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Know your luck in the Stock Market

Author: Suchitra Das | Last Updated: Mon 19 Apr 2010 4:15:37 PM

Suchitra Das
I have always found that there is a strong correlation between the share market and astrology. Both are the subjects of luck and fate. My approach would therefore, be first dwell a bit about the share market basic and then correlate it with astrology. The success in the share market lies on one’s individual planetary promises, which only an expert astrologer in this line can read properly.  It is my unfailing observation that without the backing of appropriate luck, nobody can earn from share market.  

Everybody whosoever is associated with the share market is aware of these small vocabularies, sentiments, fear, greed, emotion, bull market, bear market, thin volume, high volume, price swing, speculators, operators, traders, investors, etc. These words are freely traded in the mouth of the stock analysts. Just switch on to the premier financial TV channels like CNBC TV18, NDTV Profit, ET Now, etc. you will see the stock analysts are frequently using these words. These words are, in deed, of great intrinsic value in the share market and determine the direction of the market (up, down or horizontal) atleast in short term. 

Astrologically, sentiments, fear and greed are all the mental state and in the domain of Moon and fourth house in a horoscope. While positive sentiments and greed take the market up, the negative sentiments and fear amongst the traders pull down the market. Although, these are all mental state, but greed is ignited by Rahu and fear is caused by Ketu. Both Rahu and Ketu are closely associated with Moon as they are North Node and South Node, respectively of the Moon. That might be reason associated with the fact that the stock market analysts always caution the traders to brush aside their fear and greed from the mind while taking a trading call because fear and greed vitiate the decision as they are associated with malefic planets Rahu and Ketu.  The transit of Moon along the radix determines the day-to-day behaviour of the market.  The bull market is governed by mighty Jupiter, which is a planet of expansion.  The bear market is in the domain of slow planet, Saturn, which is a planet of contraction, too.  You will see that high volume is traded during bull market (Jupiter’s domain) and thin volume is traded during bear market (Saturn’s domain). The two earthy planets, Mercury and Venus control the trading activities in the share market while Jupiter alone takes care of the investment. Rahu along with Mercury promote speculative skills.

We very carefully examine the houses first, second, third, fourth, fifth (the house for success in speculation), seventh, ninth, tenth, eleventh and the strength, placement and planetary interactions in D1 and other sub divisional charts while preparing report card about the luck in investment and speculation. The strength of Jupiter and Rahu side-by-side strength of the lords of fifth, ninth and eleventh houses are of paramount importance for success in share market. We do not consider any house as inauspicious in share market astrology other than the 12th house and its lord and the planet(s) posited in it. The traders can earn both from bull and bear market conditions as per individual planetary configuration.

From April 20, 2010 onwards, I shall be giving my daily astrological predictions on the possible price movement in the Indian Share Market in this website. So, please keep visiting www.astrocamp.com regularly for my articles and predictions. I can write hundreds and thousands of pages on share market astrology but for my own constrain of time and that of space, I have to put a stop here.

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