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Kundali: Free Online Birth Chart Software

Kundali, also known as Janam Kundali or Birth Chart, is said to be a cosmic print of planets and constellations in the universe on the date and time of your birth. It offers an in-depth analysis of how your nature will be, what obstacles and challenges will be thrown at you and how prosper will your life be. This astrological chart narrates your whole life and its multiple aspects and provides the native a direction towards the oath of prosperity, success and serenity. Just feed in your birth details (date of birth, time, birthplace) and Free Online Kundali Software will provide you with the right information about your life, profession and love.

Enter Your Birth Details

In astrology, Kundali or chart is divided into twelve different houses, with every house representing a specific trait about you and your life. These houses provide an astrological outlook for numerous prospects of your life such as career, business, marriage, family life, education etc. and predict the possibility of success and failure. Also called as Natal Chart, our esteemed astrologers use these details to predict a possible future and offer necessary remedies to ward off evil.

Kundali and its Importance

  • Kundali or birth chart narrates the path of life, possible traits about the native, his/her nature, personality, likes, pet peeves etc. Basically a detailed description can be acquired through Kundali.
  • One can find the ways to fight off uncertainties and forthcoming obstacles by reading the position of stars and constellations in Kundali.
  • A native can attain detailed analysis of his future, career path and love with the help of Janam Kundali.

Kundali Matching

Kundali or birth chart is widely used for Kundali matching and Kundali Milan. It describes a level of compatibility between two people soon to be entwined in the sacred bond of marriage. It tells of the beneficial factors in marital life, bearing children and the situations revolved around them and financial, professional and domestic challenges.

Kundali consists of 12 bhavas or houses, starting from Lagna house. Their places remain constant in the birth chart. Numbers within a kundali represents zodiac signs, whose Lords remain fixed, whereas House Lords keeps on changing their positions. Hence, a combination of these three elements describe a person’s life and its innumerable aspects for better understanding.

12 Houses in a Kundali

Each house in a Kundali accommodates some life secrets, correlates to specific areas and describes one’s character and nature. Birth Chart is divided into 12 different houses (30 degree each) with 27 Nakshatras. Further, each nakshatra is splitted into 4 charans or padas. Here’s what these houses represent in a native’s life:

  • 1st House in Kundali- One ownself, health, body and physical attributes, soul, birth, mind, personality
  • 2nd House in Kundali-Wealth, family, wife, ancestral property, bank balance, savings, job
  • 3rd House in Kundali- Bravery, right ear, Competitions, Patience, Younger Brothers and Sisters, Friends, Hard work and Adventures.
  • 4th House in Kundali- Mother, wealth, vehicles, emotions, home, luxurious life
  • 5th House in Kundali​- Devotion, child, creativity, education, gambling and astrology
  • 6th House in Kundali​- Enemies, war, difficulties, loan, debts, diseases, sin, fear, insult, court cases
  • 7th House in Kundali- Spouse, marriage, in laws, foreign trade, business partner, friendship
  • 8th House in Kundali- Longevity, house of in-laws, unexpected monetary benefits, health, injuries
  • 9th House in Kundali- Religion, pilgrimage, guru, foreign travelling, spirituality, donation
  • 10th House in Kundali- Father, workplace, reputation, fame, energy, success in business and job
  • 11th House in Kundali- Gains, income, eldest sibling, profits and benefits
  • 12th House in Kundali- Expenses, losses, hospital, friends, legal issues, imprisonment

Kundali represents your life journey through the position of houses, signs and planets. Know your personality traits, lucky gemstones, colors, numbers, what kind of career you must indulge in, how to manage finances, remedies to resolve doubts, how to fight unfavorable circumstances and health disorders, and much more using the Kundali you generate here for free.

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