult to understand as it relied heavily on palmistry and had many mistakes maybe due to some printing error or negligence.

This book was followed by another book in 1940 titled Samudrik Ki Lalkitab Ke Armaan.

This book in it’s introductory note  advised the reader to read this book along with the previous one and had a detailed line and page wise correction list for 1939 edition at its end.

It was followed by Lalkitab Teesra Hissa in 1941, it was a book for ready reference, poetry was used in lalkitab for the first time to help the readers help in memorizing the concepts. The next edition was titled Lalkitab Tarmeemshuda published in 1942,it is the most elaborate and detailed book on lalkitab ideology.

It was followed by next edition after a span of 10 years in 1952 as Ilm-e Samudrik ki buniyad par ki lalkitab. The books featured the name of Pt Rup Chand Joshi ji,s cousin (son of his parental uncle) Pt. Girdahari Lal as he publisher and Pt Atma Ram Sharma, resident of village Rahan, Tehsil Noorpur, District Kangra as the calligrapher.

After his retirement pt. ji continued the practice of astrological consultancy full fledged at his native village. Pt ji’s family had a good land holding and his son joined government service as a n officer in revenue department. He took up this practice purely out of his interest in the subject.Pt ji was a whimsical person.

 At times he looked out to be a simple villager but he was also found of latest suits and conversed fluently in flawless English. Since he was in constant touch with Britishers during most o his service, these mannerism grooped in him.

Although he had himself authored the books but he never gave his opinion on the kundali without reading from the book. He expired on 24th December 1982.

As we all know that this whole universe is divided into nine planets  and each and every planet represents its certain things in the universe  and with the help of this book one learned astrologer comes to know that which thing represents which planet and how to place those things in accordance to the natal chart our house and in relevance to universe also.

i mean to say that by practicing lal kitab one comes to know how to make the equilibrium in accordance with nature as per our natal chart.once any person comes to know that what is good for him and what is bad for him then the only thing is left with the person is that he should accept the good things and get himself detached from bad things similar is in the case of planets also and that is the major role of lal kitab in marking the good and bad planets in our life through its unique grammar and understanding.

In lal kitab houses are fixed, planets keep on moving them turn by turn as per the yearly horoscope and as per the grammar and conditions laid dowm in the lal kitab and give effect accordingly.

if we understand it in simple terms then take houses of a chart as different rooms or different residential places with different environmental different ,geological conditions but these houses or residential areas are fixed and they do not change .and the planets as a tenent come for a while and stay there and move on further .but during this course of staying it depends that if there is a cordial relation between the land lord or the owner of the residential area and the tenent then there will be good outcome or one will feel good and if there is enemity between the two then there will be problems in their particular areas.

Lal kitab has its unique grammar and remedial procedure which one has to follow thoroughly to understand it and then further apply it very carefully to get the desired results.

It has been divided into grah phal and rshi phal .by doing so we hhave been put into certain limitations to understand the law of nature that we cannot get remedy for grah phal but we can take the advantage of rashi phal to mitigate our problems.

If a person was granted to take advantage of grah phal also then it would have been a hinderence in the nature.these are the planets for which we are destined to have the results good or bad as per our karmas and cannot be altered.

It is written in the book itself that only certain persons in the world saintly figures or persons having sun in aries can alter it but that too they will be exchanging their energies with  the other one.here I remember the science law that energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can be transformed from one form to another .

Similarly in this book very easy and nice methods are given to solve day to day problems of our life by applying the grammar of lal kitab and by making or reading the already prescribed remedies in it.

By applying the theory of lal kitab one can find solutions to each and every problem ,the only and only utmost necessary thing is to understand its grammar very nicely and by applying and seeing those things rather I would say by observing those things practically one  would understand the ideology of this great book.

This book in one way or anotherway is being applied by each and every person throughout the india as well as across the world.

For example whenever there is marriage in india people sing songs of happiness and food is given.here if we see it from lal kitab point of view that we are making mars positive by singing mangal geet and donating food .

In north india the groom is made to sit on horse and applied kesar or haldi tilak and sisters feed the white horse with channa yellow channa dal dipped in milk and apply surma in the eyes of their brother .these are all symbolically done to enhance the influence of good planets such as making Jupiter planet good  along with moon.

we all know that whenever we either go for exam or interview our parents tell us to sweeten our mouth before leaving house this is also a remedy for strengthening sun and drinkining some water.One should not go in the kitchen with shoes and sleepers which is in our tradition also and it is good for hyegine and health too.this remedy helps in curbing bad effects of rahu.

When someone will start reading the lal kitab they will definitely believe that it is written for them only and that is ithe beauty of this book that you start looking things surrounding you as per the lal kitab theory and you start yourself transforming into a better personality and a free person from problems and diseases.

The one and only one simple rule is to be followed in reading this book is that make your inner as pure as one can and respect the feelings of others and try to be helpful to everybody.it is written by pundit ji.

Kar bhala hoga  bhala  aakhir bhale ka bhala      means keep on doing good deeds at the end you will get good in return of good.

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