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Kota Chakra in Astrology : Importance in Predicting Misfortune

Last Updated: 2/18/2012 3:48:57 PM

Kota Chakra, Astrology

By Suchitra Das

Kota Chakra can be used to precisely predict the timing of a misfortune in the life of a nativity at the time of running of bad Dasha. The misfortune may come to anybody in the shape of illness, accident, injuries or even death, mental distress, fall from the position, defeat in litigation, imprisonment, due to collapse of a business or so on.

Kota Chakra has three square/rectangular boxes one placed inside other. It has also four entry routes for the transiting planets to get into the Chakra and four exit routes for the transiting planets to go out of the Chakra. The three-square/rectangular boxes can be termed as outer box (bigger one, which also act as boundary of the Chakra), middle box and the smaller box for the convenience of understanding. The smaller box is very sensitive area of Kota Chakra and called Stambha means pillar. Transiting planets with direct motion find their way into the Chakra through North East, South East, South West and North West corner routes of the Chakra and exit through East, West, North and South directions. Reverse is the case with retrograde planets like Rahu, Ketu for their entry and exit, respectively from the Chakra.

The seriousness of misfortune/mishap, which can happen at a particular time, can be assessed by the number of both natural and functional malefic planets deep inside the Chakra to the level of Stambha/pillar (smaller box, which can be treated as heart of Kota Chakra). The natural benefic planets transiting the Stambha and Madhya (middle box) give protective cover. Similarly, the malefic planets getting inside the Chakra and benefic planets moving out of the Chakra is a bad phase with result variable on the concurrent Dasha promise. In case of running of a favourable Dasha, a bad transit phase in Kota Chakra of an individual would merely limited to causing mental tension for the time being whereas at the time of running of Maraka Dasha (Death inflicting period) a bad transit in Kota Chakra can even take away the life.

Nakshtras assume greater importance in Kota Chakra as the planets transit through Kota Chakra over 28 Nakshtras falling on different parts/segments of the Chakra with serial numbering of the Nakshtras falling on different segments of the Chakra decided on the basis of Janma Nakshtra by treating it to be number one Nakshtra in the serial numbering. 28 Nakshtras because Abhijit Nakshtra is also included in Kota Chakra.

Model Horoscope in tabular format of a male nativity








































The native of the model horoscope was admitted to hospital in a critical condition on August 22, 1999 due to profuse bleeding and the attending doctors almost lost hope of his survival. But, the native survived from the trauma and was discharged from the hospital within 10 – 15 days. The native was running the Parashari Dasha of Mercury – Ketu – Jupiter. Mercury is 12th lord was representing hospital/hospitalization, as well as Ketu in 6th house and Jupiter as 6th lord were representing diseases. Thus, the Dasha running was a clear indication of critical illness and hospitalization. However, notice, here none of the Dasha constituent planets are lord of the Maraka houses (2nd & 7th) except Ketu being aspected by Mars (2nd & 7th lord) getting some Maraka influence in it. But, Mars is well placed in the Birth Horoscope being in 11th house and is closely conjoined with Venus, the Lagna Lord, which neutralized his Maraka potential (killing power) to a large extent.

Now, let us see the transit of the planets in Kota Chakra during the period.

Transit of planets through Kota Chakra on August 22, 1999

None of the planet was in Stambha (heart of the Chakra) during transit indicating nothing serious either in positive or negative. Malefic Sun and benefic Venus (Retrograde) were in Madhya (middle portion) in entry routes whereas Moon was in exit route. Malefic Mars and Saturn were in the entry routes in boundary box with only Mercury as benefic was in entry route through boundary box. Both Rahu and Ketu were in exit route through boundary box, which was a matter of relief in the instant case. Jupiter was also in the entry route to the Chakra. Whereas the presence of natural malefics Sun, Mars and Saturn in the entry routes of the Kota Chakra proved to be fatal but, the simultaneous, presence of natural benefics Jupiter, Venus (retrograde) and Mercury in the entry routes coupled with Rahu and Ketu in the exit position from the Kota Charka acted as soothing factors for quick recovery.

Thus, the combine reading of the planetary periods and Kota Chakra can become helpful in assessing the extent and seriousness of a misfortune or mishap to be taken place as per planetary promises in a horoscope.

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