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Modi will not serve a jail term at any cost : Astrological analysis

Author: Aalok Varkhandkar | Last Updated: Tue 4 May 2010 2:15:05 PM

Aalok Varkhandkar

Lalit Modi was born on November 29, 1963 in New Delhi, India. Using Birth Time Rectification I have calculated his time of birth to be 3:45 p.m. as with this time period many events of his life are matching with those promised in the chart made for that time.

In the absence of a correct birth time I have refrained from using the Navamsa chart. So I will use only the Lagna chart here
The first house in Vedic Astrology is the most important house. It denotes among other things, personality, happiness, self-esteem, confidence, fame, status, honor, dignity, general well-being and prosperity. As the first house represents so many important things in life, a strong first house often goes a long way in determining how fortunate a person will be. A fortified first house is thus a strong indicator of gains in life. Keeping this in mind, let’s judge Lalit Modi’s first house.

Lalit Modi has Aries ascendant, with lord of lagna, Mars posited in the ninth house. This position makes Lalit Modi fortunate in many respects as the ninth house is the most auspicious house in Vedic Astrology and luck will never desert him in life. Mars is joined by Ketu, a natural malefic and can cause harm to Mars. But Ketu in ninth house is supposed to give good effects. Besides Venus joins the combination and being a natural benefic can ward off the evil effects of Ketu, while further strengthening the first house.

Also, the presence of fourth lord, Moon, in the first house adds considerable strength to the first house. The fourth house denotes happiness as well as domestic comforts, and hence the presence of fourth lord in the first house will ensure that Modi has comfort and happiness in life.

However, Modi’s chart, like charts of most people, is not free of afflictions.

According to standard texts on astrology, if the third lord is in eighth a person will have a desire to assume control of situations without sufficient authority, i.e. over confidence. And when the sixth lord is in eighth, the person’s comrades become his enemies who try to destroy their image and engage in character assassination.

In Modi’s chart, the fifth lord Sun is in the eighth house. Since the fifth house denotes power and fame, Modi will have to suffer loss with regard to these matters sooner or later. Sun is the natural significator of authority and government hence Modi will have troubles from these sources. This is more likely to happen with Modi because Sun is conjunct the sixth lord Mercury in the eighth house.

Lalit Modi is going through a tough time in life right now but this is not the first time that this has happened with him. In March 1985, while at Duke University, he was charged and arrested for assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. At that time he was running the Mahadasha (Main period) of Moon and Antardasha (Sub period) of Mercury and during March the Pratyantar dasha (Sub-sub period) was that of Sun.

In Vedic Astrology, the influence of Mahadasha lord over Antardasha lord becomes most noticeable only when they are related by conjunction, aspect, parivartana, etc. Or else the Mahadasha lord only sets the tone for events in life. Thus in 1985, the Moon (Mahadasha lord) showed its results as the fourth house lord which represents education, in such a way that the crimes of Modi took place when he was studying at an educational institute.

Modi in 1985 escaped jail term with the aid of a plea bargain with the Durham County court for crimes more serious than now he is being accused of. At that time he was going through the Antardasha of sixth lord Mercury, which is posited in the eighth house, and starting with 30 April 2010, he will be beginning the Antardasha of his fifth house lord Sun, posited in the eighth house.

For Aries ascendant the most auspicious planet is Jupiter, which in Modi’s chart is in the twelfth house, but the twelfth house is Pisces which Jupiter owns and hence Jupiter is very strong. Jupiter, from the twelfth house is aspecting the eighth house with its ninth aspect. Jupiter being the ninth lord as well as the strongest natural benefic will surely play a role in matters that it influences.

Modi used to work for ESPN in the late 1990s and was dragged by the sports body to court over money issues. We see through major events in his life that inconvenience from people in authority is the order of the day for Modi. He even had problems attending school and would very often run away. This is because the sixth house lord which rules over court problems is in the eighth house and is conjunct the Sun which represents authority. The aspect that the eighth house receives from Jupiter has time and again saved Modi from adverse results and this time too if Modi has to go to court as a defendant, the result of the court case will be similar to his previous court cases, and he will get away with a reprieve. Jupiter represents the ninth house, which indicates father. No wonder Lalit Modi’s father K. K. Modi has publicly lent his support to his son recently.

Thus we can conclude that the ninth aspect of Jupiter on the eighth house is what must have saved Modi in 1985 and even this time he will get away with a light punishment, which in this case may be a loss of power, as the fifth house denotes power. The fifth house also denotes sports, so loss of Modi will be as the Commissioner of IPL. Modi has already been suspended from this position by the BCCI, but since that happened during Venus Antardasha, he has refused to accept defeat and even believes himself to be in a position to contest the suspension. But with the advent of Sun Antardasha he will be rendered powerless and his loss of (power) position thus will be complete.

Modi is running Rahu mahadasha since 12/10/95. During Venus Antardasha, the IPL was launched by him. Venus and Rahu, being the indicators of glamour as well as aspecting each other, gave Modi the most glamorous time of his life. Since Mars, the planet representing sports is conjunct Venus and aspecting Rahu, glamour in Modi’s life came through sports.

According to the late astrologer B. V. Raman (How to Judge a Horoscope), when the sixth lord is in the eighth house favorable results happen during the sub-periods of benefic planets. Hence we see that during the Antardasha of his sixth lord Mercury and Pratyantar dasha of Mars (benefic first house lord), in February 2005, Modi was elected President of the Rajasthan Cricket Association. Later that year in November 2005 during the Pratyantar dasha of Jupiter (ninth lord), Modi became the youngest ever BCCI Vice-President.

With birth time at 3:45 p.m. Modi’s Venus Antardasha ends on 30/4/10. Why Modi suffered at the end of Venus Antardasha but gained so much at the beginning is because after Venus antardasha, the next antardasha is that of Sun, which being posited in the eighth house, is bound to bring misery and unhappiness, especially because of its conjunction with the sixth lord as highlighted by B. V. Raman in his book: “if the lord of a house conjoins the sixth lord in the eighth house, then during its sub period the indications of that house will face destruction.” Thus the fifth house lord, Sun, in Modi’s chart being in the eighth house with the sixth lord, Mercury, the indications of the fifth house will suffer.

I don’t think Modi will have to serve a jail term for any offences committed as Commissioner of IPL or as a member of the BCCI.

However since the fifth lord Sun represents investments, Modi may suffer loss of his investments, especially the investments he has in IPL teams through his family members.

Fifth house represent power as well as sports and Modi has already suffered loss of power through his suspension as IPL (sports) Commissioner, and he will witness a complete loss of power during the Sun Antardasha which lasts till 24/ 3/11.

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