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Malefic - Benefic planets in Astrology

Author: SN Rao | Last Updated: Wed 13 Jul 2011 6:44:03 PM

Malefic - Benefic planets in Astrology

By S N Rao

Many beginners / professionals get confused about the nature of the effect the planet gives during its maha dasha / antardasha period. Sometimes they wonder how the benefic planet is capable of give totally opposite results. This makes many wonder they have understood the basics right. The general signification results that a planet gives in its major period are not dependent on its relationship with different houses that qualify it for giving its results. But when we are considering the major period of a planet we ought to examine the signification of the planet too. This will give us new insights in our analysis. Parashar says in Brihat Parashar Mora Shastra, Chapter 47 verse 2 that there are two kinds of results in a period, viz., general and specific. The signification (karakatwa) of the planet produces the general results. The location of the planet in a house etc. produces specific results. Therefore, many a time these results add to the overall analysis of the planet.

The location of a major period planet, the planets that the major period planet is in sambandha with and the relationships that it enters into with houses determine the nature of general signification results that it gives in its major-period. The strength of the major period planet, the strength of the house that it occupies and the influence that it receives too shall determine its general signification results. The following considerations will add to, amend or subtract from the results.

A planet in association with the owner of the V or IX house shall give favourable results in its period. The location of Saturn in a sign of Jupiter will make Saturn give positive general signification results. As a special case, Saturn in Scorpio for Aquarius ascendant will give wealth throughout the life of an individual. The location of the Moon in the III house will make it give both positive and negative general signification results.

When the location of a planet is adverse but it is powerful otherwise, the results will be mixed and the period may be characterised by both positive and negative results.

If the Moon is within 72° of the Sun, the results in its period will not be satisfactory irrespective of its location. It is noticed that favourable and unfavourable locations for a planet do not cancel each other out. The planet gives both favourable and unfavourable general signification results in its periods.

A combust planet is not expected to give positive general signification results especially if it is associated with a naturally malefic planet. The combustion of planets is indicated in birth charts. If Jupiter is combust the negative results will be confined to the beginning of the period. Thereafter the period will be positive. The individual during such a period may also go on a pilgrimage. The association of a Node with a naturally malefic planet for the chart will make the planet give highly negative general signification results. Some of the positive and negative results for the planets which have been mentioned by the ancient sages are given below:


The Sun is likely to give good results if it is in Aries or Leo. It will give good results if it is placed in the XI house, in an angle. It will give even better results at any of the aforesaid places if it is associated with the owner of the IX or X house. It will give good result if it is powerful. There shall be great happiness. The individual will acquire wealth. The government will honour him. The favour of and income from the government and attainment of high position of authority can also be anticipated. The period will also make good clothes and abundant agricultural income available to the individual.

When the Sun is debilitated, placed in a house with a malefic planet, is associated with a Node, is weak or is associated with an adverse planet the results will be bad. If the Sun is under favourable aspect of a beneficial planet, there shall be some relief and happiness during this period. If the aspect is by a malefic planet, the adverse results will be intolerable. This will be an adverse time. The individual will suffer at the hands of the government. He will be dishonoured. He may face opposition from his relatives, friends and acquaintances. There may be popular opposition to him. His father or elderly paternal uncle may die or he may have to face all kind of problems. The number of enemies of the individual will multiply.


When the Moon is full and powerful and associated with a beneficial planet, it is expected to give good results. Such a Moon in Taurus or Cancer, in an angle, or in the XI house will give extremely favourable results. The good results will be accentuated several fold when such a powerful Moon is associated with a powerful owner of the IV, IX or X house. There will be wealth, happiness, gain and comforts throughout the period. There will be auspicious events at home. The individual will have the facility of vehicles. He will be close to the seat of power. There will be success in his enterprises without much effort. This period will bring happiness and high position to the individual. The individual will gain white or good clothes.

When the Moon is debilitated or waning, it will cause loss of wealth. When it is powerfully placed in the III house, it will cause both happiness and pain. If it is weak and afflicted, it will cause mental pain and bodily discomfort. It will also cause trouble through servants or mother and loss of wealth. The mother of the individual will be unhappy. A weak and afflicted Moon in one of the houses of the Adverse Trio will cause trouble through the government. It will make the individual mentally disturbed. The mother of the individual will face unhappiness. The individual will not have the sense of physical well being. When the Moon is powerfully placed in one of the three adverse houses, it will cause both loss and profits.


When Mars is associated with or receives aspect from a beneficial planet, and is exalted, is in its own sign, in an angle, or placed in the II or XI house, it will give good results. A strong Mars placed in an angle or the III house is also favourable. The period will be favourable. The individual may reach a high and powerful position in life. There may be gain of wealth, property and valuable assets. He may have authority. The government may honour him. He is also likely to get vehicles. He may make a mark for himself in a foreign country. His siblings will be happy and prosperous. The individual will be successful in his endeavours. His income will increase. He will be able to get the better of his opponents. He will win cases in courts. He will be happy with his wife and children. The government will honour him. He will earn wealth through his own efforts. The individual can earn well from sheep or goat rearing or from business, trade or enterprises dealing with electricity or fire.

When Mars is placed in one of the Adverse houses, and it is debilitated or weak and it is associated with or receives aspect from a malefic planet, the period will give highly unfavourable results. Mars also gives adverse results when it is associated with a malefic planet or it is under aspect from such a planet. The individual will suffer because of his properties and fire. He will be involved in several disputes and litigation. He may suffer wounds or may have diseases of blood. He may have serious trouble with his eyesight. His siblings will find life difficult. They may fall out with the individual. Government may cause problems for him. The individual may be attracted to immoral persons of the opposite sex and he may suffer losses on their account.


When Rahu is in an angle, exalted, in its mooltrikona sign, own sign or in Virgo, it is likely to give very good results. Rahu will give similar results when it is associated with or has the aspect of beneficial or yogkaraka planets, placed in an angle, or triangle, or in the III or the XI house or in a favourable sign. Rahu is generally favourable in a sign of Mercury. The individual will be very happy. He will have wealth and property. His superiors and friends will help him achieve the desired objectives. He will acquire vehicles. A son will be born to him. He will construct new houses. He will be religiously inclined. There will be happy events in his life. A foreign government will honour him. There will be much cause to celebrate.

Rahu in the VIII or XII house causes endless troubles in its period. Similar will be the result if it is in sambandha with a maraka planet or associated with a malefic planet. A debilitated Rahu is equally troublesome. Rahu in a sign of Jupiter, particularly in Sagittarius, should be examined carefully. During this period, the individual is likely to lose his position, property and reputation. He will be highly perturbed and confused. He will suffer financial losses and his wife and children will have a difficult time. The Nodes, when adverse can cause unending trouble during their periods. There may be an unsuitable change of residence. The major-period of an unfavourable


Jupiter yields good results if it is exalted, or is in its own or mooltrikona sign. It is also conidered good in Leo and Aquarius. It is beneficial if it is in an angle, triangle or in the XI house. It will give good results if it is in its own or exalted navamsha. The individual will come by wealth, vehicles, learning and success. He will enjoy good health. He will turn religious. There may be birth of a child in the family. He will enjoy power and high status. It may see marriage of a female individual or a happy married life. He will have an excellent house. His ambitions will be fulfilled. He will live in comfort and shall be happy. His elder siblings or in a female chart the husband of the individual may experience a happy period in their lives.

Jupiter, when debilitated, combust or associated with a malefic planet and placed in the VI or VIII house, shall be troublesome. Such a Jupiter causes loss of position, removal from residence, distress to children, mental disquiet, and loss of wealth. He may go on pilgrimages. The individual may have malfunctioning of liver or raised blood pressure. A female individual may experience marital stress or her husband may have trouble. The eldest child or the son of the individual may not fare well in life.


Saturn should be exalted, in its mooltrikona or own sign, in a friendly sign, in exaltation in navamsha, own or its mooltrikona navamsha, or in the III, IX or XI house for good results to come about. It gives good results in an angle, in Sagittarius or Pisces; or, in association with or under aspect of a beneficial, particularly a yogakaraka planet. There will be prosperity from activities in which labour is engaged, or from agricultural or mining activities. The individual will be religious. He will conform to social norms. He may assume a position of responsibility. He will be successful and earn a name for himself. He will turn wealthy. He will have a good house to live in. He will have vehicles and ornaments. He will do well in academics. He may get married. Children may be born to the individual. He will be happy and comfortable. Saturn will grant a high position, good clothes, an enthusiastic disposition and vehicles.

Saturn placed in the VI, VIII, or the XII house, in debilitation, or when combust will show adverse results. There may be danger from poison or weapons. He may lose his job or position. He may lose his parents. His wife and children may face illness or adversity. There may be displeasure of the government leading to losses or imprisonment. He may be involved in litigation. There may be industrial dispute, trouble from labour or insubordination from the employees. There may be loss of wealth and property. The individual will be in danger of falling seriously sick or he may be paralysed.


Mercury in exaltation, in its own or friendly sign; or in an angle, triangle or the XI house tends to show good results. A powerful Mercury will show exceedingly good results if it has the aspect of a beneficial planet; is placed in the IX house; or, is the owner of the X house. The individual will keep good health and earn very well. He will be successful and highly prosperous. He will gain from writing, publishing, friends, brokerage, trade or travelling. His will be a happy family. He, his wife and children will do well in life. The family will keep good health. He will become learned and well known. He will have good and favourable contacts with the government. His conduct will be worth emulating. He will be virtuous.

When Mercury is associated with or under aspect of a malefic planet, the individual will face opposition from the government. He will find it difficult to maintain his mental equilibrium and physical well being. There will be enmity with his relatives. He may go abroad. He will depend on others. He will have to face opposition. He may have to suffer from urinary trouble. When Mercury is placed in a house of the Adverse Trio the individual will suffer losses, and will not lead a comfortable life. There will be rheumatic trouble. He will suffer from jaundice. There will be danger from the government, thieves and fire. He will lose his property. He will sign documents without due thought and care and will face the consequences of such an act. The individual will have mental tension and nervous trouble. He will be unsuccessful in his endeavours and suffer losses. He may have to travel a lot without much benefit. There may be enmity with businessmen.


Ketu in an angle, XI house, in a triangle, in a beneficial sign, under aspect of a beneficial planet, in its own, mooltrikona or exaltation sign shall give good results. Ketu in a sign of Jupiter is favourable. The individual will receive favours from the government. He may get a good position. He will acquire vehicles and a child may be born to him. He may go on long tours. He will be comfortable. He will be happy with his wife and children. Ketu in the III, VI or XI house shall also give favourable results. The individual will have ruling powers, good relations with others, and wealth. The individual will be daring and be able to suppress his enemies. He will gain by taking bold decisions. He will gain from friends.

Ketu associated with or under aspect of a malefic planet and placed in the II, VIII or the XII house is not favourable. Ketu in a sign of Mercury is also troublesome. A debilitated Ketu or when its dispositor is debilitated or badly placed in an Adverse Trio house will also be troublesome. In such cases the individual may be incarcerated, his larger family may have troubles, he may be anxious all the time, he may lose his position, and he may have to give up his house. There will be loss of wealth. He may suffer from mental depression. He may have to live in the company of persons whom he does not like. He and his family may also keep poor health.


An exalted Venus is extremely favourable. It shall also be favourable if it is in its own sign, or in an angle or triangle. The individual will attain a high position. He will acquire vehicles and wealth. He will get delicious food. He will enjoy music and dance. When Venus is in its mooltrikona sign similar good results are expected. The individual will get married. If he is already married, he will have a pleasant life with his wife and children. There will be a lot of entertaining at his place. Others will also continuously entertain him. When the planet is so placed, the individual may recover in this period his lost wealth and position. He will be happy in life with women, and due to enhanced income and accumulating wealth. He may go overseas on pleasure trips. He will succeed at business of luxury or fashionable goods. He will lead a luxurious life.

Venus in one of the houses of the Adverse Trio or in debilitation and associated with a malefic planet or under its damaging aspect will make the individual fall out with his relatives and friends. There may be separation from these relatives and friends. Married life will usually be the first casualty. Relations may sour or the wife or his children may keep sick all the time. There will be losses in business. The individual may suffer from kidney trouble or disease in the sex organs, urinary system, or the prostate. If the individual is unmarried, marriage will be a difficult proposition during this period. If Venus is the owner of the II or VII house, the individual may not keep good health.

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