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Mangal Dosha Calculator

Are you afraid of Mangal Dosha present in your birth chart? Do you even know what is exactly Mangal Dosha and what are its effects on your life? To find out answers of all your questions related to Mangal Dosh, please fill the form given below:

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In this article, we will talk about dreaded and so-called furious ‘Mangal Dosha.’ As per Vedic Astrology, Mangal or Mars is considered as a natural malefic planet due to its aggressive nature. Mars is a powerhouse which supplies energies to a person and just because of this energy, one can be able to perform its tasks. Mars rules Aries and Scorpio Zodiac Signs. It is considered as exalted in Capricorn and debilitated in Cancer. As per spiritual astrology, Mars is the Commander or celestial army hence, it is possessed with violent nature, aggression, power, strength, energy and leadership skills.

Manglik Dosha: What is it and how it is calculated?

Marriage is a major life-changing event for everyone and it is always a dream of one to enjoy complete marital bliss.To achieve this, matchmaking comes out in picture and horoscopes of both groom and bride would be match on various points by expert astrologers to determine the auspiciousness, longevity other important aspects of life for the prospective couple.

After Ashtakoot Milan, Mangal Dosha or Kuja Dosha aka Manglik Dosha also to be checked. Position of Mars in ‘Lagna’ or ‘Ascendant’ (The First House of Horoscope), ‘Sukh Bhava’ or the Fourth House, ‘Vivah Bhava’ or ‘the Seventh House’, ‘Mangalya Bhava’ or ‘the Eighth House’ and ‘Vyaya Bhava’ or ‘the Twelfth House’ is said to be presence of ‘Mangal Dosha’ in birth chart.

In astrology, Moon represent the mindset of a person and all the calculations are based upon moon in birth chart therefore, Mangal Dosha is the calculated in above-mentioned houses from the ‘Natal Moon’.

In a male horoscope, Venus represent Female or Spouse hence, position of Mars also consider in said house from ‘Natal Venus’.

Complete vs full manglik

When Mars is placed in above-noted houses from Ascendant as well as from natal Moon, the person having this combination in horoscope is called complete manglik. On the other hand, if Mars if placed these house from either of the both ascendant / natal moon and not from both, then the person is called partial manglik. In case of partial manglik, mangal dosha does not affect much adversely.

Why these houses are important in Manglik Dosha

For a healthy, peaceful and long lasting marriage, good health, emotional and physical happiness, material comforts, goods that fulfill necessity, long life, wealth, conjugal bliss and bed comforts are deemed to be the most desirable points. Thus, 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th Houses are considered a vital houses for determining Mangal Dosha as these houses represents all the desired needs of marriage.

Presence of Mars in these houses creates disturbances in one’s life as mars is a powerful malefic planet. Mars gave 100% aspect on 4th,7th and 8th house from the house it is placed. If mars is there in these houses, it could hamper the significations of these houses. To see what Mangal Dosha can affect, please read the following:

Mars in the First House

When Mars is placed in Ascendant, it aspects 4th, 7th and 8th House.

Due to its position in the First House, it gives restlessness of mind, makes the person short tempered, rigid, stubborn and the one might become selfish as she/he keep her/himself first from anyone else.

Due to its effect on 4th house, it induces power struggle at home, disharmony in marital relationship, problems in acquiring vehicles or house or other items of happiness and luxury. It also makes mother of one is short tempered.

Due to its aspect on 7th house, it would make spouse short tempered, aggressive, dominating or s/he may face health related issues.

Aspect of Mars on 8th house, it would create sexual health issues that may result in loss of physical happiness.

Due to its impact on 8th house, the one would suffer from accidents, injuries or surgeries. It would affect longevity of self, inevitables problems, and issues with in-laws. It could also affect health of spouse.

Mars in Fourth House

Mars aspects 7th, 10th and 11th House when placed in the Fourth House.

Due to its position in 4th house, it affects overall happiness. Person might face various obstacles in acquiring own property or vehicle. Also, it gives troubles to mother and father-in-law.

When mars aspects 7th house, it will cause clashes with spouse, make spouse short tempered and sick.

Mars’ aspect on 10th house, makes a person highly ambitious and such a person might not remain in limits to achieve them, therefore, issues at workplace could occur.

When mars gives it aspect to 11th house, it would hamper relationship with seniors and elder siblings. Such position of mars could create hurdles for gains and person might go for wrong deeds to earn wealth.

Mars in the Seventh House

When Mars is placed in the Seventh House, it aspects 10th, 1st and 2nd house.

7th house represents marriage, marital bliss and partner. presence of arms in this house creates several issues like, dominating partner, aggressiveness in relationship, health issues to spouse and loss of physical pleasures.

Aspect of Mars on 10th house creates health issues to parents and other issues at workplace.

Its aspect on Lagna (Ascendant) would make one short tempered, aggressive and also creates possibilities of injuries or health issues.

When Mars aspects 2nd house, it would cause health complication to spouse, troublesome relationship with family members and in some cases separation from family. It also gives issues like harsh speech, eye issues or troubles in accumulation of wealth.

Mars in Eighth House

Mars aspects 11th, 2nd and 3rd house when placed in the Eighth House.

Placement of Mars in 8th house, is the worst as it affects longevity of self and is bad for spouse health. It gives sour relationship with in-laws.

Mars aspect on 11th house causes troublesome relationships with older siblings and senior officials. In some cases, person earn money through unfair means.

In this house, Mars aspects on 2nd house is not favourable as mentioned above.

Mars aspect on 3rd house is bad for younger siblings and parents. By this aspect, Mars creates troubles in relationship with them and with neighbours.

Mars in Twelfth House

Mars aspects 3rd, 6th and 7th house when placed in the Twelfth House.

Placement of Mars in 12th hampers bed comforts, sleeping issues, wasteful expenditure and eye weakness.

Mars aspect on 3rd house is bad as mentioned above.

When Mars aspects 6th house, it gives issues to one’s maternal relatives and also gives health issues to spouse. In some cases, one would become argumentative.

Its aspect on 7th house would make spouse rigid and arrogant. It spoils relations with the spouse and much adversely affect health of both self and spouse.

Are there any remedies for Mangal Dosh

Everyone wishes for a blissful marriage life but, presence of such dreaded doshas in birth chart diminish their dreams if they do not perform activities that can dilute effects of this dosha. Therefore, astrologers after careful analysis of horoscope of native recommend a few remedies that should be performed to enjoy good fruits of marital life. These remedies are following:

1. Reciting Mangal-Chandika Stotra

Mangal-Chandika Strotra is considered as very fruitful strotra that can removes the ill effect of Mangal Dosh and to achieve blessings of Goddess Chandika. Recite following Strotra on Tuesday evening afted lighting 5 faced Lamp and offer Coconut and Kheer to Goddess and then take it as prqasadam. The stotra is following:

।। श्री मंगलचंडिकास्तोत्रम् ।।



"ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं क्लीं सर्वपूज्ये देवी मङ्गलचण्डिके I

ऐं क्रूं फट् स्वाहेत्येवं चाप्येकविन्शाक्षरो मनुः II

पूज्यः कल्पतरुश्चैव भक्तानां सर्वकामदः I

दशलक्षजपेनैव मन्त्रसिद्धिर्भवेन्नृणाम् II

मन्त्रसिद्धिर्भवेद् यस्य स विष्णुः सर्वकामदः I

ध्यानं च श्रूयतां ब्रह्मन् वेदोक्तं सर्व सम्मतम् II

देवीं षोडशवर्षीयां शश्वत्सुस्थिरयौवनाम् I

सर्वरूपगुणाढ्यां च कोमलाङ्गीं मनोहराम् II

श्वेतचम्पकवर्णाभां चन्द्रकोटिसमप्रभाम् I

वन्हिशुद्धांशुकाधानां रत्नभूषणभूषिताम् II

बिभ्रतीं कबरीभारं मल्लिकामाल्यभूषितम् I

बिम्बोष्टिं सुदतीं शुद्धां शरत्पद्मनिभाननाम् II

ईषद्धास्यप्रसन्नास्यां सुनीलोल्पललोचनाम् I

जगद्धात्रीं च दात्रीं च सर्वेभ्यः सर्वसंपदाम् II

संसारसागरे घोरे पोतरुपां वरां भजे II

देव्याश्च ध्यानमित्येवं स्तवनं श्रूयतां मुने I

प्रयतः संकटग्रस्तो येन तुष्टाव शंकरः II

शंकर उवाच


रक्ष रक्ष जगन्मातर्देवि मङ्गलचण्डिके I

हारिके विपदां राशेर्हर्षमङ्गलकारिके II

हर्षमङ्गलदक्षे च हर्षमङ्गलचण्डिके I

शुभे मङ्गलदक्षे च शुभमङ्गलचण्डिके II

मङ्गले मङ्गलार्हे च सर्व मङ्गलमङ्गले I

सतां मन्गलदे देवि सर्वेषां मन्गलालये II

पूज्या मङ्गलवारे च मङ्गलाभीष्टदैवते I

पूज्ये मङ्गलभूपस्य मनुवंशस्य संततम् II

मङ्गलाधिष्टातृदेवि मङ्गलानां च मङ्गले I

संसार मङ्गलाधारे मोक्षमङ्गलदायिनि II

सारे च मङ्गलाधारे पारे च सर्वकर्मणाम् I

प्रतिमङ्गलवारे च पूज्ये च मङ्गलप्रदे II

स्तोत्रेणानेन शम्भुश्च स्तुत्वा मङ्गलचण्डिकाम् I

प्रतिमङ्गलवारे च पूजां कृत्वा गतः शिवः II

देव्याश्च मङ्गलस्तोत्रं यः श्रुणोति समाहितः I

तन्मङ्गलं भवेच्छश्वन्न भवेत्तदमङ्गलम् II

II इति श्री ब्रह्मवैवर्ते मङ्गलचण्डिका स्तोत्रं संपूर्णम् II"

2. Wearing Gemstone and other sacred items

A person having Mangal Dosh in birth chart should wear triangular shape Red Coral gemstone in Gold Ring on tuesday in ring finger of right hand. Apart from that, a person can wear silver metal molded bangle (without any joint) or can keep a square shape solid silver.

3. Worship and Prayers

Worshipping Lord Hanuman is highly auspicious for treatment of Mangal Dosh. You can also worship orange color Ganpati idol everyday. Apart from that, you can opt for Manglik Dosh Shanti Puja at any Navagraha Temple or at Ujjain where Planets Mars is so to be born.

4. Chanting Mantras

A Manglik person can chant Mantras related to Planet Mars or Lord Hanuman in routine. S/he can also recite Hanuman Chalisa or can chant Gayatri Mantra 108 times daily.

5. Fasting on Tuesdays

As per Vedic astrology, person having mangal dosha present in horoscope should do fastings on Tuesday helps tone-down the ill effect of Planet Mars adn appease them.

6. Donation or Offerings

To make Mangal dosh more relaxed, one should donate gram, jaggery, red lentils, red cloth, copper, coral or can offer swords, knives, etc to Planet Mars. One can offer jasmine oil and tunicle (chola) to God Hanuman.

7. Help siblings

Mars represents siblings especially brother in horoscope. Therefore, to appease planet mars, one should help his/her brothers and support them as and when they are in need.

8. Tie a knot with a Manglik

A manglik should marry with a manglik person. It overcomes the ill effect of mangal dosh and maintain cordial balance in relationship. It should be kept in mind that partially manglik should marry with partially manglik and complete manglik with complete counterpart.

9. Other Remedies

Some astrologers advices for Kumbh Vivah (marriage with a mud-pot), Vishnu Vivah (marriage of girl with idol of Lord Vishnu made of silver or gold), banana tree or peepal tree can be performed.

We can say, mangal dosh should be checked before going for marriage but, this dosha is not always that much malefic that a person can thought rather sometimes some other major doshas creates trouble in life. One should churn complete horoscope by seeing the state (avastha) of Mars, its exaltation, debilitation, placement and lordship of houses, everything must be well analyzed before giving verdict about Mangal Dosh. Therefore, we advise you to consult a good Astrologer before going for marry and if you find presence of this dosha in your birth chart,perform remedies as prescribed by astrologer. One more thing, Venus is a planet of material comforts and we are living in an era where material comforts are on priority of everyone therefore, Mangal Dosha must be analyzed from Venus also.

We sincerely do hope, this article would become a source of help for you to understand what exactly is mangal dosha and how it can affect your life. If you are aware enough, you can tone-down the effects of the same with your Karmas as karmas are seeds that you sow and on a later stage you reap the fruits. Do not worry any more about this so-called dreaded Mangal Dosha.

We at Astrosage, wish you a life full of brightness, peace, care, love, joy and company of loved ones. Happy reading !!!

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