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Lunar Eclipse 2020: Dates, Horoscope, Sutak, & More

Last Updated: 8/24/2019 12:13:45 PM

Lunar Eclipse 2020 Read Lunar Eclipse 2020 and find out all about these eclipses – their date, time, and visibility. Also, know about their astrological impact on you.

Find the answer to all your questions on Lunar Eclipse here. Answers to Questions like: "When is Lunar Eclipse happening in 2020? How many Lunar eclipses will occur in 2020? What are the timings of Lunar Eclipse 2020?"

Often tradition states that an Eclipse is a curse. Learn more about this, the science and the mythology behind a Lunar Eclipse. Discover the precautions, remedies, Sutak Kaal, and more to do during this time.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें

Lunar Eclipses in 2020

A Lunar Eclipse is an astrophysical event that occurs periodically. However, the number of eclipses and their types differ every year. This year, in 2020, four Lunar Eclipses will be happening around the globe, and all of these will be penumbral. When the Moon passes through the penumbra part of the Earth’s shadow, then that is called a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. During this astronomical event, the lunar surface dims slightly as the Earth shadows part of the Moon, obstructing Sun’s rays from reaching it altogether.

The first Lunar Eclipse of 2020 will occur during the first month of the year, on 10-11 January. The second eclipse falls on 5-6 June, the third on 5 July, whereas the fourth and last Lunar Eclipse will occur on 30 November.

Timings of Lunar Eclipse 2020

First Lunar Eclipse 2020

Date Lunar Eclipse Begins Lunar Eclipse Ends Visibility
10-11 January From 22:37 Till 02:42 Parts of Europe, India, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Second Lunar Eclipse 2020

Date Lunar Eclipse Begins Lunar Eclipse Ends Visibility
5-6 June From 23:16 Till 02:34 Europe, India, parts of Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Third Lunar Eclipse 2020

Date Lunar Eclipse Begins Lunar Eclipse Ends Visibility
5 July From 08:38 Till 11:21 parts of America, Southwest Europe, Africa.

Fourth Lunar Eclipse 2020

Date Lunar Eclipse Begins Lunar Eclipse Ends Visibility
30 November From 13:04 Till 17:22 Parts of Asia, Australia, Pacific Ocean, America.

Lunar Eclipse 2020 From Astrological Perspective

Astrology suggests that the eclipses, both solar and lunar, are the cause of a curse, that is put on them by the demons Rahu-Ketu. However, astronomy explains that this is a galactic event happening in the celestial sphere above. When Sun, Moon, and Earth, during their revolutions – all fall into a straight line, the shadow of one falls on the other, resulting in an eclipse. During the lunar eclipse, Earth comes in between the Sun and the Moon, obstructing the bright light from reaching the satellite. With the Sun, behind the Earth, its shadow falls on the Moon, covering it and making it go dark. When the umbra parts of the Earth completely blankets the moon, then this event is called a Total Lunar Eclipse.

A lunar eclipse will only occur during Purnima (full moon).

The Moon From An Astrological Perspective

The Moon holds a special place in astrology. As per Vedic Astrology, the Moon Sign of a native is seen to determine their fate and personality, and to assess their entire life – past, present, and future. The zodiac sign, in which Moon is posited at a native's time of birth, is known as their Moon Sign. The Major-Period (Mahadasha) of the Moon lasts for ten years.

The Moon is considered to be the significator of mind, mother, and liquid things. Even Science agrees that the tides, high and low, in our Oceans and Seas occur due to the Moon’s gravitational pull. Chandra is the Lord of the zodiac sign Cancer and Nakshatra Rohini, Hasta, and Shravan. As a result, natives associated with those mentioned above, get affected the most.

Lunar Eclipse 2020 According To Astronomy

According to Astronomy, the Moon is considered to be the only satellite of Planet Earth. As the Earth revolves around the Sun, in the same way, the Moon revolves around the green planet. As a fact, the brightest celestial body visible to us from the Earth, after the Sun, is the Moon.

One of the notable differences in Solar and Lunar Eclipses is that where the Solar eclipse lasts for a few minutes only, the Lunar Eclipse goes on for hours. This is because of the brevity of the Moon’s shadow. The Moon is able to blanket the Sun for only a short period of time as it moves faster and its shadow disappears soon. Whereas, the Earth’s shadow on the Moon continues to fall for hours as it revolves around the planet, and continues to be covered by it.

Moreover, the Lunar eclipse can easily be seen without any safety cover for the eyes as it is not harmful to watch at all. On the other hand, the Solar Eclipse should never be seen with naked eyes. The reason for this is the Moon's brightness, which is lower during the Eclipse, compared to its lustre during Full Moon.

Lunar Eclipse From A Religious Point Of View

As we all know that the Moon is considered a deity in Hinduism. As a result, devotees also worship the Graha on Monday. It is the significator of the Water element. Ancient texts suggest that Lord Shiva wears the Moon on his head.

Bholenath is considered to be the Lord of the Moon, according to the scriptures (Shastras). Thus, it is believed that any person worshipping Lord Shiva will attain the blessings of Lord Chandra as well. According to Srimad Bhagavata Lord Moon is the son of Maharishi Atri and his wife Anusuya, and is also the father of Mercury.

Thus, Lord Chandra is worshipped during a Lunar Eclipse, to escape the negative impacts of the latter. People take to chanting mantras associated with the Moon on this day.

Sutak Kaal During Lunar Eclipse

Sutak Period

The Sutak period comes into effect 9 hours before the Lunar Eclipse begins, and ends as the Eclipse ends. Numerous tasks are prohibited in the Sutak Kaal, whereas some others are advised as they help natives avoid the adverse effects of the curse.

The Sutak is considered valid only in areas where the Eclipse is visible and is otherwise void. The time between one sunrise and the other is divided into eight Prahars, which roughly equals 24 hours. Therefore, one Prahar is approximately 3 hours. As the Sutak period of the Lunar Eclipse lasts for 3 Prahars; consequently, it commences 9 hours before the eclipse starts.

Lunar Eclipse 2020: Precautions & Remedies

Precautions For Lunar Eclipse 2020

  • Sutak is an inauspicious period. Therefore no new task should be started at this time.
  • Cooking and eating food is prohibited during the Sutak Kaal. Therefore, these tasks should be done before or after the said period.
  • One should not go to the loo during this period, either because such tasks are also considered inauspicious.
  • Contact with the idols of our deities and the sacred plant of Tulsi (Basil) is also viewed as ominous.
  • Personal work is also prohibited in this period, like brushing or cleaning one’s teeth, combing hair, cutting nails, etc.

Remedies During Lunar Eclipse

Simultaneously, there are particular tasks that, when done during the Sutak period nullifies or at least undermines the harmful effects of the Lunar Eclipse. These remedies include:

  • Worshipping Lord Chandra, i.e., Moon
  • Paying homage to Lord Shiva also helps one escape the malice of the Eclipse
  • Chanting mantras associated with the Lunar Eclipse

Tasks Do Be Done Once Lunar Eclipse Ends

Once the Eclipse comes to an end, particular tasks are necessary to be done. They are to purify our homes and ourselves, to avoid the aftermath of the curse. These are:

  • Sprinkle Gangaajal everywhere in your home for its purification, or coat/lacquer it with cow dung.
  • Take a bath yourself and bathe the idols of your deities as well after the Eclipse, and then worship them.
  • Cook fresh food after Sutak and Eclipse end, and eat it.
  • If the meal has already been cooked before Sutak began, do not let it go to waste. Instead, add Tulsi leaves (basil) to it, for purification.

Precautions For Pregnant Women During Lunar Eclipse

When a new life is forming in the womb of a woman, she needs to exercise more caution for herself and her baby. Hence, pregnant women also need to pay special attention to themselves and their baby during a Lunar Eclipse.

  • They should remain inside their homes during a Lunar Eclipse and not go out at all, if possible.
  • All tasks like embroidery, weaving, spinning, sewing, etc. are prohibited for them because they are said to harm the child directly.
  • Pregnant women should not cut or peel any vegetables in this duration.
  • It is believed that using a knife, needle, scissors, or any sharp object during the Eclipse will harm the baby’s body parts.

Mantras To Chant During Lunar Eclipse

ॐ क्षीरपुत्राय विद्महे अमृत तत्वाय धीमहि तन्नो चन्द्रः प्रचोदयात्

oṃ kṣīraputrāya vidmahe amṛta tatvāya dhīmahi tanno candraḥ pracodayāt

Chanting the mantra mentioned above 108 or 1008 times during the Lunar Eclipse is considered auspicious and is also beneficial in invalidating the negative consequences of the curse. In addition to this, you can also chant the Moon’s Beej and Tantrik Mantras.

Tantrik Mantra for Moon

ॐ सों सोमाय नमः

oṃ soṃ somāya namaḥ

Beej Mantra for Moon

ॐ श्रां श्रीं श्रौं सः चंद्रमसे नमः

oṃ śrāṃ śrīṃ śrauṃ saḥ caṃdramase namaḥ

Paying homage to the Chandra Yantra in this duration also gets us the blessings of Lord Moon.

We Hope That This Article On Lunar Eclipse 2020 Was Helpful For You! Astrocamp Wishes You A Safe Year Ahead!

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