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Leo Horoscope 2017 Forecast

Author: - | Last Updated: Wed 7 Dec 2016 5:16:59 PM

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July 22nd to August 21st

Ruled by the fiery Sun, Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac, with the attributes of Masculine and Fixed nature and belonging to the fire sign element. Arrogantly believing that the world revolves around them and demanding unquestioned obedience, loyalty and respect, Leos exhibit great courage, nobility and warmth. Fiercely protecting the meek who seek their help and guidance, Leos are the adolescents of the Zodiac, running their parallel authority, and stamping their suzerainty with the declaration I WILL.

The Fixed nature of the Leos, represented by the Lion, enables them to administer and manage their territorial work with excellence and efficiency, combined with inspiring leadership of their solar vibration. In 2017, Leos are involved in a sextile 3-11 with Jupiter in Libra, in a trine 5-9 with Saturn in Sagittarius and in a 6-8 relationship with Pluto in Capricorn. Neptune in Pisces is forming a 6-8 vibrational pattern with Leo and Uranus in Aries is in a Trinal 5-9 relationship with Leo. Later in the year, Jupiter moving into Scorpio will form a Square 4-10 with Leo, while the ingress of Saturn in Capricorn will result in 6-8 relationship with Leo.

Leo Horoscope 2017 for January

Leos start the year with health concerns and issues related to home, as per the Leo Horoscope. These issues can be strained relations between the members and also day to day activities that have been disrupted and need attention on an urgent basis. Jupiter, 5th lord in 3rd Libra is enabling work related and personal enjoyment and entertainment, though Saturn as 6th lord in 5th is creating pressure on romantic relations. Venus in Aquarius in a trine with Jupiter is maintaining a fine balance of the personal and professional. Mars and Neptune in 8th indicate hidden passions that find avenue for expression via Uranus placed in Aries in 9th forming a trine with Leo. Professional front will be peaceful, though financially Leos may not experience satisfaction this month.

Leo Horoscope 2017 for February

Focus of Leos shift to attending to pressing matters related to personal and business communication. Differences will be ironed out, and efforts taken to renew old forgotten ties and forge new bonds and contacts. The combination of Venus, Mars and Uranus in Aries forming a friendly opposition with Jupiter in Libra is helping Leos widen their social network and engage in extensive socialising, while the trine with Saturn in Sagittarius is prompting public dealings and networking with serious business tone. Moneywise, the first part of the month will be spent in accumulating and spending, while in the latter half Leos will be exploring joint ownership and partnership opportunities. Though not a neglected area, home front will not figure in the priority list of Leos this month. In vibrant health during the first half, Leos will experience mental fatigue and physical exertion in the second half.

Leo Horoscope 2017 for March

The occult and spiritual, metaphysics and parapsychology - Leos this month will be engaged and absorbed in demystifying and understanding the unknown from the known. The internal unravelling will lead to externalising their knowledge in deep and meaningful conversation within their social circle and among friends and like minded individuals. Though not in topform healthwise, Leos will not mind as they experience fulfilment in their professional and social fronts. Some Leos may be involved with legacies, wills and inheritances as part of their work responsibilities. A few Leos may also be recipients of other peoples financial resources via inheritances and joint property management. Home life will be stable, though personal relationships may lack warmth and cordiality. Leos will spend heavily in partying and entertainment this month.

Leo Horoscope 2017 for April

A good month for the academically inclined Leos as many pursue their educational dreams in prestigious Universities and Educational Institutions. The spiritually inclined ones may join religious organisations and engage in furthering their quest for knowledge. Some of the Leos may be associated with charitable institutions and find fulfilment in volunteering for a noble cause. People having their own business enterprises may have plans for expansion, while those hoping to benefit from Government contracts will have a favourable time. Leos may get positive vibrations from those in authority or holding high offices. Some Leo borns may also get a change they desired in connection with their official profile, and they can attribute to the favourable and beneficial relationship they have with their superiors. Though it is a good month for those needing positive response from authority figures, Leos in authority may not have a smooth relationship with their employees or staff.

Leo Horoscope 2017 for May

Career-oriented Leos may be rewarded with plum postings. Those expecting promotions will find their expectations match the results in their work life. Business ventures will thrive, especially ones connected to information technology, telecommunications and real estate sector. Leos may find it hard to complain as they find find fulfilment in their professional and social spheres, and look forward to spending quality time with their family and friends. This is a month promising financial gain and enhancements. Investments will also yield quick and good results and Leos can look forward to doubling or even tripling their savings. It is also a good month for Financial Planners and Managers, Investment Advisors and private bankers. Some Leos will also be recognised for their professional achievements and receive all-round acclaim, while some will rise further up in their social and career ladder.

Leo Horoscope 2017 for June

This month, Leos will strike a fine balance between the mundane and the enjoyable, the routine and the unpredictable, the practical and the ideal. They may also have to walk the tightrope between the various familial responsibilities and carefree personal entertainment. The latter part of the month will bring to the fore, issues and concerns related to family and marriage that the Leos had pushed to the background in the previous months. The combination of Mars, Mercury and Sun in emotional Cancer, and in opposition with 4th lord Pluto in unsentimental Capricorn will lead to blame-games, emotional outbursts, cold withdrawal, and fluctuating communication patterns. Many Leos will also be involved in behind the scene efforts and closed-door activities connected to their personal lives. Health issues and money concerns take a backseat in the second half of the month.

Leo Horoscope 2017 for July

Venus in Gemini in opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius highlight the necessity for Leos to cultivate and maintain congenial working relationships with colleagues and team members. The trinal relationship between Jupiter and Venus ensures progress in business with prestigious closure of deals and profitable ventures. This is a month for smooth business transactions and concentrated efforts at workplace. Some Leos might undertake overseas travel connected with their work or business or might initiate new connections with overseas collaboration. Personal and intimate relations will be in a state of flux, though some Leos may form new bonds of friendship and also new romantic partners. But these new relationships will be based not just on matching wavelength and mutual attraction, they will also be tinged with Saturnine realistic expectations. Healthwise, it would waning in the first half and waxing in the second.

Leo Horoscope 2017 for August

This is a month of major transformation in the Leo way of thinking and approach to life. With the sign lord Sun along with Mars in Leo forming a beneficial sextile with Jupiter in Libra and in a trinal vibration with Uranus in Aries, Leo will experience an exuberance and confidence in their attitude and behaviour. In the first half, some of them will be concerned with major buying and selling aspects related to their private property, but might backtrack after facing hurdles and complications. In the latter part of the month, ego issues and personal problems arising out of miscommunication and misunderstanding create stressful situations for Leo borns. The twin eclipses occurring this month activate issues connected to the lives of Leos. With the grand trine forming between Sun and Mars in Leo, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Uranus in Aries, this eclipse will signal an explosive but illuminating self revival and metamorphosis for Leo signs.

Leo Horoscope 2017 for September

Money concerns and issues will take precedence this month for Leos. Consciously and unconsciously, they will feel and connect with monetary aspects in their lives. Investment plans, re-investments, diversifying of resources, wealth creation and management will occupy the attention of Leos this month. Leos will also invest their energy and time in their jobs, but the situation will be stable without and growth prospects. This month, Leos ought to take stock of their mental health more than their physical fitness, stamina and well-being. They should, in particular, be aware of their hyper active thought processes and worrying tendency, accentuated by the combination of Sun, Mercury, Mars forming a Square with Saturn and an Opposition with Neptune. The trinal relationship with Pluto will only help in focusing on the stress and strain experienced by intimate personal relationships, and in no way change situations or people for the better. On the whole, a month to go with the flow for Leo borns.

Leo Horoscope 2017 for October

The Jupiter, Mercury, Sun coalition in Libra in opposition to friendly Uranus in Aries enhances financial prospects and monetary returns from speculation, share markets, investments. This is also encouraging for forming friendly relationships that could be platonic in nature. Many Leos will be engaged in recreational activities connected to arts, aesthetics and theatre or involved deeply in group discussions and fora pertaining to philanthropy, philosophy and spirituality. Jupiters ingress into Scorpio in the second half of the month shifts the attention to home and family. Venus conjunct Mars in Libra in the latter part of the month augurs well for couples in romantic relationships or singles looking for romance and even for married couples who need a romantic revival in their relationship. Some Leos might clinch high-profile business deals, while others might bag prestigious professional contracts.

Leo Horoscope 2017 for November

Presence of Jupiter, Sun and Mercury in Scorpio, forming a sextile with Pluto enhances home and related matters. Leos experience far greater interconnectedness with their family members than before. Leo families might be surprised recipients of Leonine generosity this month. Many Leos will also take time off from hectic official duties and turn their attention towards home improvement and renovation. These home enhancement and augmentation processes will be grandiose (Jupiter influence) in nature and aesthetic (Venus influence) in taste. Some Leo families might also undergo religious transformation and spiritual revival due to planetary combination of Jupiter, Sun and Venus in Scorpio in a sextile vibration with Pluto in Capricorn and trinal relationship with Neptune in Pisces. The second half of the month will witness Leos shifting gears and planning ambitious job switch or even a career change.

Leo Horoscope 2017 for December

In the last month of 2017, Leos will be busy attending to a plethora of issues impacting their personality, personal lives, relationships, and career life. Ego issues surfacing at home and offices need to be sorted out with urgency before they assume enormous proportions. It would be better to think twice before engaging in verbal communication during problematic situations as chances of minor arguments snowballing into unending verbal duels resulting in cold war. Leo this month will be high on creativity and vitality. Health and fitness regimen will be followed with regularity and commitment, and Leos will attend to official engagements with passion and creative enthusiasm. Home front will be peaceful and stable and finances will experience periods of high and low. The Saturn ingress into 6th house Capricorn in conjunction with Pluto and forming a sextile with Jupiter in Scorpio on the one hand and Neptune in Pisces on the other, is setting the stage for a rearrangement of priorities in the Leo scheme of things.

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