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Know your income and wealth luck through astrology

Author: Suchitra Das | Last Updated: Sat 1 May 2010 9:21:12 PM

Suchitra Das

Now a day, when we speak of good luck or bad luck, our focus mainly goes on financial richness. The sole criterion behind the financial prosperity is healthy flow of income. A person cannot become wealthy without a sound income. The income may come from various sources such as profession, jobs, services, business, inheritance, gifts, rent, partnership, speculative venture, entrepreneurship etc. etc.

In Vedic Astrology, the eleventh house of a natal chart represents income. Income should be a continuous process, and we are all aware about the probable consequences in our life in case of disruption to our income. Income creates wealth, which in turn fructify into our savings. If expenditure overrides income, one either turns into an orphan or destitute and life become miserable and full of sufferings without any physical ailment. All intentions and desires are defeated in the face of monetary crunch and life becomes terrible to bear with. As such, in astrological parlance, there is prima face an integral relationship among our eleventh house (the house of income), the twelfth house (the house for expenditure) and second house (the house for accumulation and savings). The soundness and sources of income depends on many astrological factors, which primarily include planetary interactions and strengths. The lord of the eleventh house and planets influencing the house through occupation, aspects and conjunctions should be fortified and functional benefics. 

The strength of the eleventh house should always be on higher side than twelfth house i.e. the house of expenditure.  The total Asthakavarga points obtained by eleventh and second house individually should be on higher side than that of twelfth house. Even a good income can reduce into zero to no savings, if the twelfth house turns hostile to us in order of strength and adverse planetary configurations. In financial astrology, the prospects of second house i.e. the house of accumulation of wealth is interdependent on the strength of four quadrant and three trine houses including that of eleventh (income), eighth (gifts, inheritance) and twelfth houses (the house of expenditure). In fact, only that portion of our income turns into our savings or wealth whatever is left behind after expenditure. Therefore, the astrological formula of savings and wealth represented by second house is the strength of the eleventh house minus strength of the twelfth house is equal to strength of the second house, as far as, savings and wealth is concerned.  In nutshell, our income is filtered through twelfth house and then goes to the second house, which becomes our real savings and wealth, which provide succour to us during the rainy days (bad time).  I would now briefly discuss, the likely astrological scenario about the sources of income according to the placement of the lord of eleventh sign in different house of the natal horoscope.

1) In first house, the source of income is likely to be through physical endurance (modeling, acting, dancing, wrestling, etc);   
2) In second house, from family sources and family business;
3) In third house, through entrepreneurship, sports and games, younger siblings etc.;
4) In fourth house, from properties, rent, conveyance, mother, etc;
5) In firth house, through speculation, teaching, etc.;
6) In sixth house, through legal activities, services, etc.;
7) In seventh house, through partnership business, spouse, foreign linkages, etc.;
8) In eighth house, through gifts, inheritance, etc.;
9) In ninth house, from father’s business, holy pursuits, foreign linkages, etc.;
10) In tenth house, mainly from service, profession, job, etc.;
11) In eleventh house, through elder brothers and multiple sources;
12) In twelfth house, from abroad, hospital business, etc.

These are all generalized astrological significations. There are hundreds and thousands of astrological factors which act as catalyst for income and financial prosperity.  An expert financial astrologer can only read those astrological combinations and factors thoroughly and purposefully. We make comprehensive study of the birth chart to assess the level of financial prosperity of an individual nativity through his income and inheritance.  I astrologically believe that an expert financial astrologer can activate the dormant planetary promises about the financial prosperity and income in respect of an individual nativity through effective astral remedies.

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