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Luck Astrology : Fortune Bringing Planetary Transits

Author: Suchitra Das | Last Updated: Mon 9 Apr 2012 2:22:08 PM

luck astrology, fortune astrology

By Suchitra Das

Planetary transits are important for predicting timing of an event or ups and downs in our life within the overall scope of the planetary promises of the birth horoscope. Transit results by the slow moving planets like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Jupiter (arranged according to their length of transit in a particular sign) are mainly permanent in nature more so if they happen to be the Dasha planets. For example, if one is running the Main Period of a well placed Saturn who is the 10th lord of the birth horoscope and the sub period of a well placed Mercury who is the 10th lord of Dashamsha horoscope and are in favourable transit and not facing Vedha (obstruction) from any other planets, one is expected to be bestowed with professional upliftment or get a suitable job during such transit. Similarly, at the time of running unfavourable Dasha (planetary periods), bad transit of 10th lord especially that of slow moving one (Saturn & Jupiter or Rahu/Ketu connected with 10th house) is also capable of bringing disastrous in professional life within the ambit of their respective commitments in the birth horoscope.

Transit result of the planets can be decoded well under Ashtakavarga Scheme by taking the transit of the planets in their respective Prashtharakas, Bhinnastaka, Sarvashtaka, Samudaya Ashtakavarga and SamAV. The benefic transit of planets under AV Scheme especially in their respective Prashtharakas and BAV can also be made uses for auspicious election in commencing or performing a desirable work. But understanding the planetary transits under AV Scheme requires proper knowledge of the subject and sound astrological background and cannot be explained here fully in the sideline of a small astrological article. It would also become difficult for the beginners to properly grasp the delicate subject matter of Ashtakavarga.

In this article, I would show the benefic transit position of the planets with reference to Natal Moon and the obstructions faced by them in delivering transit result either favourable or unfavourable if a planet is simultaneously transiting the Vedha (points of obstruction). The benefic transits of seven core planets and Vedha faced by them from other transiting planets are as under: -

Sun 3 6 10 11 No Vedha from Saturn
V/H 9 12 4 5
Moon 1 3 6 7 10 11
V/H 5 9 12 2 4 5 No Vedha from Mercury
Mars 3 6 11
V/H 12 9 5
Mercury 2 4 6 8 10 11
V/H 5 3 9 7 8 12 No Vedha from Moon
Jupiter 2 5 7 9 11
V/H 12 4 3 10 8
Venus 1 2 3 4 5 8 9 11 12
V/H 8 7 1 10 9 5 11 3 6
Saturn 3 6 11
V/H 12 9 5 No Vedha by Sun

The transit results of the planets are subject to further revision towards the negative side due to the following factors.

  • When a planet is transiting Vipat Tara, Pratyari Tara and Vadha Tara with reference to one’s Natal Star, the transit result would be unfavourable even if the planet is transiting a favourable house without any Vedha. Janma Tara is also conditional benefic.
  • Mid-Point Concept. When a planet is transiting 5 degree on the either side of the longitude of the Natal Lagna, the transit result is more pronounced. For example, if the Natal Lagna is of 12 degree of any sign the mid-point for the transiting planets in any sign would span out between 7 & 17 degrees.

  • The next transit sensitive area is the natal longitude of a planet. A planet while transiting its natal longitude falling in a house occupied by it at birth gives more accentuated result while transiting any sign.
  • Transit of planets on the malefic longitudes as represented by the 22nd Drekkana, 64th Navamsha and planets in Mrityu Bhaga in individual horoscope needs to be observed carefully for malefic result especially when the transiting planet is not facing any Vedha (obstruction).
  • Vedha is considered favourable in case of malefic transit by a planet and Vedha is unwanted when a planet is in favourable transit because Vedha obstruct a planet in delivering its transit result. As such, Vedha can be treated as blessing in disguise in case of a malefic transit by a planet while it is undesirable in case of a favourable transit especially in the case of Dasha planets.
  • The transit of planets even if in benefic house would not be able to confer benefic result if the transiting sign happens to be its sign of debilitation, the transiting planet is hemmed between malefics, combust, in enemy’s sign etc.
  • The transiting planet has less than minimum bindu contribution in the house/sign concerned transited by it from its own Prashtharaka and Bhinnastaka and thus is not keeping a sound promise for the well being of the house.

These are merely a few broad outlines to delineate the transit result with much more astrological nitty-gritty and charts needs to be considered and studied further to properly understand and decode the transit and Dasha result and it is not possible to explain exhaustively all those things within the ambit of an article.

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